Who Was Your Favorite Teen Idol?

Thank You for coming to Tuesdays Question! Who was your favorite teen idol? I'm referring to the pre-teen years before or at the age of fifteen, not your favorite band when you were an older teenager, I mean a popular pre-teen idol. Well, I guess if you didn't have a favorite teen idol it will be o.k. to tell us your favorite band or singer when you were a teenager, but I was thinking in terms of bubble gum. If I were asking the question who is your favorite rock star, I would have used a different video as an example, like The Beatles or someone. So, if you answer with the name of a rock star it will make me look uncool and we wouldn't want that, now would we?

The video above is my favorite pre-teen idol, who doubled as my make believe husband, and father to our slew of children! We lived in my writing cottage on the beach, when the kids weren't in school, and I spent the summers writing while he... well, he sang of course!

I sang, I Woke Up In Love This Morning every night in addition to tuning in to the show The Partridge Family every week, when I was fourteen years old. I meant every word of it too, and feel the same way all over again every time I hear it, because of the way music brings us back.

Oh, these lyrics,

“Last night, I turn out the lights, lay down, and thought about you,

Refrain “ I woke in love this morning, I woke up in love this morning, went to sleep with you on my mind,”

“Do dreams come true, well if they do, I have you!”

(And a writer's cottage too)

Oh, I loved him so and I still love the song, but in 1972, just about every red-blooded female in existence loved David Cassidy, not just me. In fact, every generation has it’s favorite teen idol I have to admit as I got older I dumped him for Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Donovan, etc…

However, in 1972 there were David Cassidy fans and there were Donny Osmond fans, and most eleven year old girls in my town's hearts had to belong to one or the other. We could tell the difference between the "David" girls, and the "Donny" girls because few pre-teens have their own identity. David and Donny girls dressed differently and so forth, ... It's funny to look back, except that now I realize what weird adolescents we were.

How weird were you and your friends, and more importantly who did you wake up "in love" with when you were eleven? I'm speaking of whoever was popular in your generation with your group of friends. Who was on your mind when your head hit the pillow?

I’m trying to bring up feelings of nostalgia with Tuesday’s Question, and really in writing this blog because it makes people feel good, and it's groovy to feel good. We all need a nice place in the sun in which to remember, laugh, and reflect on the good times, in addition to enjoying each moment, even this one right now...

Which starts with answering this Tuesday's Question,

"Who Was Your Favorite Teen Idol? " Or who did you wake up "in love" with every morning?


Sandee said...

That would be Fabian. Wow, when he did the movie Ride The Wild Surf I was instantly in love. That hard body and big smile did me in. What a hunk he was.

I never follow the rules so I have a second hunk that really did it for me. Ricky Nelson. I loved the The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet television show, but Ricky made it a real hit when he would sing.

I dreamed about both of these hunks through my teenage years. What a wonderful question and thanks for a walk down memory lane.

aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...

Sandee, I just love how you don't play by the rules! lol! Great choices!Ricky Nelson is drop dead gorgeous singing Lonesome Town! The first time I saw that video, I said, "That's Ricky Nelson?" Because I remembered him of course from Garden Party. Not that he wasn't always gorgeous! What a dreamboat. Same with Fabian. Nice images to take to your pillow.

Thank you Sandee. The fact that you always leave a comment, and usually the first, means an awful lot to me. You are a special friend and I appreciate it. Plus, I'm glad you like the memory lane idea.

I hope you have a spectacular day, especially since you've most certainly added to mine. :))


mr fong said...

Hello Ann, I came here thrice and I was thinking, 'Why isn't there Tuesday's Question?' and it is here! Haha...

OK to tell you the truth, my 'years' were about 2-3 years ago only, so it shall be Britney :P

How are you, Ann?

aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...

Winston, of course it's here! I'll always be here for you! Britney huh, a southerner, good choice! She's had her troubles lately though, hasn't she? I think most boys your age feel about Britney, the same way we did about David Cassidy? LOL!

BTW, I guess I ought to put the title in the video. Thanks for pointing it out! It's good to see you Winston and I'm thrilled you made it to Tuesdays question. I hope you're not working too hard!

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,

I love your question and even though I don't have an answer, I just had to play anyway! LOL I was the absolute nuttiest child on the planet - books and old movies and even old timey radio shows thrilled me when I was a kid and I had the biggest crush on "The Shadow" from the radio story show! We lived in Iceland at the time and after it was bedtime, I would turn on this radio and they played these old radio shows and he was SO suave. I would pretend I was in the radio show! It's where I first developed a love of acting LOL! So, no teen hunks for me - I mean, after all, who could compete with my hero . . . only the Shadow knows!

Christy said...

I just found out that you are exactly 11 years older than me because I was born in 1972! My husband was born in 1965, but I'm sure if I asked him he'd say he was too cool for the Partridge Family, lol.

So I guess I'm representing the eighties when I tell you I was in love with Michael Jackson. I'm talking about the days when he had a face. He was so cool, I even had the Micheal Jackson sparkly glove and learned how to do the moonwalk. I had pictures of him all over the wall, and I still remember his red "Beat It" jacket. hahaha...who new?

Also I was seriously in love with Morten Harket of A-ha and you can still see him posted over at my hangout - I mean bat cave. My love for Morten is eternal...lol.

Oh and one more...superman!! When I was eleven I went out and rented the whole line of superman movies and watched them about 20 times each, lol, I was so in love with Chrisopher Reeves...

How many hunks is that anyway?

Another fun question Ann!! Have a great night:)

aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...

Whimsy gal, What a cool comment! Shadow" appears to be stiff competition! What a wonderful childhood it sounds like you had! I would love to hear those old radio shows. They sound really cool. :)) Thank you so much Whimsy gal, for your support of Tuesday's Question! Have a great evening- :))


aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...

Christy! I mean Batman! I knew you wouldn't play by the rules either. LOL! It's too funny this is the second time you and Sandee have displayed the same behavior! You two are so bad! However, Mark Twain said, that if you're too good you're going to be lonely or something like that! LOL! Micheal Jackson was truly something! Come to think of it he was also competition for Donny Osmond in the early seventies! And I'm sure your husband was too cool for David Cassidy in fact, I can't believe my male friend bloggers haven't said something by now. They must be busy today! LOL! I'm so glad you had time to stop by! Tuesday's Question, and blogging period are not the same without my super hero! Thanks Batman!

Peace out!

P.S. I had the longest e-mail to you in my hotmail drafts. I kept adding to it, due to interruptions, I 'd stop then add to it again. But today it was murdered by the computer timing out. I am so upset about it. So expect a new one shortly. :)

aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...

Oh yeah Chris, I forgot to tell you I'm a young 46! LOL! When I look at pictures of my family at my age I get pretty scared. Some of my relatives had blue hair at my age. I didn't want you to think I did. I need a new picture don't I? My mother says, (of course) that this one is blurry. I guess I did kind of stick it up there. What does everyone think? Since I know ya'll are reading this? LOL! And the ya'll doesn't sound like ya'll think. :)

Peace out-


Marja said...

That is definitely Julien Clerc
A French chanson singer with dark curly hair.

aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...

Marja, I'm going to have to look him up! He sounds dreamy! Thanks for the comment Marja! :) Hope you're having a great night! :)


Patois42 said...

All right, let's date myself. (Not like I could get a real date, right?) At the age of 8, it was Bobby Sherman. At the age of 10, it was Michael Jackson. Our "gangs" were divided down the Jackson 5 line or the Osmonds. My first concert? 10 years old seeing the Jackson 5.

aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...

Patios, I can tell we're about the same age! lol! I almost said Bobby Sherman, but David quickly replaced him. I would have chosen Michael or the Jackson 5 too, if there hadn't been for David Cassidy!Great choices!

You're a lot of fun and I'm so glad you answered Tuesday's Question! :))


Anonymous said...

Great question Ann! Tell Christy that she is the same age as my baby brother who was born in '72. I am just a few years older than her ('69') but I also had a big crush on MJ. I had the sparkly glove too. I also loved John Travolta, Six Million Dollar Man and Superman too! Are Christy and I the same person? LOL!

aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...

Hey Polliwog! I'm so sorry I just saw your comment in my e-mail and I'm in the process of adding it! Thank you Phoebe! :)


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