What are your parents best and worst qualities?

I have been looking for ways to connect with my readers in comments, so I decided to post a question each Tuesday for you to answer It is an idea I heard on ABC's “The View” about conversational ideas for parties. They suggested writing a question for your guests at the beginning of your party, then have them answer the question with your other guests. Isn’t that a great idea? In addition, something I never thought of before when hosting my social gatherings. However, the next social gathering I plan I will be sure to inform my staff! Until then, since I probably won't have a social gathering anytime soon, I've decided to ask the people I spend the most time with each day, you my readers and friends.

Every Tuesday, I said that didn't I? Well, every Tuesday I will ask you my readers a question to answer in comments. Then, I will post the best answers the next day in a post, and link it back to the blog or web site with the best answers! For my readers who don't have blogs I will post your answers as well and right a post on why I think it is the best answer.

Sound good? Any questions just ask me in the comments to this post!

The first question and this Tuesday's question is:

What do you think is your parent’s best and worst quality?

I’ll start:

My mother: best and worst quality: Her ability to see many sides of things. I have inherited this wondrous gene and where it is a good one, it makes it seem as if you're making excuses for people when they ask your advice for example, "He might not have meant "that" he probably meant "this" when posed a question about a boyfriend or friend. At the same time if you’re confused about something, it can be helpful since it gives you the ability to weigh all your options. Actually, I guess it does come from having great empathy for people! So I guess I am glad I am her child after all.

Thanks Mom!

I feel the same way about my father, I mean he shares a best and worst quality too! He has an ability to keep the shortest telephone conversation of anyone I know.
Sometimes this is good if I'm busy and I just want to know how he is doing, but on the other hand I sometimes would like to have a long conversation. In other words when I talk about poetry and stuff he always wants to keep the conversation short, and I 'm really not sure why, but he does. It is o.k. though, I love you, Dad!

Your turn…


The Rising Blogger Post Of The DAY Award!

I won The Rising Blogger post of the day Award! Yes, It's not a typo, the winning post of the day! The Rising Blogger is awarding blogs that are insightful, creative, interesting and original. We award our "Post of the Day" seven days a week."

The Rising Blogger is written by Judd Corizan, a prolific writer an example of which is in his remarks in his profile * "The written word is so important. Be it in books
* magazines
* newspapers or blogs. The right usage sets your soul free!

I'm truly honored to be recognized by such a talent, and would like to thank you Judd Corizan! Stop by and read The Rising Blogger, where every day you will read a winning post from a different blog! The Rising Blogger's mission statement is listed along with more information on this talented writer and ingenious blog!

Oh! I almost for forgot, The Rising Blogger requested that I "pay it forward" by nominating another post. So start writing bloggers since I will be reading posts to nominate. I 'll find one today!

This is great!

Here is the first part of my winning post-

Who Was Your Favorite Grown-Up?

When you were a child who was your favorite grown-up? My favorite grown-up was my maternal grandmother. Yesterday, I went to her grave site and recalled two of my favorite memories of her. I have many memories of fun grown-ups, although for some reason she's the one who sticks in my mind the most. My other grandparents were great too, of course, but we lived down the street from her in a new neighborhood branched off from an older street or lane, called Moss Side Lane. The name Moss Side came from the moss that hung from the oak trees that shadowed the street.
With the exception of my parents, this grandmother had the most influence in my life. She taught me to wish upon a star, to garden, curtsy, talk to people, read…
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Writers Reviews Awards!

Thank you Writers Reviews for the inspirational blogger award! Writers Reviews is home to the Writers Reviews Blogger Awards.

Written by Christy Zutautas, Writers Reviews is a professional writers web site that gives reviews on movies, products, and web sites! Christy gives information on blogging, interviews with other bloggers, advice on ways to make money online, and of course awards! Like this One!

It's easy to see why I'm honored, so much so, I had trouble making up my mind who to nominate! The Writers Reviews award in Christy's words, is "an award series that would give unique, caring, brave, and positive bloggers the recognition they deserve."

Stop by Writers Reviews for more information on the Writers Reviews awards, where you can see each award in the series.

The inspirational blogger award is "For those bloggers who inspire others through their words and actions. With a positive attitude, and an uplifting spirit these bloggers make the blogosphere a better place, and encourage others to do the same. This award is for bloggers who rise up to set an example but continue to reach out and support others

It was hard to narrow my list to only five bloggers to nominate for this award. Especially, since I'm a new blogger who has had support from many different types of bloggers, for example I'm visited by comedy blogs, writers sites, technology sites, woman blogs, momma blogs, daddy blogs, and the list goes on, making it difficult to decide. When I started blogging I was going to post about reading and writing period. Since I'm pacing the publishing house floor most of the time, and enjoy networking with other writers. However, its hard to do when you want to write for parents, since parents aren't interested in reading about writing as much as they are about books and reading. Hence, the creation of a A Nice Place In The Sun, where I spend most of my time confused. If it wasn't for the support of all of my blog friends, encouraging on my posts this boat would not float! I'm spoiled, and look for my blog friends comments after each post. Thanks to all of you A Nice Place In The Sun is a fun place to work! Here are the blogs I nominated with an example of their kind and valued comments on some of my posts!

My First nomination is to Jos from NoDirectOn(not:NoDirection)

Here is his comment:

Jos said...

Hi Ann, this is truly a wonderful piece! I'd wish all teachers, and those who consider becoming one, would read this. There's such a big need for good teachers in today's world, and so many children that are never brought in touch with heir true talent... Good job! Very inspirational!
July 13, 2007 1:33 PM
Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

Jos, Thank you, so much for leaving a comment! I've hardly had any readers the last few days, and it's scary! I always worry about posts until I receive a comment! I really did need an optimistic tap on the shoulder!

I'm so glad Christy introduced me to your blog! Not only do you write well, you're a great blog buddy! :)

Second Nomination is for Ronni with Designing Fairy,

July 18, 2007 8:30 AM
DesigningFairy said...

Ann, great material. :) Simon sounds like quite a character. Love the monster story. I battle our 105 year old beagle most the day. Everyone else can use the pet door, but she can't see it, so you have to open the door for her. But, she sits there. Doesn't move. If you try to move her, she moans and gets pissed off. (she's very independent but can't see or hear, so there's the problem). Our animals rule the roost!
July 18, 2007 9:14 AM

Ronni, Thank you for stopping by! After you left that message on blog catalog, it made me think of Simon. Not that I had much of a chance to forget him, but I thought of writing about him. Especially since he will not let me write! I think he's jealous. Your Beagle sounds hilarious! I guess when we get old we'll have an attitude too! It's so comical when they force their will , isn't it? I'm really a dog lover, and can't wait to get a dog. I'm just not in a position at the moment. I lost my 13 year old retriever last year, and she was fussy too. You're right they rule the roost! Thanks for the comment!



Then Anne from The Tall Poppy

Congratulations on your award! You have a great blog. I hope to hear more about Bizzy soon,too. Thanks for nominating my blog for a Rockin' Girl Blogger award. i am very honoured/

June 23, 2007 2:18 PM

Theresa at Sleeping Kitten Dancing Dog

A lovely story Ann. Well written and painted a great picture.

And last but certainly not least Nick from Anything Goes!

Who said,

Hey Ann, congrats on the award. Looks like Adrian picked the right recipient and thanx for awarding it to me. Much appreciated!

Nick, Thank you for always leaving the nicest comments, and writing one of favorite blogs!

Congrats! :)


Enjoy inspirational bloggers and thanks for your friendship!

" Caroline Kennedy's: " A Family Of Poems"

A Family Of Poems My Favorite Poetry For Children, is one of my favorite family books, and the best kind to read children at bedtime. Actually, I still like to read it myself to relax before I go to sleep.

I gave my mother a copy of The Best Loved Poems of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis:Selected and Introduced by Caroline Kennedy a few Christmases ago. That book brought us both back to our childhoods. This, of course, was before Caroline wrote A Family Of Poems, which includes titles by ee cummings, Ogden Nash, in addition to the dearly loved children writers, A.A.Milne, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Jack Prelutsky.

I referred to my mother for obvious reasons since this is a book of poems Caroline Kennedy's family loved to share with one another. The front cover has a picture of Caroline at age four or five reading to her teddy bear. She writes the book in seven different sections each relating to children's lives, for example, "Bedtime", "About Me", and "Animals." A commentary encouraging children to read and express themselves in language arts, and poetry accompanies each section.

What is so wonderful about this book is the opportunity it provides parents to talk about the famous poets and writers in the book, while reading to their children. I still remember the way the copy of Stuart Little, by E.B. White, smelled when my mother read it long ago. By relating her childhood experiences along with the book Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg, and illustrator Jon J. Muth, offer children and their parents the opportunity to relate to the poems on a personal level leaving an indelible impression on children.

This book will inhabit the heart, soul, and memory of every member of your family. A great start for parents to read to their beginning or young readers, this summer and all year round. It's not a new book but a classic, if you haven't got it, get it, and if you haven't read it, read it!

It's a A Nice Place In The Sun favorite!

Information and picture from Barnes and Noble.com


Christy From Christys Coffee Break Added Me To The JohnCow.com Link List

One of my favorite bloggers and generous friend Christy, from Christy's Coffee Break, put me on the John Cow.com link list! This crazy moo cow site and self-proclaimed "mooguls" have created a great way to keep your feed trough full, and thanks to Christy my sites going to have plenty of feed! You see, Christy added me to her list, passed to her from Mark at The Next Post

A professional writer with a huge heart, Christy spends much of her time creating ways to help other bloggers, and I'm glad to be one of them! I have confidence in her taste in web sites so I know you will love JohnCow.com! I'm grateful for Christy's moo cowable kindness, and will delightfully jump on this link list of love! Rest assured this list will keep you and I in milkable happiness!

Heres the part of the original post that JohnCow.com asked us to copy;

The idea is simple: You want readers and you want link backs too because that’s all us bloggers want, it’s more precious than milk for some :twisted:

So how does it work?

Simple! You just copy the list down below on your blog, hence creating link backs for your blogging friends and then click the RSS feed link to subscribe to all of them. Then you add yourself and up to 5 other bloggers and their feeds to the end of the list before you publish it on your own blog. Show your friends some link love :)

Just imagine if just 10 people would do this and then 10 more after them. That would get your blog 100 extra link backs and 100 extra feed subscribers!

Here is the list from Christys Coffee Break!

If I added your site to list below, subscribe to the sites, copy them, add five sites of your choice to the list, post and spread the link joy!

Happy linking! Thanks Christy for feeding my feed!

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Who Was Your Favorite Grown-up?

When you were a child who was your favorite grown-up? My favorite grown-up was my maternal grandmother. Yesterday, I went to her grave site and recalled two of my favorite memories of her. I have many memories of fun grown-ups, although for some reason she's the one who sticks in my mind the most. My other grandparents were great too, of course, but we lived down the street from her in a new neighborhood branched off from an older street or lane, called Moss Side Lane. The name Moss Side came from the moss that hung from the oak trees that shadowed the street.
With the exception of my parents, this grandmother had the most influence in my life. She taught me to wish upon a star, to garden, curtsy, talk to people, read…

We called her Nana, and she said things like, "DAT Burn it!" and "A stitch in time saves nine." She had a garden in a huge beautiful yard which she embraced with passion. Determined to enlighten us on the basics of gardening and yard work, she would bribe us for the opportunity to put us to work. The funny thing is, my brothers and I thought our work was actually worth the gratuity. In order to teach us something, she endured the arguments, temper tantrums, and excuses with the grace of a saint. However, this was a tolerance reserved only for her grandchildren. She wasn’t a tolerant woman or a saint, she was just a grandmother. Always on the side of her children and grand children, right or wrong, in addition to having a lesson to teach …

On one of our gardening opportunities, I was working my heart out when (I was singing to myself and playing with a rake) she called out to me, "Ann, come see." When I reached her, I saw she found a baby rabbit lying limp on the ground. The soil, recently tilled, had disturbed a nearby rabbit hole. Evidently, a baby rabbit ran out of his home, and the tractor ran him over. The little baby was in bad shape. Nana yelled across the rows of vegetables, "Honey, will you come help me with this?"

I can see that baby rabbit in my mind's eye as clear as if it were yesterday.
Then she said, "Go get the hoe! We are going to have to put it out of its misery"

It took me a moment to realize she didn't mean WE were going to have to put the rabbit out of its misery, she meant ME! It was clear there was no "we" to striking that rabbit to death with a garden hoe! There was only a "me" to do it! She handed me the rake, and looked at me as if to say how hard it was for her to teach life's cruelest lessons.

"Go ahead, it is the best thing to do for the rabbit, honey, we cannot let it suffer."

"Nana," I exclaimed, "I ‘m not going to chop it's head off, I'm sorry, but I can't.”

Although this protest held the promise of making her angry, she was childlike and warm in her response, "Do you think your mother can bring it back to life?" (My mother had the skills and talent required of a veterinarian.)

Before she changed her mind, I went and got a box to put in it, and brought the little rabbit home for my mother to doctor. She did her best to save him by using an eyedropper for nourishment and water, but he died.

I brought the rabbit back and we buried him near the garden. That's when she told me the story of his relatives, and where they all lived under the ground. Later that evening, we sat on her back porch steps and she taught me how to wish upon a star. I remember the inflections in her voice moving in time with the crickets, her black hair and lightning bugs dancing around in the yard. She had the best rhyme: “Wishes come true when you wish on a star/Since the man in the moon knows where you are/No matter how near no matter how far/He sees you and me and knows where we are.”

“Nana,” I asked. “Yes honey?" is what she said as she pulled me close.

“Where is the man in the moon?”

“Right there honey! Look!“

I felt her draw me in tight, hold me against her heart, then she pointed to the sky and said, “Look baby, right there!”

I wish I could ask her where she is and catch up on the questions I have, or have had, or questions I don’t remember.

What do you remember the most about your favorite grown-up?


Remy Is Irresistibly Adorable!

Move over, Stuart Little this little rat is a wise, charismatic, and irresistibly adorable new movie star! Ratatouille is fantastic! My son and I saw the movie last week-end, and I fell in love with the little creature. Who would've thought that a story of a rat who dreams of becoming a famous chef would've ever be written, but it has, and it's great!

Remy, dreams of becoming a chef, against his families wishes, however, he decides it's too dangerous, since rat fearing humans dominate the market. Although, due to serendipitous circumstances he lands in the city of his mentor's restaurant, and the rest, I will keep under my hat; since if I were to say, it may ruin the picture! Read this link, and find out what the rest of the world is saying!

Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends, take the kids to see this movie! Remy is so unbelievably engaging, you want to gobble him up, regardless of his imaginative recipes. Don't miss this picture!

Read this link-


Who Was The Special Teacher In Your Life?

It's the good teachers in this world that make a huge contribution to our world's future, and the future of our children. Who was that special teacher in your life? The one who motivated you to work toward reaching your potential, as well as help you find your place in the world?

I started the seventh grade in the Deep South in 1973, at a recently integrated Junior High School. It was a sticky situation for everyone working in the school system in the southern United States during the early seventies, no one knew how to act or what to do. American History’s portrayal of the civil rights movement in our country really doesn’t do justice to the horror of living in the south during those decades. Almost as soon as my new schools front doors swung to a close, I began to understand more about the world, and my place in it. Their wasn't a school in the south, exempt from racial tension. So you can appreciate the challenge presented to teachers, who spent most of their time breaking up fights, and sending students to the office. I really don’t understand how these teachers managed to cope, but they did, and handled whatever obstacles were tossed in their direction, setting an impressive example to their students, about how important tolerance is in our society.

Our classrooms were often a free for all, with paper thrown in the air, and across the classroom, acts few teachers were equipped to handle, however thanks to everything good, my favorite teacher, Mrs. Wilkins, sailed through the experience. She could hold the attention of her high strung 13 and 14 yr old students, crammed in over crowded classrooms, and at the same time articulate what she expected of them. I , on the other hand, had fallen prey to my environment, and began to smoke cigarettes with a group of kids considered “cool” to seventh graders in 1973. I was vulnerable to my peer’s opinions toward what was cool, and fell in nicely with a popular smoking crowd. However, since Mrs. Wilkins taught my favorite subjects, (besides smoking), I still loved her class. I constantly asked questions off the subject, a quality that irritated most teachers; but, Mrs. Wilkins actually answered my questions, with a small smile on her face. For example, I asked her one time, why our textbook implied that the pilgrims treated Native Americans with decency and respect? Usually when I asked teachers these types of questions they thought I was trying to be funny, and my fellow students did laugh, however I literally wanted to know the answer. As a result of these misunderstandings, I was often sent to the principals office without an answer to my questions.

Toward the end of the year, Mrs. Wilkins had her students write a journal, and leave it on her desk at the end of each class. I really enjoyed journaling everyday, in addition to arguing with her about Emerson, Thoreau, and other matters pertaining to English Literature, and philosophy. Then one day when I acted as the “look-out” for teachers while smoking with friends, I peered through a window, and saw Mrs.Wilkins face, ashen with disappointment. Consequently, it was too late to squash out my cigarette. I remember the sting of embarrassment, and despair I felt from knowing I disappointed my favorite teacher. When she and the vice principal walked me to the office that day, I could feel my ears change color. I cared about what Mrs. Wilkins thought, since she treated me almost like a grown up, whose opinions mattered, and were of interest to her.

As we walked toward the office to work out the details of my punishment, Mrs. Wilkins said something that made an impact on my future, and stayed in my mind forever. The vice principal was talking to her as if I were invisible, and said, “I can’t believe this child smokes, she comes from such a good family”, this wasn’t anything I hadn’t heard before, although I hadn’t a clue what it had to do with me. Therefore, I continued to worry instead, about what my mother was planning for me when I got home. Mrs. Wilkins continued with, “You know, Mr. Reach, what the real shame is? She writes beautifully!” I wondered to myself how this could be? I always had the worst handwriting when trying to write cursive, I would get papers back with red marks all over the page. I hated it! What in the world, and who, in the world, is she talking about? I thought perhaps she was talking about a different person.

When I asked her later what she meant, she explained that I had a gift, something special that I could share with others. In the years before Mrs. Wilkins, I was called dumb, or day dreamy, the child off in la la land somewhere, with her head in the clouds. My inquisitive nature only made things worse. If it hadn’t been for a teacher who took the time to read the journal of one of her students, I might have continued to see myself as dumb, without much to contribute; when the truth is we all have something to contribute. Teachers help us, by guiding us on our journey of self-discovery, encouraging us to discover our talents, and providing us with the confidence to follow our passion for our dreams. I think if children have a passion or talent, it saves them from the dangers that come from idle hands, self doubt, or just plain lack of direction. Kids depend on their role models to help them discover their talents, and give them the courage to forge their dreams into reality. Since so often this responsibility falls to teachers, it's the good ones making a huge contribution to our worlds future, and the future of our children. We all need at least one teacher who notices our talents, and expects us to work toward reaching our potential. All children deserve the blessing of at least one teacher, to help them navigate their own ship, through life's rough and unpredictable waters.

For me, that teacher was Mrs. Wilkins, do you remember who that teacher was for you?


Thanks Writer's Reviews For The Thoughtful Blogger Award!

I’ve been awarded The Thoughtful Blogger Award, along with five other bloggers from Writers Reviews.com. The Thoughtful Blogger Award is one of five distinct awards in a series of awards created by Writers Reviews intuitive, creative, and most thoughtful blogger herself Christy Zutautas.

There is a specific description for each award in the series, listed here along with the award rules.

Writers Reviews has created for bloggers a way to honor the blogs we admire in a personable way on an individual basis. An ingenious idea, that frees us to celebrate each blogs unique contribution.

I'm thrilled to be among those recognized by such an outstanding web site, and honestly, I'm unable to catch my breath! It's taken me two days to locate the appropriate words to describe how happy it's made me. Actually, the fact that I was recognized by, and with, bloggers who have more experience blogging than me is amazing!

I'm literally at a loss for words, and I can't pinch myself any longer! Therefore, without any further gushy stuff, I would like to congratulate the following blogs Writers Reviews nominated along with my nomination, and then post the blogs I nominated. Congrats to;

Mariuca from Wishing On A falling Star

Roger from Oger The Caveman

Brown Baron from Brown Thoughts

Colleen from A Madison Mom

Mike from Ordinary Folk

Jos from NoDirectOn(not:NoDirection)

Aaron from Today Is The Day

Wendy eMoms at Home

Recipients of this award are asked to pick five blogs in any of the five categories, which are listed here along with the award rules.

I would like to give three Thoughtful Blogger Awards, and Two Creative Blogger Awards, that again, recipients can copy here along with a link to Writer's Reviews, so we can keep track of where these awards originated, along with the award rules, designs and descriptions for each one.

The Thoughtful Blogger Award:

Aussie Cynic- About Aussie Cynic? What can I say? Well, I will let him say it for himself, "There is not much to being Australian. We are the BEST, BRIGHTEST and CLEVEREST people on Earth. Why else would the rest of the world keep coming here?" I couldn't have said it better myself, except you left out funny, Aussie. Aussie found some fans for my children's story. He told his little girl, and she told him to tell me that she loves my story, so really this award is for her! Congrats, Aussie, and thanks for your continued support!

Sandee at Comedy Plus: Who is not only hilarious, she's warm and thoughtful in her comments, in addition to thinking of little ways to help other blogs. Hers is one of the blogs I thought of when I read the description for the Thoughtful Blogger Award.

Mad Goat Lady: Who takes the time to leave a thoughtful comment, with a "temperamental teenage son, an English husband busy turning into an aussie bloke" and "3 dogs, 3 cats, 3 goats and a cow" to keep her busy! She also leaves comments inquiring about my children's story, a quality I find endearing in grown ups! Thanks Mad Goat Lady, and congrats!

Creative Blogger Award:

Insanity Suits Me and Certifiable at Twisted Sisters: Whose creatively written posts have made me laugh, almost cry, and think, all at the same time! Their posts include their readers on their different life journeys, as well as point out different perspectives on other issues. Creativity runs in their family!

Bob at Bobbarama: Every time I stop by this site, I want to stay and read it all day! It is really that entertaining, not to mention well written. Stop by and visit and you'll quickly see for yourself. Congrats Bob, and thanks for delivering fun to the blogosphere!

Thanks again, Christy from Writers Reviews for enriching this blogs status, in addition to recognizing it's existence in the massive blog world. In addition to writing excellent reviews on blogs, web sites, movies, and products, you have written a wonderful series of awards! Thanks again, Writers Reviews!


Do You Remember Your First Childhood Crush?

Do you remember your first childhood crush? Mine was on a boy named Dexter, in my third grade class.

I don't remember much about him, except that he loved to draw, and drew a perfect Charlie Brown from Peanuts. Dexter sat across from me in class, so I watched him draw everyday instead of listening to our teacher. Actually, as far as I was concerned my third grade teacher's voice was reminiscent of the adult voices in the Charlie Brown television specials anyway-
a muffled bloc, bloc, bloc ... She rambled a bunch of jumbled grown-up words, that we "bright-eyed and bushy tailed" third graders, hadn't the slightest interest in, especially me since Dexter was the center of my world. My teacher's name was Mrs. Keysler, and she wore cat-eyed sixties style glasses with a chain that jangled when she walked, which served as a warning to mischief makers at recess.

My first and only encounter with Dexter was one day while I was staring at him drawing, my heart ricocheting around in my chest, and I noticed a shiny whistle on the top of his desk. Ordinarily, I couldn't take my eyes off Dexter, however on this day he brought along some stiff competition. Dexter's new whistle wasn't one of those toy whistles one would find in a Kracker Jack box... no sirree, Dexter's whistle was a genuine silver army grade whistle, and I was fascinated by it. Dexter noticed me staring at it resting on the corner of his desk by his drawing pad, so he quietly picked it up and placed it in my hand, while Mrs. Keyster continued speaking in the background, bloc, bloc, bloc, bah, bloc… I felt an array of new exciting emotions overwhelm me, beginning with feeling like a different person. I was holding the whistle Dexter put in my hand, and sitting close enough to him to touch his copper colored hair. I was in a trance as I turned the whistle over and over in my hand, put it in my mouth, and blew as hard as I could- the room went silent.

However, the hushed sound of children’s voices began to fill the empty silence, followed by the snickering sound children make before the finger pointing begins... It's such an annoying tactic among tattlers, whose goal in life is to retire as the teachers pet. I could feel the stares, and of course, see their self-serving tattler fingers rise to the occasion, which happened to be in my direction! I heard one little girl cry, “She is sooo dumb!” as I sat there horrified, my face growing hot and flushed with humiliation.

Humiliation is just one of an array of emotions I associate with the day I blew Dexter's whistle; it's also one of those funny to me now, not so funny then, experiences especially since my teacher made me stand in the back of the classroom the rest of the day.

After that, Dexter (who may have turned out to be an illustrator) looked at me with a cautious look on his face for what seemed like the rest of my life, and the girl who called me “soooo dumb” turned out to be one of my closest friends, even if it was years later. We never know what our children are going through in a day, or experiencing with their first crush, do we?

My mother thinks to this day that I just blew a whistle in the middle of class for absolutely no reason that she can phantom. Do you know who your children are thinking about today?

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Join Me I'm Reading, ON THEIR OWN, "Creating An Independent Future For Your Adult Child With ADHD"

Please Join me in Reading On Their Own, Creating An Independent Future For Your Adult Child With Learning Disabilities brought to us by Authors On The Web!

I received a great response from my post Medicating Children With Symptoms Of ADHD, and one was an e-mail requesting a book review from Authors On The Web. I'm honored to be presented with a complimentary copy to review, and can't wait to read my readers comments on what they think of the book. This is my favorite part of blogging about books, and the beginning of a category I'd like to call; What Do You Think? (since you need a category for everything) in which I will post two main book titles to read and review every month, followed by a discussion through the comments at the end of the posted review. (One adult and one children's picture book title) What do you think? is really just my way of doing a book review, and receiving my readers opinion, but I needed a way to introduce the title for discussion. So humor me, while I tell you about my first adult book, then you can go get a copy, or borrow it from the library in time for the review and discussion!

Anne Ford is the author of Laughing Allegra, a book in which she recounts her journey as a young mother of a child with learning disabilities; in On Their Own she now provides us with more insight into her experiences. Written with John-Richard Thompson, the book includes a foreword by Sally Shaywitz, M.D., followed by Anne's own introduction, many high profile interviews, and a section with accounts from other prominent sufferers with learning disabilities. By drawing on her own personal experience, Anne provides the reader with a deep understanding of the challenges parents and children with learning disabilities endure everyday. Helping your child create an independent future, is a task all parents worry about accomplishing, however for those rearing children with learning disabilities, or kids diagnosed with ADHD, the task is hard won. It looks like On Their Own will prove to be an invaluable resource for all parents, and I'm looking forward to reading the views of a writer, on a well researched subject they have experienced themselves.

Buy it, borrow it, or read it in the coffee shop of your favorite book store, but be ready for A Nice Place In The Sun's discussion of On Their Own, Creating An Independent Future For Your Adult Child With Learning Disabilities And ADHD.

What Do you Think about On Their Own? will post on August, 5, so be sure and read a copy in time to comment!

If you know someone who is coping with the challenges of rearing a child with ADHD, or you are coping with these challenges yourself, I urge you to take part in this discussion, since having a support system helps with every situation, and this book is getting great reviews; but also so you will have a great reference guide if you're coping with a child with ADHD, and/or other learning disabilities, since Anne Ford has a section on every worry you can imagine.

Get a copy while there's plenty of time to join in the discussion.

I'm researching this months What Do You Think, picture book as we speak! Really I am! :)

Be sure and join in these discussions!

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Car Wash Discipline

When surfing for a story to link to this morning I ran across this video that may help if you're having trouble discipling your kids in the car this summer! If you are just "At a loss for words" just try a little car wash discipline!

Try a little car wash discipline!

There's also a story about a little Kitten, "Lucky" who is saved by the "midas touch"

Car wash Discipline

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This family puts the "fun" in dysfunctional. I can imagine Greg Kinnear's character in "Little Miss Sunshine" putting his family through this while on a trip in the family bus.

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Today's Popular Children's Picture Books

Today's Popular Children's Picture Books
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The Boogeyman From Planet-Lackawanna-

You will lose yourself in the imaginative dreams of eleven year old Theodore Wilson's. Don't miss this review coming soon.

More reviews and available for purchase on Amazon .com. Just click on image of book and the link will take you there.

Thank you!

Upcoming Book Review

Upcoming Book Review
Gretchen Zufall (Author) Mike Paar (Illustrator)

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