Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron in Sweet November: Saturday's Favorite Movie Moment

The song is Enya's-Only time

This Saturday's favorite movie moment is actually a bunch of movie moments from Sweet November accompanied by the song Only Time from Enya. Sweet November, stars Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves in addition to an array of some great looking dogs.

An excellent film, Sweet November reminds us to stop and remember what a true gift life is...Keanu Reeves character discovers through the lead character (Theron) the true meaning of friendship and our God given potential to give compassion and love to each other, animals, and even wayward strangers...

There are no words or seconds to waste while we're here on earth, and yet we waste a lot of them, hence this movie reminds us to make all of our moments count...

Soak up every laugh, smile, glance...from the ones you love and others, and give every part of yourself to everything possible. Because what you give to the world and others will remain a part life itself, like the soil that nurtures the trees and the soul that planted the seed.

Live for and in every dance, hug, song, and person...with the imaginable mind and open heart of a child.

I will run on my beach until I reach the end of the shoreline; and then I will wait and see what God will ask of me next...

That's my plan, except I believe I'll take a Golden Retriever with me, and Simon of course.

However, until that time, I refuse to take myself seriously...and that is the one thing I loved about this movie and the main character, if you haven't seen it, rent it-

This movie reviewer believes this movie is equivalent to the following: Three scoops(thats the most scoops suggested, so that's a lot) of peanut butter swirl, a dance on the beach, a huge summer hat, and a copy of Confederacy Of Dunces. by, John Kennedy Toole/with a foreword by Walker Percy. I think that's the most I've given a movie so far...hmmm

Make a splash out of your day~


To Tell You The Truth

To Tell You The Truth one of these stories is fictional and one is well...a white lie...or not the truth...or based on truth...or fiction.

Can you guess which one it is? The answer is in a post I have hidden away in archives, and the link to that post is at the bottom of this post. But, don't cheat, see if you can guess, besides if you cheat I will catch you and feed you to my cat Simon, and To Tell You The Truth you don't want to meet my cat Simon.

The first story is entitled "Winston"

I awoke each morning after Christmas one year terrified of a monkey Santa brought my brother. The monkey was tiny and slept in the bed with my brother, but I was still afraid.
My mother finally put the monkey we decided to name "Winston" in a cage in what we called "our laundry room." (And I felt better when Winston had his own place.)

I made sure Winston stayed in his cage at night for fear he would end up in bed with me. He hissed at everyone but my brother and he had big teeth for such a little monkey. Plus, he was eerily quiet, which made me think of the expression, “As quiet as a mouse”, when actually mice are loud creatures, and we expect monkeys to be loud, but Winston didn’t make a sound- Although I think he was just quiet in the company of strangers.

After all, the monkey was in a strange place that smelled funny to him, listening to the inflection of different human voices pound his eardrums all day.

I listened to him humming a weird hum and pulling on the bars of his cage at night, right next door to my room in his newly furnished apartment.

My mother, who was furious with my stepfather for not discussing his “surprise” gift that Christmas, keep tirelessly looking for a solution, preferably one my brother could live with, because he loved Winston.

I guess she knew the monkey would be fine in a new home, since most of my family, besides my brother, knew Winston already had his bags packed anyway.

But thank goodness God often does for us what we cannot do for ourselves... or at least he did that year when it came to our problem with Winston.

One morning before daylight we heard a fire truck roll down our street and a woman screaming at the top of her lungs. It just so happened to be one of our neighbors running from Winston, who was behind her with her undergarments in one of his hands, and other ladies toiletries in the other, and what appeared to be toilet paper stuck to the bottom of one of his feet.

Winston tried to run at full speed, but he kept pulling his feet high in the air, like a walking horse in a parade, in an effort to shake the toilet paper off of the bottom of his foot.

Finally, it became hard to tell who was running behind who; but I saw the firefighter behind our neighbor, who was behind Winston, who came to a halt when he saw the hoses on the side of the fire truck. Luckily before anyone saw him Winston grabbed one of the fire hoses and perched himself on the side of the fire truck.

I guess he found the fire truck more interesting than the undergarments, because he glanced at the underwear in one hand, while he swung back and forth on the side of the truck with the other hand, uttering happy monkey noises we never heard before.

Then at some point, Winston realized he was holding the underwear with his only free hand, and he was going to have to decide which one he held in the highest esteem- his free hand or the underwear- because he was not letting go of the fire truck.

Hence, Winston continued to hold onto the hose and swing back and forth on the side of the truck; staring at our neighbors bra and underwear while slowly unfolding his hand finger by finger, letting the clothes slowly drop from his fingers to the pavement below.

Then a roar of laughter broke from the crowd that gathered around our pet, with the exception of course of one neighbor.

Incidentally, my brother had to pick up the toilet paper everywhere, but we helped and the fire department helped us find the right solution for everyone. God bless Winston.

And the next Story is entitled, Harold And Me

When I was fourteen, I worked at a fast food chicken place that prided itself on just that- fast food- in fact the service area was set up to move quickly. This privately owned company wanted their customers to get their order quickly during their lunch hour and return every day of the week.

Therefore, one of the restaurants main selling points was speed, so the quicker we moved an order out the better. I really liked the job; actually, all of my friends at my school liked the job, because of the adorable manager who managed the place.

However, like all things that seem too good to be true, this situation wasn’t any different, the drawback being the assistant manager and son of the owner, Harold.

Harold was the opposite of our charming good-looking manager. Whereas our manager Mark had dimples and the cutest smile, Harold had the weirdest looking face I’ve ever seen on a person and one I don't think I will ever forget. His eyes were straight across from each other, but perfectly aligned with one long eyebrow across the top of his forehead.

He had a small, Charlie Chaplin-like mouth and walked like Chaplin too, with a wobble. Oh, Harold hated me and especially after the following incident… although more were to follow...

On one of the many mornings Harold was screaming while we were filling orders ...I realized he was screaming at me. I had an altercation with the fry cook who was evidently a tattletale that told Harold all about our misunderstanding. Therefore, as soon as I came to work Harold was running toward me like a bull with his horns down, and face as red as a beet...

Well, first let me tell you how the restaurant set up, so that you can understand this story better...

The Restaurant was set up for the customer to see everything happening behind the counter with their food. The management team had a procedure set up to move orders quickly, and all the workers including whoever was frying the chicken were up front for the customers to view as they placed their order.

When you walked in the door the first thing you saw was the fryer frying the chicken. Then what we referred to as “a picker” picking the chicken, then “a bagger” who put the extra dinner orders, such as mashed potatoes, rice, etc… in a bag. The bagger would then pass the order to the “drink person” who made sure the order was correct, made the drinks, stapled the bag shut, and passed it to the customer, with a smile and a “Have a nice Day, Ma’am, or Sir.”

Well, I was the drink person, the one who made the drinks, made sure the order was correct, then stapled the bag, and gave it all to the customer with a smile, and a have a nice day.

Hence, Harold barreled toward me while I was checking the orders, making drinks, and stapling bags, from the back of the restaurant screaming in gibberish.

I tried to remain as calm as possible under the circumstances, which meant smiling at the customers, while I stapled the bags, which I couldn’t possibly check anymore because he was right in my face, so close I could smell his breath, and see the multicolored hair in his mustache.

Finally I said, “Harold you’re so close to me I can’t check the bags”

That’s when he started grabbing the bags from me, checking them, and tossing them back across the table for me to staple. It went on like this for a few minutes, him screaming at me in front of the customers, and me stapling the bags...until... I thought better of it, and began to staple his tie to his shirt as he went about his yelling and screaming.

These theatrics went on for awhile until the customers started laughing, because instead of getting a stapled bag, I just folded the top of the bag down, passed it to the customers and told them “Thank you, for coming to ____ and have a nice day.” Hence, Harold hadn’t a clue, until he heard the laughter in the corridor and saw his tie full of multiple staples attached to his shirt.

God bless Harold. Again, which story is true, you’ll find the answer in this link, but again, see if you can guess, and let me know your answer in comments...and remember don’t cheat, because I will catch you and feed you to my cat….Simon, and you do not want to meet Simon- To Tell You The Truth.


How Would I Know You? Describe Yourself To A Fellow blogger Sent To Pick You Up At The Airport Sight Unseen

Hello, and welcome to Tuesday's Question. I'm sorry it's so late in the day, but because I want to keep Tuesday's Question original, the train doesn't always come in on time- meaning, I had to push the big writers block out of my way- so please forgive my tardiness and enjoy this weeks inquiry into your lives. (the picture to your right is Speedy in disguise)

What physical characteristics would you use to tell a fellow blogger picking you up at the airport how to find you without the benefit of a sign?

What about you would stand out in addition to your eye and hair color? What type of clothing would you be wearing? What kind of disguise will you use? For example, how would I know it was you reading this? (And I know a lot of you) Would you be the blue- eyed brown-haired man with a yellow hat holding a monkey? No, that's Curious George's father, and I would know Curious George's father, but how would I know my blogging buddies?...Sandee? Bud? Dawn? Misty? Speedy? Maunie Ferdc?

In addition, what if I sent someone in my place to pick you up, how would I describe you to them?

Here’s how you would know it is me: I’m 5’7 with light brown hair and green eyes.I would be wearing big sunglasses, like Jackie-O's that I never take off when the sun is out. (My friends laugh at my glasses but I will still have them on if the sun is out)

I’m not fat or skinny and I’ll have on blue jeans and tennis shoes, (converse high top/ pink in color) Also look for a big straw hat with a big daffodil stuck in the side. (That way you’ll really know it’s me, well… that and the shoes.)

If you think you've spotted me, be sure and shout my name, because it may appear as though I have my head in the clouds, when in fact, I will be searching for directions on the airport signs.

Because, I can’t see where I’m going behind the Jackie O’s and my purse will be falling off my shoulder as I try to keep up with where I am…

Oh, and my sense of direction is not so hot, so I might not be where we said we would meet…hence the daffodil.

Now, how will I know it’s you?

The First Blogger's comment has been published:

From my wonderful friend Dawn at Twisted Sister
(who I think I would accidentally run over, otherwise I think I could find her :)

Hilarious! I could actually see you!
You would know it's me because I'd probably be the smallest person in the airport! Seriously... 5ft 2" with reddish blond hair and blue eyes... about 105lbs. I'd be dressed in jeans for comfort and if that's not enough to find me... I guess I would have to carry a sign for back up!

And another esteemed colleague as well as great friend tells us how to find her at the airport.

Sandee from Comedy Plus

Wow, this one is more difficult. What we think we are may not be so. Requires honesty.

I'm 5'8" tall and in my mid 50s. Don't look for gray hair as I cover that up. Look for short sandy blond hair with blonder streaks. Check my nails and toes as they will both be done in French style or pink and whites.

Don't look for designer clothing because you will miss me altogether. Jeans, sandals and a polo shirt is my favorite clothing. I wear glasses all the time and if I don't I won't ever find you.

I'm neither skinny or fat either and wear a size 12. My eyes are blue and I never wear lipstick. I wear a gold wedding band and no other jewelery. I have a pretty good tan right now so look for that California girl (old lady) tan. In the summer my polo shirts usually have something to do with boating, so look for Delta Marina Yacht Club or Anewatee (name of our boat) and you've found me.

I'm not much of a smiler, but I'm friendly. I will make direct eye contact with you at some point as that is just me. I will be focused on finding you and will make every effort to do that in the least amount of time.

If all else fails I will be the one with the handsome husband with a full head of white hair. He's 6'2" and slender. He has a matching gold wedding band and also wears glasses. We usually wear matching polo shirts so that should make us easy to find. Mostly he's spotted long before I am. Well, if a woman is waiting for me to find them that is.

Great question Ann. Had to really critique myself for this one. Have a great day. Big hug. :)

Click "read more" for more recent comments

This next comment is from FeeFiFoto at FeeFiFoto Blog

What fun! I'd describe myself this way:

Blue eyes; short, curly, sandy hair; slim; somewhat funky wire rimmed glasses. I'll be easy to recognize as the one staring down at my feet to make sure I don't trip over anything.


The next comment is from Robert at Roberts Road

I;m easy to pick out..six one and I will have a red baseball hat on..my pic is the profile so It would be easy..just look for the fashion disaster leaning against the concrete pillar...:)))

May 27, 2008 6:42 PM


The next comment is from Ferdc from Crazy Medical Cases

Oh boy. Too much honesty around here. You know, Annie, that's why God made avatars, so we don't have to answer these questions! ; )

I am healthy looking 53 y/o, 5'8", of medium athletic build, with thinning dark hair which I don't color, brown eyes, and if you're picking me up during the day, I'm likely to have sunglasses on top of my head. Traveling, I'll probably have my tan teardrop man-purse over my right shoulder. I'll have jeans on, and either a polo shirt or some other casual shirt. I'll probably look happy and relaxed, as I always do when I travel, which I love to do.

Like Sandee said, if I'm with my spouse, you'll notice her first. Princess Gail has blonde hair and a regal demeanor. All eyes, men's and women's, are usually on her wherever we go. Hey, maybe that's why I'll look happy!

Okay, so where are we all meeting? ; )

Next, we heard from Speedcat Hollydale, at Speedcat Hollydale Page who didn't just send in a written description of himself, he sent in his disguise in a photo. I don't know what the rest of you bloggers and bloggettes think, but I think we could meet by a poster of this photo or just meet by Speedy dressed in his disguise as the poster.

Anyway, I posted the Speedcat's picture at the top of the post, so that in the off chance our little Fantasy Island Trip ever takes place, we'll have some ideas of what Speedy looks like...plus a possible place to meet. You know a familiar face-
(Also, shhh....but I read that Speedy is running for senator so check out his link)

Here's Speedy's first, I mean second comment he posted with his photo. It said My Look Alike (the disguise) with the photo:

My Look Alike

he heeee

Here's Speedy's first comment:

Well, I look just like Tom Selleck, except not that good lookin, with less hair!

This strikes me as funny, because my photo gets plastered all over everywhere. I could just say, "Google Speedcat" ... and you would able to find me easily ~ that or look for a shoe made by PUMA.

6' 1", 240 pounds, brownish hair, beard, moustache, walks like a cowboy with slightly bowed legs, talking to himself or singing, wears glasses but looks over them when speaking to someone. Smiles at EVERYONE.

That's me

SpeedyCat Hollydale!


And of course my dear friend Maunie, who thought I forgot about posting her comment, although I asked her in the post to come and tell me what she would look like...

I think Maunie and I would run into each other too...(smile)

Anyway, Mauniejames has many blogs, so I decided to link toSpring Wonderful Spring for this comment:

Hey Anne,
You would know me anywhere..I am constantly smiling..at anyone and everyone..I'm sort of medium..five foot six with redish hair or some shade of red I have been wearing for almost 40 years...

I used to be so stylish but if I am traveling I would not feel comfortable wearing my usual jeans and shirt..I may dress up in slacks and a nice top..with loafers and my real designer bag I bought at a thrift shop..

I wear glasses too and always wear my sun glasses when traveling..I will have Penny in her carrier and she is the most beautiful calico cat ever...I am NOT bringing hubby!

So look for a women with a big smile..light brown eyes..short red hair carring the worlds most beautiful cat...and of course, a
large plant of some sort because I love plants and try to get everyone into them..no big sign for me...I would know you anywhere..

Oh Yeah I love gold and will be wearing two earrings in each ear..
two necklaces and at least three gold bracelets..hubby is always telling me not to wear so much because the prices on gold have gone up so much that they could be stolen...oh yeah? just try it!!!

I love this one Ann...

Here's another comment from Maunie and a link to MaunieJames3 a link to another blog James

Oh Ann...I did not see my comment or your answer...did you throw me away? I am really not that bad..okay now I'm starting to look just like my Mom but my youngest granddaughter looks sort of like me and she is beautiful..honest not that bad..I modeled a hundred years ago...really I'm still not bad and have great legs..just give me a chance Ann..you would like me I promise....you truly would...I like you!!!!!

May 28, 2008 8:49 AM

This is when I think she thought I threw her away. (LOL) Thank you Maunie~

My next commenter is another friend I've known since I first started blogging.

Aussie at Aussie Cynic, which by the way is an hilarious and fun blog to visit.

oi Anne.......
you missed me... hehehhehe..
I would describe myself like this..
5'5" blonde (my hair will be messy because it flies away with the slightest breeze). I will be wearing jeans, and a long shirt, and will be the loud Aussie normally accompanied by hubby and daughter she has amber hair... I think you find us... but you would probably hear me coming long before you see me... hehehehehe

May 28, 2008 5:24 AM


Thanks to everyone who participated in this Tuesday's Question, I laughed until tears rolled from my eyes. I think this question is the best one we've had so far and although it was a little hard to keep up, I enjoyed posting the comments as they came in or as close as I could get to when they were posted.

I will stop posting the comments for this Tuesday's Question at 6:00 pm central time today, which is Wednesday, but I hope you will still leave a comment, which everyone reads as well and I will reply too. But it's not 6:00 pm so I don't know what I'm blabbing about~ Until the next time...

Cheers~ Have fun~


I just realized that I left out a comment by Marie, although I'm not sure which blog to link it to because the link didn't come through...the comment just said Marie.

Thank you Marie, and at least we will know how to find you when we leave for our trip~ I don't know how this turned into a trip, (-> :)) but at least we'll know how to find you at the airport.

Here's Marie's comment:

I'd tell them I will be wearing a red/yellow hat (something bright!) and a pink ribbon tied to my left arm (or something original, that not many people would be doing!). Hopefully then I'll stand out of the crowd.

And definitely an obvious meeting point would also help :)


Lady And The Tramp --Dream A Little Dream Of Me-Saturday's Favorite Movie Moment


This Saturday's favorite movie moment is the romantic affection shared between two special dogs, including their famous kiss from Walt Disney's The Lady And The Tramp-

I love the original soundtrack in the movie, but Cornbugles added Mama Cass Elliot singing Dream A Little Dream Of Me to the clip and it works really well- I enjoyed it.

This (me) amateurish movie reviewer rated this video with five stars, two dances around the living room with Simon (my cat) and a pint of double fudge chocolate chip ice-cream.

In addition, let me know, (I ask this question every Saturday) what song is playing in your head over the week-end. If you don't have a song in your head now, you may before the week-ends over, so feel free to comment on as many songs as you wish-

Well, that's it, except I hope you enjoyed the video and have a fantastic week-end~

singing, giggling, dancing, etc...

P.S. The song in my head is Dream A Little Dream Of Me, of course, although that's subject to change. And I will let you know my songs over the week-end if you let me know yours~ :)


Arte y Pico Award

Sandee at Comedy Plus nominated me for the Arte y Pico Award created at the Arte y Pico blog. Then, she blew me away with what she said in my honor, Ann is one of the most original bloggers out there. Her posts are always a great read. I so look forward to her Tuesday question each week. She also is a very dear friend."

And I think of you as my dear friend as well, Sandee. I also think you are funny, kind, compassionate, intuitive...just an all round talent. You strike me as an independent spirit with a reckless sense of adventure- someone who cares about people- a leader- who will catch someone with their hand in a cookie jar, and smile, but not utter a word.

Mel from Monday Morning Power awarded Sandee with the Arte y Pico and said that "her stories are priceless" and I have to agree, he also said, "She is truly one of the funniest people in the blogosphere."

My hats off to you Sandee, and thank you for this honor~

The Rules:

1. You have to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserve this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also for contributing to the blogging community, no matter what language.

2. Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to his or her blog to be visited by everyone.

3. Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her or him the award itself.

4. Award-winner and the one who has given the prize have to show the link of “Arte y Pico” blog, so everyone will know the origin of this award.

I agree with Sandee who inquired in her post "just five?" because there are so many old and new excellent bloggers I would love to give this award too and who deserve it. However, I think the creators want just five; therefore, here are my five nominations:

Dawn from Twisted Sister has thought provoking and funny posts that keep readers returning day after day, including myself. Twisted Sister is hands down one of the best blogs on the internet. Dawn treats her readers to an excellent atmosphere, blog design, and a natural talent for storytelling. ~A must visit ~

Speedy at Speedcat Hollydale Page : Speedy’s crazy antics and creative imagination entertain his reader’s one post after another. I lose time on Speedy’s blog. I’m so busy laughing, reading, or learning, that before I know it twenty minutes have slipped by …and I realize I’ve read every post on the page. Therefore, Speedy knew what he was doing when he named his blog Speedcat Hollydale Page, because before you know it you will read the entire landing page!
Congratulations Speedcat~

Budweiser at WTIT Radio Blog is a hilarious mischief-maker, who is constantly coming up with new ideas. He spend years as a radio DJ and morning host which I bet he also did well due to his personable quick wit and energy. Although, my favorite feature is his Stealing meme techniques and dating profiles. And he says he doesn’t write many but when he writes a personal story about life its funny. One thing you can count on from Bud’s blog is there’s always something new going on and it’s always going to be funny. Congrats Budweiser~

Mimi at Mimi Writes also known as the queen of meme’s and author the BlogBlast for Peace, which is now on its fourth launch. It began in 2006 with a post from Mimi Writes and has since traveled from blog to blog around the world or at least in the countries with internet access.

Mimi’s writes that the peace Globe Project has “reached 35 countries and 46 states.” I just think that is truly a remarkable accomplishment and I feel privileged to have the opportunity to take part in the project. For more information on The BlogBlast for Peace just visit Mimi blogs or clink the link in my sidebar.
Congratulations Mimi although I know you’ve probably already received this award, it wasn't from me, so now you have two. Thanks for all you do~

And my last nomination is my good friend Paula at Six 4 Paula who is one blogger with an eye for web design. I think Six 4 Paula's blog is thought provoking and funny with an upbeat atmosphere and warm tone. Congratulations Paula you deserve it~

Any blog not nominated for this award, don't worry you just may be a winner of the You Cheer Me Up Award, in addition to a part of the You Cheer Me Up Award blogroll. Yep, that’s what I said…another blogroll.

Have a great day everyone and congratulations to all the award recipients~


What Poem Are You? : Tuesday's Question

Five comments of fantastic poetry posted! Just click "Read More"

What Poem Are You?

We all have a poem that speaks to us personally, whether we know it or not, because poets have the ability to tap into our feelings as if they’ve stepped inside our head and read our emotions and thoughts from a personally charted chalkboard.

Great poets have influenced our society for centuries, contributing rare insight into the human spirit.

Bob Dylan once said; “There would be no music without the words” and I will add, there would be no words without the poets, writers, songwriters and playwrights among us...

We all have a poem. Hence, this Tuesday’s Question asks, What Poem Are You? Or on the other hand, you could ask the question, What Poem Is Yours?

There are poets among us everywhere, not just the ones who are famous, but many are on the internet, and in books whose names are unknown, because some prefer to remain anonymous.

Although, I’m thrilled that one such poet didn’t choose to remain anonymous when she e-mailed me yesterday.

This poet is Dawn from Twisted Sister. Yesterday she decided to send me a poem written just for me.

And at the end of the e-mail before the poem she wrote, “It just popped into my head and so here it is…”

“It just popped into her head” is typical of poets and writers although this poem is so prolific it's remarkable how quickly she wrote it. I 'm overjoyed with my new treasure, and was moved to tears when I read it…an emotion in which all good poets are the master.

I will begin this Tuesday’s Question with the poem that is mine, thanks to my dear friend, magnificent poet, and fellow storyteller, Dawn.

The Storyteller

Alone in her world
of make believe
weaving her stories
of magic and light

She brings joy
to the eyes
of innocent minds
less jaded and free

For only they know
what's in her heart
holding the secrets
she guards so well

Life's hidden mysteries
belong to those
whose wisdom and truth
shine on in imagination

Written for Ann
~Dawn Drover~

Thanks again, Dawn, from my heart to yours~

Now, it is your turn, except before you write what I know will be marvelous comments, I have an announcement to make. From now on comments to Tuesday’s Question will copied and posted in real time within the same post instead of posting the comments the following day...

Lately, I’ve had some concern that Tuesday’s Question may appear to be duplicate content, in addition, I believe two posts drag the post out unnecessarily.

So today, when you post your comment I will copy and paste it along with a link to your blog shortly after you hit the send button. Then your comments will post among the daffodils. Which, by the way, are from an e-mail my mother sent me entitled, The Daffodil Principle

It is a wonderful e-mail, which I will try to forward upon request. Although you should know that, I’m awful at forwarding e-mails with attachments, so it could be a dangerous feat on your part.

That said, Again, What Poem Are You? Or What Poem Is Yours?

My first comment is from my dear dear friend Sandee at Comedy Plus who was also given poetry by a friend for her and her husband. Her friend is Lyn of Lynda's Loft who is evidently another prolific blogger poet as well.

What a great question and so simple for me to answer. For the last two years on hubbies and my wedding anniversary one of my blogging buddies has written us a poem. She is one of my daily reads and she writes the most beautiful love poems. Often I feel she is writing about me and my husband. Her name is Lyn of Lynda's Loft.

So, my answer is I'm a love poem. Since I love both poems I'm going to post both of them. The first one is called A Special Gift.

Happy Anniversary to the one I adore; it is a special day,
For once upon that time, you came my way...
We have come so far, since I first saw you,
Our love has become the kind of which only great dreamers knew...
I am glad that we finally came to be,
We are so perfect as one, you and me...
After all of this time, I still like you very much,
Even your bad habits and such...
You are the one who makes me smile,
Who makes my days worth while...
I enjoy our time spent, we have a lot of fun,
We share like minds from which comfort is spun...
So, on this day, all those yet to come,
I want you know that there could be no other one...
Happy Anniversary, my life, my love,
May we remain this close until we are taken above...
I love you with a heart which is filled by you,
You are the best of everything that I ever knew...

The second is called I Cherish and Savor Every Second We Share...

Your presence in my life is worth more than anything,
It is priceless. It is the elation of my soul.
I never realized what true love could bring,
Until you came and made me whole...

It is more than what you do, the way you do, what you do,
It is more than words could ever convey,
It is like perfection from the Heavens above came shining through,
To enlighten and brighten my every day...

There is nothing else more important to me,
You are the matter of life, the emancipation of my being,
You are the substance of all good, and all beauty,
As if you are all I am hearing, sensing, feeling, or seeing...

If I could express that which you have stirred deep within,
It would surely span into volumes of exclamation,
If I could show you that which you have touched, then,
I would have truly fulfilled loves acclamation...

So full of you am I, there is no other way to describe it,
You are the essentiality of my breath, you are my air,
Our love is as close to flawless as it might get,
Thus I cherish and savor every second we together share...

I love the poem Dawn wrote for you. She is one of my regular visits too. Have a great evening pal. Big hug and tons of lovies. :)


And my good friend Ferdc from Crazy Medical Cases who evidently shares my love for Robert Frost. (I mentioned how poets were the masters of emotion~ And Robert Frost certainly was the master~ I'm glad computer keyboards are immune to tears. )

Thank you Ferdc or maybe I should call you Traveler?

Here begins Ferdc comment:

Nice question, Annie.

I was inspired by people I have respected in my life, to take my own road. A risk taker by nature, I have done that to some extent, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. So this poem, which I first read in high school, still rings true to me.


Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth

Then took the other as just as fair
And having perhaps the better claim
Because it was grassy and wanted wear
Though as for that, the passing there
Had worn them really about the same

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet, knowing how way leads onto way
I doubted if I should ever come back

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence
Two roads diverged in a wood
And I took the one less traveled by
And that has made all the difference

Robert Frost

My next comment is from my dear poet friend herself, Dawn from Twisted Sister who sent in a real sizzler...

Am I too late to add my favorite poem?? Thanks for shout out Ann :)
I've loved this poem since I was a teen...

I Want to Die While You Love Me

Georgia Douglas Johnson

I WANT to die while you love me,
While yet you hold me fair,
While laughter lies upon my lips
And lights are in my hair.

I want to die while you love me,
And bear to that still bed,
Your kisses turbulent, unspent
To warm me when I’m dead.

I want to die while you love me
Oh, who would care to live
Till love has nothing more to ask
And nothing more to give!

I want to die while you love me
And never, never see
The glory of this perfect day
Grow dim or cease to be.

May 20, 2008 6:22 PM


Here's a comment from another prolific poet on the internet Robert from Roberts Road

just thought I would add one of my own..

Life is long
sometimes a mountain
so intimidating and steep
that path you are on
seems rocky and long
so hold out your hand
Let love ones help
for there is the strength
To keep climbing as needed


Next is another personal gift poem written for Paula at Six4Paula who I was thrilled stopped by and left a comment. She always leaves a great one.

Great question Ann. This poem (below) has long been a favorite of mine and it symbolizes for me many things. A friend, who I treasured had an artist make a custom painting with this poem on it. Sadly, the friend and I have parted ways but I will keep the painting as a reminder of how much I have gone through and how much I have grown. The poem symbolizes hope, imagination, beauty, loss and love.


Polly's Tree by Sylvia Plath

A dream tree, Polly's tree:
a thicket of sticks,
each speckled twig

ending in a thin-paned
leaf unlike any
other on it

or in a ghost flower
flat as paper and
of a color

vaporish as frost-breath,
more finical than
any silk fan

the Chinese ladies use
to stir robin's egg
air. The silver-

haired seed of the milkweed
comes to roost there, frail
as the halo

rayed round a candle flame,
a will-o'-the-wisp
nimbus, or puff

of cloud-stuff, tipping her
queer candelabrum.
Palely lit by

snuff-ruffed dandelions,
white daisy wheels and
a tiger faced

pansy, it glows. O it's
no family tree,
Polly's tree, nor

a tree of heaven, though
it marry quartz-flake,
feather and rose.

It sprang from her pillow
whole as a cobweb
ribbed like a hand,

a dream tree. Polly's tree
wears a valentine
arc of tear-pearled

bleeding hearts on its sleeve
and, crowning it, one
blue larkspur star.

May 21, 2008 10:12 AM

(See what I mean?)

Maurica at Maurica Wishing On A Falling Star stopped to say hello~ Maurica didn't leave a poem this time, but I wanted to add her link and comment because she has a nice blog and I thought you might like to visit.

Hi Ann! Just dropping off my EC here, hope you're having a great day! :)

Today is June 23th however, I just received a comment responding to this Tuesday's Question, therefore I'm going to post it.

It's an excellent and funny response from Gary R. Hess at Poem Of Quotes Blog

I'm not exactly sure what poem I am, but it is probably a really boring one written by a drunken teenager.

My favorite poet is definitely Poe, which is a pretty common answer I'm sure. But really, he is. I love how simplistic they are, but also have so much meaning.
June 23, 2008 8:46 PM

Thank you Gary, and I hope you come back and answer some more Tuesday's Questions although I know poetry is your specialty. Cheers~

I'm Exasperated!

I'm exasperated. Completely blown away. I apologize for the fact that Tuesday's Question is not posted. This is the first time I've ever had a post disappear but right at the end of writing Tuesday's Question that is exactly what happened. The post disappeared before my eyes and I have a dentist appt. in twenty minutes.

I will return and post it and I hope you will return to participate- Today's Tuesday's Question is a great one~ Thanks for stopping by~ I am now going to be tortured by my dentist and as afore mentioned will post when I return.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

And thank you free-clipart.net


James Stewart Kills Time In Rear Window- This Saturday's Favorite Movie Moment

This Saturday's Favorite movie moment is actually a short documentary with commentaries about the films plot, sub-plot, protagonist, supporting characters, and famous director Alfred Hitchcock.

Have a happy Saturday and I hope you enjoy this Saturday's Favorite movie moment or moments or documentary- And if you haven't seen this film and your not absolutely busy doing something else, go and rent it- I can't think of a better way to kill time.


Readers Comments: What Is The Worst Haircut You've Ever Had In Your Life?

This weeks Tuesday's Question was "What is the worst haircut you're ever had in your life?"

I'm sorry for the delay with posting the comments, but I wanted to give everyone a chance to answer.

In addition, I received a request from Ferdc from Crazy Medical Cases to show my readers a picture of myself with the worst haircut of my life ... However, how many of you would show an internet picture of yourself after your head had been through a meat grinder by a maniac hairdresser?

Therefore, I had my son draw a picture of what I looked like when I returned home from the worst haircut I've ever had in my life.

The day of the trauma (the haircut) I walked around the house wondering whether to cut all of my hair off or wear a hat for the rest of my life, that's why I'm holding a hat in one hand and a pair of scissors in the other hand.

However, after reading some of these experiences, it's nice to know I'm not alone in the world when it comes to bad hair days. Therefore, thanks to all of you who contributed, because as I'm sure you all know, misery loves company- So just click "read more" and I promise you will feel better.

These bloggers comments are the best so don't forget to click on the link to their blogs and pay them a visit when you get a chance, I think you'll enjoy their blogs as much as their comments.

My first Commenter was from my dearest friend, as usual :)

Sandee from Comedy Plus

Well, I don't recall ever having a bad haircut, but then I've never given anyone carte blanche with my hair. There is a reason for this policy. I am terrible at fixing hair, so if I don't keep it simple I'm in trouble.

I'm the one who is trying to fix my hair to go somewhere and spending most of the time saying bad words. I have absolutely zero ability in styling my hair. Once in a blue moon it looks halfway decent, but most of the time I'm having a bad hair day.

I've had the same stylist for the last 20 years, so she knows exactly what to do and what my limitations are. She has tried to teach me a few tricks. Didn't work. If I want my hair to look great for a special function, I just call her for an appointment.

I envy those folks that can style their hair. Great question Ann and thanks for reminding me that I can't style my own hair. Bwahahahahahaha. Big hug honey. :)


And my second from another dear friend Misty Dawn from My Dogs Keep Me Sane

Ann, are we somehow mentally connected? I mean seriously! Today, I went to work, and then went to my scheduled appointment for a haircut!!! I was hesitant, because I was considering a rather short cut, and I have never had my hair short - it has always been 'fairly' long to 'really' long. Well, I threw all caution to the wind and said, "Just do whatever you think will look good!" So, it's short... only one person has seen it so far (my BBFF and she saw it over the webcam)... she loved it, but I'm still not sure about it.

So, this isn't really a good 'worst haircut' story, but I had to laugh when I came to your blog and saw the subject of the Tuesday Question, considering I just got home from getting a haircut!!!

Then my new and funny friend Ferdc from Crazy Medical Cases
(Who I hope likes my picture, actually I hope all of you do)

Every haircut I get now is the worst one I've ever had, not because of my stylist (my dear wife, Princess Gail) but because I seem to be losing more and more! Damn!

Annie, since you are making an issue of this, I think we your readers deserve to see a picture of this lovely, curly haircut you had. We could all use a chuckle! ; )

I wonder who you resembled most, Thing One or Thing Two? Hmm.

Read how funny Feefifoto from Feefifoto Blog
experience turned out:

Oh, without a doubt it was the hair cut I gave myself. Here's a really useful piece of advice: hair stretches. Especially wet hair. Especially curly hair. And then it snaps back. So if you want to cut your own bangs and you pull them straight while they're wet, and you cut and cut and cut to get them even until they're about an inch long? Then after your hair is dry you will unfailingly look like a turnip. And everyone at your high school will notice.

May 14, 2008 9:52 AM

And regards were sent from best funny video at Feel My Tube


Nice blog you got it here. Nice content too.

I just stop by here to drop you some entrecard..

Oh, just check out my best funny video that I got. Just want to share it with you..Sharing is caring :)

Thanks my friend.

Feel My Tube

May 15, 2008 11:39 AM

Then I laughed hysterically at the wonderful Jennifer Robin from Robin's Woods comment,

I was 20, going to a big formal affair on a ship, and the guy who had cut my hair several times already to my satisfaction decided to try something new. First he went asymmetrical, and when I said "I don't think so", he "fixed" it and I ended up with the back of my head looking like a monkey's butt, and yes, I had to go to the formal affair looking that way.

Followed by another dear friend and hilarious writer Dawn from Twisted Sister

Does a bad perm count?
I looked like a poodle and hid for days!

Then, one of my favorite writer's and friends stopped by, the speedcat himself, Speedy from Speedcat Hollydale Page

Read this, it's great~

That is so easy, and I remember this just like yesterday.
When I was 19, I had a classic 80's kind of hair-doo. Swept back with a long curly back. No, not ON my back, but the back of my head. (he hee)
Anyway, when I was that age, my look was really important to me. I was overly concerned of what women thought of how I looked. Funny, because things are so different now.
I stopped in to a Cost Cutters, and wanted a trim on the sides. I was sat in a chair, and my stylist was talking and talking away. It seemed like the scissors were just there flinging around wildly as story after story came out of her mouth. She hacked of a lot of hair as she moved to the back of my head, and I said NO NO, I did not want that short! She kept on "Fixing" that particular cut and telling more stories, Did this lady listen to me at all?
By the time I was done, I looked like I had just joined the army. I like having a shorter cut now, but back then I felt like I was butchered.
The manager asked if there was any trouble and if I was happy with the service. I told her how disappointed I was that my cut was completely wrong, and that I hated it. She said there was no charge ... one on the house. I told her that I did not want my money back - I wanted my hair back!
The next day, all I heard was, "What happened to you?" ... followed by laughter.
Free is not always good. (wink)

Song today? Missing You, by Steve Perry. It's on the greatest hits album with "5 previously unrealeased" on it. I don't know exactly why, but I just love that song. Reminds me of a lost love, and someone that I miss. She left when I was still drinking (many years ago). I have a lot of regrets from those days.
Ironically, the song makes me feel alive, and I can listen to it over and over and over again. The melody is hauntingly beautiful.
Check it out! :-)

Happy week Ann

And last, but certainly not least, Henson from the excellent blog Henson's Hell

I sympathize. The worst haircut I ever received was when I was in high school and I went through my "hair salon" phase. I hated the way my hair looked, and asked my mom to take me with her the next time she went to a professional salon (as opposed to the old-fashioned barber shop I always went to.) My stylist was a chain-smoker (because you could in those days), and he seemed more concerned with lighting his next cigarette than paying attention to my hair. At the end of my "visit," I looked like Paul Lynde...not sure how he accomplished that, but I never went back to the salon again.

Now, congratulations, you have courageously made it through Tuesday's Question, and you should feel good about yourself, because it's not an easy task. Therefore, please feel free to paste the code for the brag badge on your blog and let everyone know how groovy and smart you really are~ (Really, it's optional, I'll still love you if you're not a braggert, maybe more...)

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Readers Comments: What Is The Worst Haircut You've Ever Had In Your Life?

What was the worst haircut you're ever had in your life was Tuesday's Question this week. I'm sorry I'm a day late posting the comments, but I wanted to give everyone a chance to answer.

In addition, I received a request from Ferdc the best parts from Crazy Medical Cases to come forth with a picture of myself with the haircut, but I would have to be crazy to take a picture of myself looking the way I did after being malled by that maniac or excuse me, hairdresser.

Therefore, I had my son draw a picture of what I looked like when I returned home.

I walked around the house all day wondering whether to cut it all off or wear a hat for the rest of my life, that's why I'm holding the hat and sisters in hand.

My readers have some hilarious experiences to tell so click "read more" for more stories of a day at the hairdressers. These bloggers comments are the best so don't forget to click on the link to their blogs and find some new blogs to read. Thanks everyone for reading, and see you next Tuesday for Tuesday's Question. (or actually I hope I see You before then:)

Type your summary here

Type rest of the post here


Tuesday's Question: What is the Worst Haircut You've Ever Had?

Have you ever felt irritable as soon as you get out of your bed, mainly because of what stares back at you in the mirror? Especially, if it feels like a cobweb is stuck to your face and the spider is missing, running amuck somewhere having a good time in your house or pajamas, while you keep wiping your face over and over again with two good hands. Then, the mirror mirror on the wall tells you that Thing One and Thing Two have been partying on top of your head all night.

Then it's get dressed time, and it doesn’t matter what blouse you put on, it isn't going to match or fit, and... it will need ironing … After which, you spend thirty minutes going through your closet taking clothes off their hangers so fast that within seconds you have enough garments to make a patchwork quilt.

Well, I've had quite a few of those kind of days and as much as I know better, one day I decided I could remedy my bad feelings by getting a new haircut. And everyone knows that getting a haircut when you feel ugly is like going to the grocery store when you're hungry. It’s a mistake, a mistake, and a mistake, because when you go to the store hungry, you’re susceptible to the first product on the shelf, and when you enter a hair saloon you're vulnerable to every cosmetology magazine ever placed on a coffee table- the only difference between these two scenario's is that digesting a bad meal is easier than living life with a bad haircut-

Knowing this, I left anyway and instead of getting my regular hairdresser, I got Mr. “I know more about you than you do.” And in my weak state of mine (just like that candy bar on the grocers shelf) I thought, sure I’ll try out a new hairdresser, why not, then someone will always be available if I decide I want to "feel" better one day.

If only we could see the future, I would have known that when I left the hair saloon, I would wish for Thing One and Thing Two again, for many reasons, golly, I would even bargain for their hairdo.

Because when I left the hair saloon I left with the most hideous haircut, I’ve ever seen in my life. A haircut I was going to have to live with for what would feel like an eternity. My hair had long slivers that resembled Shirley Temple’s ringlets. I think the hairdresser drugged me and put my head through a meat grinder~ because my hair resembled a mop.

How could a hairdresser do such a bad job on a haircut?

Evidently, when this cosmetologist saw me walk in the door his eyes stuck to me like laser beams. And I fell right into his cup of soup freely giving myself over to an unfamiliar hairdresser, because “I felt ugly that day” gee…as if that feeling was anything new…and I should be old enough to recognize the difference between a mood and a miracle.

“Sure, give me something new” I said as I sat dutifully in the hairdressers chair, showing Mr. hairdo guy the type of person he had in his chair- you know, one of us “feel ugly” one day types who thinks a hairdresser can make them feel better about themselves. However, he was right about one thing, I did need my head examined, just not my hair.

I wish that the first time he twirled me around in his torture chair admiring his work, and saying,“You won’t even need sculpting lotion…” and I saw the meat grinder Shirley Temple hairdo that I could have jumped him with Thing One and Thing Two.

Sometimes, I still imagine my super heroes and I whacking every bit of his hair off, mustache and all, and saying “There you see, and you won’t even have to use sculpting lotion..."

What is the Worst Haircut You've Ever Had In Your life?

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Readers Answer Tuesday's Question:

First, let me apologize for leaving out part of Tuesday's Question yesterday and today. Today it's because I don't want it to appear to be duplicate content. And yesterday instead of asking When You Were A Child Who did You Want To Be When You Grew Up, I asked; Who Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up? I can't believe I didn't notice (that typo) and I'm sorry- although I know you all knew what I meant there is no excuse for sloppy grammar... And thats not all, Ferd C from Crazy Medical Cases said that I made another mistake, but I'm not sure I did, and I think he may be kidding but he said; "Interesting question, "Who" did you want to be, not "what" did you want to be."

You see, Who and What are interchangeable when it comes to poorly written questions. I wish he would have caught how awful the sentence was, but I guess he was trying to be polite. And he did catch what I meant about who and what meaning the same or different things when it comes to what you what to do for a living and who you are Ferd just articulated it better. What I was trying to say is we know early on who we are but sometimes we decide to become what others expect of us instead.

For example, I think a writer is what I do and who I am, but anytime I worked doing something else it felt more like what I did for a living as opposed to who I am. Thank you Ferd C from Texas Medical Freak and welcome to Tuesday's Question for the first time, and I hope it will not be your last visit.

In an effort to thank Ferd I'm going to link to him twice, and since you ordinarily get credit for only one url from the same page, I'm going to link to an interesting article he wrote about Parkinson's Disease with his comment, because I linked the main landing page link above.

Anyway, I have to quickly move on since my doctor won the debate over who should be keep waiting, my readers or his patients, and he won. His biggest selling point was that he had to go to school longer, and blah, blah, blah...

Well, let's hope I make it on time and that this sentence makes more sense than yesterdays, and congratulations for sitting through the first part of this post- You are all wonderful.

If you are reading Tuesday's Question for the first time or for entertainment please take a moment to visit these bloggers blogs, their blogs are as much fun as their comments. O.K. Here's the correct Question:

When You Were a Child What Did You Want To Become When You Grew Up?

Clink read more for my first commenter~

My first commenter is my dear dear friend Sandee at Comedy Plus who wrote a great comment just as she does every week. Sandee has been so good to me I'm going to have to buy her a yacht one day.

When I was little I didn't want to do the run of the mill things women were required to do. You know nurses, secretaries and the like. If you tried for anything outside that scope the men would be angry that you were taking the jobs they needed to feed their families. I wanted to do anything I wanted without the typical rules for women that I grew up hating.

My first idea was go into the military. Well, I graduated high school in 1969 and those females that went into the service basically were secretaries or worked in the office filing papers. So, I gave up that idea.

For some years I was a waitress and then a bartender, but this wasn't what I wanted to do either. There just wasn't a future here for me. No retirement plans and well...it wasn't very impressive. The tips were great, but the pay wasn't all that much.

When I was 26 a friend talked me into applying for the Sheriff's Department. I didn't want to be a cop, but I was sick of what I was doing so I applied. I passed the testing and my background and approximately six months after I applied I was hired.

I spent the next 25 years doing exactly what I was meant to do. It is not the typical job and it takes the right kind of people to work in this environment. I can't imagine doing anything other than the profession I finally I had come to love.

There were lots of firsts for me. I was the first female sergeant to be transferred to an all male facility (Men's Jail) and that was even better. I was the first female sergeant to run inmate programs. I was the first female lieutenant to run a lock up (Men's Honor Farm). I came full circle when I was the first female lieutenant to run the Men's Jail (a maximum security facility). I had gone full circle.

I was one of the fortunate few that worked my way up through the ranks and because of that I was able to retire a bit sooner because of those extra benefits. Because of those 25 years I'm now doing what I've always wanted to do. Whatever I want.

May 6, 2008 1:33 PM


Sandee was followed by Sogeshirts Presents: Blog Of Masterful Entertainment

Hmm i think you are right Ann. I was a little goofball as a kid and now I'm a big goofball. Maturity? maybe later.

May 6, 2008 3:23 PM


And Fredc from Crazy Medical Cases

Interesting question, "Who" did you want to be, not "what" did you want to be.
I so agree our basic personalities are established way early in life. I, too, was inquisitive, and since I can remember wanted to be a doctor just like my dad. I eventually did. But that's mostly the "what."
The "who" becomes clearer to me in my middle age, as I actually DO grow up! I want to be helpful, connected, friendly, a positive force, honest. I'm sure I wanted that even as a child. And for the most part, I think it has happened. Just don't ask my ex! ; )

And my next commenter is Speedy from the Speedcat Hollydale Page and 0007 Undercover TAGMEMEAWARD CAT

Speedy leaves great comments, read this one, then be sure and visit his blog, you'll be hooked. Speedy the Speedcat is one of those imaginative and fun writers whose blog you love from the moment you click on the landing page. And I'm not just writing this because he always says kind things about me- I'm writing it because it's true. Besides, he says nice things about everyone...oh, now I'm getting tongue tied, just be sure and visit his blog when you have a chance and you'll know what I mean.

Here's Speedy's comment:

Great question here Ann.

My answer changes from one span to the next ... so to speak.
When I was:
5~10, baseball player.
10~13, a bike racer
13~15, motorcyle racer
15~NOW, golfer

I am still working on the golf thing, just a lot harder in the last couple of years.
Why not pursue goals with the positive attitude I had as a kid, and why not keep trying? It's nice to have a dream ... even if it is not meant to be.

Looks like I am very sports driven here, Ann - I never realized that before.

Whistling a tune while blogging down the road ..... (Carpenters again)

(Now, I don't know what he is talking about as far as singing The Carpenters while he is blogging down the road. I guess that's a typo)

And my next hilarious commenter is Mauniejames who has several wonderful blogs so I decided to link to Mauniejames

I still have no idea of what I want to do but I know it has something to do with children. After high school while I was going to modeling school my company sent me to get a degree for legal secretary...so I got married at nineteen..quit to take care of my son born 9 months two weeks and four days later..whew..then I divorced early and did a succession of jobs..but wherever I went I gravitated towed the children..finally when my first grandchild was born..I took care of her..then the second and the third...they are the very best part of my life...they are all bright well adjusted children..and I think in part it's because I had an influence on them too.
Oh yeah I wanted to be president...and I know for a fact I would be more suited to it then georgie boy..

Isn't that the sweetest comment? Mauniejames is a great blog too~


And another new Tuesday's Question commenter Christy Evers from Christy Evers A List Of My Writing Accomplishments.

Christy left a funny comment and has exciting news on her blog at the moment~

Here's her comment:

I wanted to be Indiana Jones when I was a kid. And still kind of want that now.

May 7, 2008 6:45 AM


Many thanks to all of you who participated and read my readers comments to Tuesday's Question. Have fun!

Tuesdays Questions brag badge~

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Tuesday's Question: When You Were A Child Who Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?

When You Were A Child Who Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?

A teacher once told me that curiosity is the basis of intelligence and I believed her then and now. Because when we ask a question we are searching for the truth about each other, our surroundings, and ourselves and thats clever.

However, keep in mind that I was an inquisitive little girl who was constantly asking questions. For example, I asked my teacher one time, “How come the Indians taught us how to grow corn after we took their land away from them?”

After which a boy in our class remarked, “Why do you let Ann ask so many dumb questions?”

Then the children in the classroom began to snicker and softly mutter, “Yeah” to their friends, at which point I wished I were a fly floating around in a stew or squished against the wall somewhere.

Hence, my teacher would say, “curiosity is the basis of intelligence” in my defense for the unkind remark, uttered by the same boy my friends and I never added to our “cute boys” list.

And look what I’m doing now…hmmm…I wish I could send my heckler a book of my Tuesday’s Questions posts~ Wouldn’t that be a gas? Because, frankly, I’ve never stopped asking questions, although I know it drives everyone around me crazy. But I can’t help it, it’s just my nature, my friends and family complain about it and wonder why I have to know everything…but I wonder why they don’t want to know more.

Anyway, if my nameless enemy received a book of Tuesday’s Questions it would probably end up on the floor to house train his dog, but let’s hope he would see my article and laugh, and be happy I kept asking questions, in addition to grateful he was never one of the top coolest guys.

But maybe he’s reading this now and wondering what today’s Tuesday’s Question will be…

Personality traits show up early in our lives that we're reminded of when we get older. For example, have you ever remembered or were reminded of a memory of yourself at an early age and thought, “that sounds like me now.” That’s because it is you, now and then, early on before you grew into your grownup self. When you were a kid you may have wondered how to act or be for others…before becoming the person you are today. You can find your authentic self in memories from childhood or anytime because now you are on the outside looking in from a different perspective.

For example, my compassion and concern for the Indians in the first grade was a real question coming from the same person who is writing this now, and I’m also the same person who would tell our house keeper when I came home from kindergarten that I had to teach the class when the teacher was sick….

It was a lie, but it was also a story, and I never knew why I felt compelled to tell these stories and have make believe friends. I knew I was going to be a writer in the first grade- I remember wanting to learn how to spell the word author and insisted on learning all about what it meant to be one.

Although, I never let anyone know because I didn’t want to be “an author” it seemed bookish and uncool- When grown-ups asked me I always made something up, like a veterinarian or teacher, etc…professions I felt others would approve of or think I could be. Many of us deny our true selves in an effort to be more acceptable to our family, community, or friends.

My brother recently sent me an article about a writer who wrote about how she lied when she was a little girl, and always wondered why- the article reminded my brother of me, and what is interesting is I think I’ve blogged about that before, but my brother never read the post. Of course, my brother does know I’m a writer, but he didn’t know I was a liar too, or did he?

The point I’m trying to make is who did you want to be when you grew up, not anyone else, just you… the true you- my brother knew the true me.

Questions are about the search for truth in others in addition to learning about ourselves.

So who did you really want to be when you grew up- I mean the real you- a farmer, drummer, cowboy, etc...

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Words are the core of our souls, without written, vocal or lyrical expression we lose sight of one another or worse, ourselves. Words bring forth the essence of the human spirit; so express yourself without abandon.

Ann Clemmons

Favorite Phrase

I remember I used to half believe and wholly play with fairies when I was a child. What heaven can be more real than to retain the spirit-world of childhood, tempered and balanced by knowledge and common-sense...

Beatrix Potter’s Journal, 17 November 1896, from the National Trust collection.

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The Storyteller, by Dawn Drover

Alone in her world
of make believe
weaving her stories
of magic and light

She brings joy
to the eyes
of innocent minds
less jaded and free

For only they know
what's in her heart
holding the secrets
she guards so well

Life's hidden mysteries
belong to those
whose wisdom and truth
shine on in imagination

Written for Ann
~Dawn Drover~

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Let"s talk!

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Catch your dreams

Catch your dreams


Most of the worlds' great things were born of adversity and hardship; because these roadblocks encourage us to dream, imagine and believe.- Ann Clemmons

Favorite quotes-

In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I’ve been turning over in my mind ever since.

Whenever you feel like criticizing any one,” he told me, “just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.”'

F. Scott Fitzgerald. (Lines from The Great Gatsby)
"A Southerner Talks Music"

Mark Twain

"A book must be the ax for the frozen sea inside us."

Franz Kafka

An author values a compliment even when it comes from a source of doubtful competency.

- Mark Twain in Eruption

"I like a good story well told. That is the reason I am sometimes forced to tell them myself"

Mark Twain

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