Animal Planets, Strange, Unusual, Gross, & Cool Animals

Animal Planets, Strange, Unusual, Gross, & Cool Animals. - A Must Read-

Charles Ghigna’s book, “Strange, Unusual, Gross & Cool, Animals,” has a magnetism that pulls you into the ocean among sea creatures, into the air with flying beasts and crawling along the earth’s surface with the slickest and slowest animals.  

This book will send you and your children on an adventure into the lives of creatures who share our planet, yet few of us are aware of their existence. Although, that will change after you read this informative, fun, and entertaining book.  

However, prepare yourself for an exploration of the world’s most grotesque, different, sticky, cool, glibbest, and attention-grabbing animals on earth.    
 The Table of Contents is separated into columns, each one representing a word in the title, for example, the first section is entitled, “Strange,” which is written is huge letters on a double-page spread, with four color coated tabs on the sidebar of each section, making it easy to follow the sections of the book.  Listed below each column are at least fourteen different creatures, their names, behavior, diet, habitat etc...

The introduction, which is beside the Table of Contents includes a list of pages, about each animal, beginning with the “Gallery,” which familiarizes the reader to the same animals that live in different parts of the world, yet adapt to their environment in much the same way, the next section, “Featured Creature,” concentrates on one special animal, its physical characteristics and way of life. "Featured Creature," is followed by “Creature Collection” which is full of information on a variety of animals, and the last section of pages is entitled, Macroview, which captures the the details of tiny insects.  

I definitely had a hard time putting this book down. In fact, I stared at the cover for some time before
I read it, because of the array of creatures climbing upon the words in the title.  I was captivated from page one; I felt as if I were traveling around the world on the ground and beneath the sea.

Every page has dozens of detailed information beside brilliant illustrations of each animal, such as the animal’s names and physical characteristics, which are pointed out on the animals, who appear lifelike with a background of dazzling bright pictures.  

It’s easy to follow regardless of the harried pages of every creature from a Deep Sea Octopod to the Boxer Mantis. Again, you can read about each animal from how far they live under the sea and how they use their bodies to adapt to their environment and protect themselves.

You do not realize how many scientific facts you’re learning about these creatures who share our world, because Charles manages to engage us with a charming, imaginative and adventurous style.  

I was so fascinated, I was in dreamlike state throughout the book, and I think others will feel the same way after they close the last page. I also like the fact that the four different pages have tabs to remind you of what chapter you're reading, so that you can decide which section you want to read or maybe show a friend a particular page.

Charles uses micro-photographs so that you can see the features on tiny creatures, in addition to opening our eyes to eighty different animals from the bizarre, slimy, eccentric, and outlandish beasts on our planet to most harmless. For example, you will meet animals that glow in the dark, in addition to creatures you can see through, which leaves seventy eight more, but I do not want to give away too much.   

If you read, “Strange, Unusual, Gross, & Cool Animals,” once, you're likely to read it again and each time you read it, you will learn something new. Charles Ghigna takes you on a trip while you are at home, which encourages you to continue reading, in addition to looking at the 200 lively photographs of marvelous creatures.

"Strange, Unusual, Gross, & Cool Animals" is written for children between the ages of 2-6 and I think it’s perfect for this age group. Children love to have the same book read to them multiple times and this is a book they can also explore on their own.  

It's well worth the read!

Again, “Animal Planets, Strange, Unusual, Gross, & Cool Animals” was written and illustrated by Charles Ghigna and was first published on October 11, 2016.

Charles Ghigna is an American poet and children's writer who has written more than 100 books and poetry for children which probably earned him the nickname "Father Goose," although I'm not sure, but it seems to fit him nicely.  For more information about this remarkable poet click the link I pasted on his name or visit  Wikipedia.com 

Also, you can learn more about "Animal Planets, Strange, Unusual, Gross, and Cool Animals" or buy a copy on the following websites and stores.

Barnes and Noble. http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/animal-planet-strange-unusual-gross-cool-animals-animal-planet/1123427795 

In closing, I would like to thank Sheila Dowe for requesting a book review, especially of a book written by such a prolific and talented writer, "Father Goose" or Charles Ghigna, is one of my favorite writers.

Sheila is a publicity associate at Blue Slip Media. Check out Blue Slip Media's website: https://www.blueslipmedia.com/  plus you can find them on Facebook.

Thank-you for reading and for visiting A Nice Place In The Sun.  


Sandee said...

As I read this I remembered buying a set of animal encyclopedias for my son to learn about all the creatures that we share this planet with. He spend hours and hours reading about all the wonders we share with all the different animals, insects and other creatures. What a wonderful memory.

Great review, Ann. You write so very well.

Have a fabulous day. Big hug to you and tons of scritches to Simon. ♥♥♥

Ann Clemmons said...

It sounds like your son inherited his Mom's brain and imagination. Buying your son a set of animal encyclopedias was a great idea. I'm glad this book reminded you of such a great memory.

I'm glad you liked the review and thank you so much for the compliment, Sandee. You're the best, you really are. :)

I will send Simon your scritches and a "Big hug" back to you.

Have a great day!

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