I need a Get out of jail free card

Golly, this policeman really needs to slow down...I'm going as fast as I can...

To be honest, I'm not sure what is wrong with me. Withing the last two years, and lately two months, I have bumbed     Because I'm in a bit of a jam at the moment...however, I will return this afternoon to explain...At least I hope, I will.

You see, some say I'm not a good driver- but, the policeman told me that I'm a good driver, it's just that my foot is too heavy for the go pedal-

Hence, until automobile manufacturers start making heavier pedals, it may be a good idea for me to not touch the pedal at all, but then how would I got anywhere?

However, between you and I, who looks like the speed demon in this picture?

At any rate, my father will not forgive me when he realizes what I did this morning. Because my Father is a retired policeman, (and I should know better from my days on the force anyway- go ahead and laugh) he will not understand how I managed to forget to pay a ticket before the due date, which just happened to be my birthday- a date you would think I would remember or forget-

Yes, I am thirty five years old today,(?) and I forgot to pay a ticket that was due on the same day I was born- talk about adding insult to injury-

I realized I didn't pay the ticket this morning when my father called to tell me Happy Birthday; then I raced to my desk, grabbed the ticket, and dropped to my knees...

I stared at the date on the back of the ticket wishing it was an Etch-a-Sketch toy; that way I could wash the date away in a magical minute; But, that is not real life. Therefore, I have to get to the court house on time.

But, I will be back soon to explain more about how I became a criminal, that is, if the cartoon policeman doesn't run me off the road.

In that case, it may be longer...geesh, can't he see I'm not trying to get away?

Will post soon...

By the way, does anyone happen to have one of those "Get out of jail free" cards?



Bloggers Show and Tell Their Fashion Disasters From The Past

Even Dogs Have Bad Hair Days

Yesterday on my weekly Tuesday's Question, I asked you to show or tell me your fashion nightmares from the past, well, mainly your wardrobe and hairstyles. I even posted a picture of what I thought was the longest permanent in history- my own.

The idea for this question came from another blogger and friend Bab's at Beetle Blog who I mentioned in yesterdays post because she wrote a post about her worst permanent. Therefore, I thought well maybe a question about your worst hair day or perm. or outfit might work as a good question.

But, I must say, only the bravest bloggers responded... Therefore, if you feel you have the courage to send in photos of your bad hair days or wardrobe emergencies, we will be more than happy to post them.

Or you are welcome to tell us about your past fashions in comments and I will post your comment along with a link to your blog as I've done here. I usually post participates answers to Tuesday's Question within the same post, however, (although I didn't mention this in yesterdays post) I decided to give everyone a little extra time to get their photos together today, therefore I'm posting an extra post with yesterdays responses.

Here is one of the pictures I posted yesterday of a pregnant me, with a permanent in my hair that lasted throughout my pregnancy. The hairdo is still growing out in the photo in yesterdays post my 14 month old son sitting on my lap-

Yesterday I felt sorry for my son when I looked at the picture below; because before he was born, the poor child didn't know that his mother would have an uncanny resemblance to Bovines when he was born.


My first comment was from Grace at Broadway Matron who didn't have a photo but wrote an hilarious answer. Thank you Grace...(and you be sure and let us know when you find that picture. ) Oh and don't forget it includes wardrobe as well...and you still have time... ;)

Can't participate in this one - my hair is dead straight so what few pictures I have of myself is just me with dead straight hair - sometimes long, sometimes short sometimes in the middle.

I must add tho that the day before my 8th grade graduation pic was to be taken my mother cut my long hair off and permed it. I had the only Afro in my class. Needless to say there are no outstanding copies of that photo. Not to worry tho, because a month later it was dead straight again LOL

February 3, 2009 2:33 PM

My next comment is from my dear Friend Sandee at Comedy Plus, who is in the process of looking for a photo I'm dying to see, therefore be sure and come back and see if you have it posted. If not, be sure to visit Comedy Plus, if you haven't already, you will happy you did- and remember I sent you.

I don't know when I can pull this off. I'll need to find the pictures and then scan them. It's going to take a bit, but I'll play along. I've got some 70s hair and you haven't lived until you see that.

Stand by.

Have a great day. Big hug and lotsa lovies. :)

Next up is another dear, dear, friend Dawn at Twisted Sister who, like Sandee, is so loyal to Tuesday's Question they already deserve a medal, but yesterday she blew me away with her latest gutsy display of friendship. Although, even though I know she is shy, she is gorgeous enough to can get away with a bad hair day.

Here's Dawn with her 80's permanent having a blast with her siblings, which are,
from left to right they are:
Marilyn Dawn Brud Dale Glenda Here's Dawn's comment, followed by what I said in italics,

Oh I just know I'm gonna regret this... you've got mail. "(By the way, I got your mail. :))"

Before you read the next comment, read this message from Dawn to Sandee in the comments to this post, it's hilarious. You see, it seems Sandee has been waiting to use her scanner...well, just read this;

This from Dawn at Twisted Sister to Sandee at Comedy Plus,

"Pleeeeasssse Sandee! Don't leave my 80's pic all by it's lonesome self!
LOL... hope some other brave soul joins me Annie!"

Then after a few hours I got this message from Sandee,

Okay, my post is up. Go have yourself a chuckle or two. Big hug and lotsa lovies. :)

Show And Tell Annie Style

Don't you love that title?

Well...it's also a great post, but I thought we shouldn't leave Dawn at Twisted Sister here by herself, so...I brought the pictures from Sandee's post over here too.

However, you should also read Show And Tell Annie Style on Comedy Plus...because it's hilarious and she recommended some great links to read at the end. Have fun laughing....

This first picture is of Sandee with her Mom's home perm. that she often speaks of in her posts. Get a load of the look in those mischievous sky blue eyes... she looks as if she could get away with her hand in the cookie...

Here's Sandee's with the "big hair" she speaks of in Show And Tell Annie Style.

And what photo album would be complete without a few Glamor Shots?

And you are glamorous, my friend in every way...

My next comment is from another dear and sweet Friend Maunie at Maunie James who didn't send a picture but did tell us a great story, thanks Maunie~ You are truly hilarious~

Wow I don't have a scanner but I will tell you a story about one of my birthdays....I had short red hair, kinda pixieish (spelling) a white leather hat perched on top.
A white angora sweater with a mini leather skirt so short I should have been arrested...and of course
thigh high white leather boots.

It cost me a fortune to look so wonderful.

I did get lots of attention...not necessarly the best kind. My sister
took a picture and said she would blackmail me later.

I adore the pictures of you Annie
you are so darn cute.


The next answer is from Jackie at The Painted Veil a talented in addition to one of the sweetest bloggers in the blogosphere.

Although Jackie couldn't participate because her scanner is broken she left a comment anyway, which, by the way was perfectly fine. ;) Thank you Jackie~

Here's Jackies comment:

Oh Annie I can't really participate in this one much either because I don't have a scanner.

But, I can tel you this. Your hair is truly not curly compared to mine in the eighties.

Also thank you so much for dropping by on Walter's birthday.

It is taking me a while to get everyone added back into my favorites and make visits to everyone.

But you are now in my EC bar marked and I will be visiting as much as possible.

BTW...I think you look adorable in those pictures!

Big big hugs,

Next Raymonty at Raymonty stopped by and thanked me for the song I posted for Music Monday.

You're welcome Raymonty~ :)

Here's Raymonty's comment:

Thank you for the song.

My next commenter, Babs at Beetle's Blog, who actually inspired this weeks Tuesday Question, said,

Now you see. That's just how my hair was when I started to grow my perm out. All flat on top and sticking out at the sides, only much curlier. Then it got even worse! The last stage was the photo I posted, then I cut it all off!

Then Grace at Broadway Matron came back to tell us something about burning a picture?

Annie: My hair does not hold a curl it is so obstinate. I've literally been thrown out of hair salons and told "wear it all one length long, or all one length short, you'll never have a hair style" Oh and when it is short, it has to be cut just right because I have cowlicks all over my head...oh, yeah and it is very thick in the back and on the sides...

And if anyone has the class picture of the 1960 8-2 graduation class from P.S. 134Q - BURN IT! (We had 6 8th grade classes of approximately 35 kids to a class).

February 3, 2009 6:48


Kasey at Do Everything Blog
left a comment on Tuesday's Questions post.

Kasey go dig out those pictures girl. Just do what I did and have someone blindfold you until it's over. Don't worry we're not going anywhere...

No, I'm only kidding, I just glad you left a comment. (A lie) :))

Here's what Kasey said:

This does sound like a lot of fun. But I'm just not sure that I can stand to look at some of my old pictures again :)

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to those of you who participated in this crazy post, and invite more of you to join in if they wish. It was...or it is fun.

Also, a special thanks to Bab's for sharing her perm. disaster that gave me the idea and to Bicycle Wordpress for having a great image in google images. (The Poodle)


Show And Tell: Your Hairstyle or Wardrobe From The Past

Stuart Little could have used the curls
in the back of my hair for a ski slope.

Hello, and welcome to a Show And Tell feature of Tuesday's Question. I've decided to spice this weeks Question up a little bit, but I have to admit I had a little help from a good friend and great muse. (although she doesn't know it)

I borrowed the idea from a post that (yesterdays muse) Babs published yesterday at Beetle's Blog.

Here's the link to her post, which is entitled My Seventies Perm Disaster although from what I could tell it wasn't a disaster at all, just a funny post.

Another thing that is different this week, is that I need a picture of you from the past. Therefore, you may need a scanner or I suppose you can draw or describe yourself...but only- if you do not have a scanner available.

This is the second Tuesday's Question that is not entirely original, but I thought it would be fun, so I hope you like it. However, in order to expect you to do it, I had to myself.

This is at My mother-in-laws house, in 1986. She is giving me directions on how to the get to their new home. I remember I couldn't see because my hair was in my eyes. It's so flat on the top it resembles smashed cow poo, or at least it looks like that's what Taylor (my baby) was thinking.

Therefore, I thought I would show the world my eighties perm. disaster. This permanent lasted through my entire pregnancy, and well into the year after (Taylor) birth. But, remember you do not have to have had a permanent, we just want to know what you looked like in the past.

I cannot believe I am doing this, because although I'm an extroverted person with my friends, I'm otherwise intensely private and shy. Therefore, this will horrify me well into my old age, however, it probably wouldn't be a picnic for you either, but it might be a blast if we're in this together... in other words, if I can do it, then you can do it- So get out those pictures...and let's go back to the past~
How many of you are brave enough to share your old hairstyles and wardrobes with the internet?

Well, if you are there are two ways you can give us a glimpse into your past: You can e-mail me a picture at; annclemmons@hotmail.com, which I can upload along with your comment, or you can post a picture on your blog and I will publish a link to your blog as always, along with your comment, except I'll link to the post where your picture is displayed. Make sense?

Whichever way you feel more comfortable, is fine. Also, if you do not have a picture or a scanner a description will be fine, but don't cheat, because me and Gatsby (my blog dog at the end of the page) will know...and that will not be a good thing...

If you have any questions or advice about how to post your photos, please do not hesitate to e-mail me or leave a comment.

I really cannot believe I'm doing this, but here goes...(Would you believe my hands are shaking? Oh...and by the way I'm carrying an 8 pound baby in the image at the top where I'm about to stuff my face, I wasn't that heavy.

Alright, that's it I started it off, and now it's up to you...

You can read the answers throughout the day by clicking "Read More"

(To my regular participates: The answers from last Tuesday's Question that were not posted due to computer problems, will be posted shortly. All of your answers were superb, and I thank you for participating.)

And if you are new to Tuesday's Question there's a note for you at the end of the post after the answers. Just click "Read More"

If this is the first you've read or heard of Tuesday's Question, please note that I'm glad you're here. All participates answers are published (along with a link to their site) within Tuesday's Question's post and you don't have to own a blog to participate. All you have to do is write your answer in comments and I will publish your comment along with your name. Just leave everything to me~ :0

Everyone's answers will be posted as quickly as possible throughout the day with a link to the participating blogger's blogs, therefore, don't forget to stop by and visit the blogger's who commented. Chances are, if you liked a blogger's answer, you will also enjoy reading their blog.

Have Fun, and don't forget, Tuesday's Question is a weekly post of original questions, link love, and friendship, so jump in and let us know your answer.

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