I Think I'm Tired

It was raining, so I ran to my car and jumped inside. I could see my neighbor from inside the car, waving to me, but the rain was so loud I couldn't hear him, only see his mouth moving as he stood in his doorway.

I wondered what he was trying to say. After all, I was running with a purse on top of my head in the pouring rain. Wasn't it obvious I couldn't hear him? Nope, I guess not.

When I sat inside my car I was relieved to get out of the rain, except I was worried about keeping my eyes open while driving down the road. I’ve been working hard lately, trying to save money for this and that. Like my cat Simon’s root canal and the outrageous cost of his therapy.

Every time something unexpected happens in my life, it threatens the wind in my sail, and throws my life as well as my hormones off course, and this happens before my dream ship has had time to reach the dock. I’ve been o.k. though, well, managing, but yesterday was one of those days when my "troubles looked as though they were here to stay," to quote, a Beatles song.

Hence, by the time I walked inside the grocery store, I was in a daze. I kept staring those long stares that never end, you know the long ones into thin air? When your eyes focus on a spot and you can’t move them? Then you yawn the long yawn that stretches your mouth open so wide a semi truck could plow over your tongue.

I keep yawning the annoying yawn on the coffee isle of all places. I stood staring at the coffee on the shelf for I'm not sure how long, when at last someone woke me. I felt a hand lightly touch my shoulder and say, “Are you o.k. Miss? “

“What? Oh, I’m sorry. Yes, yes, I’m alright; why do you ask?” I said. Instead of answering with an “I’m sorry, I’ve just been tired lately." Because I thought that answer might make me sound delusional or on drugs.

I thought the stranger may go away but he keep looking at me as if I recently entered the Earth’s atmosphere and decided to have a look around. I said, “I’m fine, sir," again thinking he would go about his business, but he continued his gaze. I could see his eyes look down my shirt, and then move back to my face, as if he was looking me over. It was creepy, so I said something like, "O.k., good day then" and scurried out of there to get my milk.

Then after I got my milk I encountered another starer in the grocery line. It was weird; I mean I can understand why someone may be concerned about why I was staring into space, but that was one person, now another person was staring at me. They weren't "staring into space" like I was doing, they were staring at people. When people stare at you, you don't know whether you should stare back, wave, look quickly the other way, or what, and I didn't want to appear too threatening or too friendly.

Anyway to sum this story up, the cashier stared at me too, in fact, she looked as if she took pity on me and the guy that bagged my groceries smiled sweetly and said, "Hang in there. We all have bad days." I have never wanted to get in my car so fast in my life, it was like living in a bad episode of the Twilight Zone.

On the way home my blood ran cold at the thought of why people found me so interesting all of a sudden. After all, what was the big deal about staring into space in the grocery store? I mean we've all done it, right? Plus, most of the people who were staring at me didn't witness me staring at the shelves on the vegetable aisle anyway.

When I finally returned home and brought my groceries in the house, I called to my son to come and get the heavy bags from me, but when he saw me he was startled- then he started laughing. I said, "What is it? Everyone keeps looking at me like I have egg on my face. What in the world is it son? You tell me right now."

He playfully took me by the hand and brought me before the bathroom mirror and everything fell into place. Although I was humiliated by what I saw: My blouse was on inside out, I had eye make-up on one eye and not the other, or better yet, I had make up on one side of my face and not the other and I wore a different earring in each ear.

I guess that's why I got so much attention! I think I'm tired.


Sandee said...

Bwahahah, now this is really rich. Bwahahah, and I have a visual. I could live with the earrings, but the skirt? Oh my, oh my. Thanks for my first morning laugh. Bwahahahahah.

aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...

Hey Sandee! Can you believe I did that? It never occurred to me to look at myself in the mirror! Now, that's bad. :)

Thanks Sandee, you're always my first commenter! My first, second and third best sellers will be dedicated to you! It could happen! :)

Have a great day! :)


Christy said...

Oh My God!!! That is funny but sad at the same time! The way you tell a story is so captivating, I swear for a second or two I was standing in that coffee aisle with you! I hate people who stare! You'd think one person might have told you why! LoL.

I think you need a break!! Go and relax and think of nothing but yourself for a little while. Women are famous for neglecting themselves! Do something nice just for you! Big Hugs:)

aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...

Chrsity, LOL! I'm fine. Just a bubble head sometimes. You are so sweet thanks for the comment. You are right though, we never take times for ourselves. Do you know I was half awake writing this? Maybe, I will take your advice! lol,

Thank you buddy. (At first I wrote bubby)I'm going to take a nap. lol!

I'll talk to you later-

P.S. You were meant to laugh, lol, and it is funny! So don't feel bad. Oh my gosh the things I do in a day, you wouldn't believe. :)

Have a fantastic day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann, thanks for visiting me. I read your story and had a big laugh
I couldn't wait with you to discover what was going on.

aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...

Thank you Marja, I'm so happy you enjoyed my story, and I loved visiting your blog! I couldn't wait to tell what happened either! :)

Thanks again for reading and leaving a comment. :)

Have a great evening!


Fruity said...

Your shirt or your skirt. for a moment I thought I read it wrong. Well, anyway, both it's just as ...
I had it a couple of times too but mostly it's t-shirt with that brand-tag showing behind me. Cheers from Fruity

aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...

Fruitie, I changed it to "blouse," and I thank you for pointing out the confusion. I thought what Sandee wrote was a typo, but evidently it looked like I wrote skirt, when in fact it was shirt. Isn't it strange that on my computer it reads like the correct spelling? In other words, to me it looks like 'shirt,' but obviously it read as 'skirt.' In any event I changed it to blouse!

lol! Thanks for reading!


DiamondsSaphire said...

LOL..too funny!! I hate days like that. What's even worse is when no one will tell you!

aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...

diamond, You are right about no one telling you! However, you can always depend on your children can't you? lol!

Thank you for reading and the great comment~

Have a great week-end,


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I do this now and then (wear my shirt inside out), without having the legit excuse of exhaustion. I am very near-sighted and absent-minded (always thinking of what I'm writing!) so my outward appearance sometimes advertises that for me. Well done post!

aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...

Keli, That is too funny! I couldn't find your url. If you come back and read this leave it for me o.k.? I'd love to visit you're blog.

Thanks for the comment!


Anonymous said...

Gosssshhhhh!!!! That was good one.. Weren't you embarrassed after that.. Were you able to step at that shop again???

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