At The Mercy Of My Bathroom Faucet

First published, 8/19/07

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My cat Simon insists on eating the instant I open my eyes, so this morning, like every morning, I crawled out of bed the minute Mr. narcissism began to wail for his breakfast-

And like every morning, I fumbled around in the kitchen with my eyes barely focused and my mind in a dreamy haze, searching for the cat’s breakfast while I listened to him sing his chorus of MEOW, MEOW, MEOW.

I have always wondered why cats pretend we cannot hear their repeated meowing? They just keep meowing oblivious to the fact that you're moving as fast as you can. Most of the time I try to ignore him in return,  but this morning, I couldn't ignore Simon's ear-piercing demands. So, without thinking, I opened a can of cat food.

Which is why I didn't discover the blood pouring out of the back of my hand until after I poured my self-centered feline his breakfast- then it took a few more minutes for my brain to register the pain-

I stared at the back of my hand awhile before I realized the effect this accident could have on the rest of my day and my pulse began to quicken with fear. There is nothing scarier than the unknown, and suddenly my future was a mystery. So, at first, I was terrified, but after I ran to the bathroom faucet and put my hand under running water, I was relieved to find that the cut wasn't serious.

However, mothers cannot have cuts on the top of their hands, regardless of how old their children are, we simply do not have the luxury of an injury, even a small injury. Families depend on Mom in special ways, yes, even Mom's with adult children. Therefore, I envisioned my house of cards tumbling down and my family crumbling to pieces, all because of a small cut on the back of my hand.

As I ran water over my injured hand, I searched my medicine cabinet with my good hand for a band-aid, but I couldn't find one. I tried to move the injured hand away from the running water, but the bleeding was still profuse, so I quickly put it back under the faucet. I couldn't believe I was stuck at the mercy of my bathroom faucet simply because I couldn’t find a band-aid.

Sentenced to live my life over a bathroom sink, in bondage forever with my hand under water, unable to live my life because I forgot to get band-aids at the store. Sometimes, I really don't understand what is wrong with me...I mean, speaking of motherhood, what kind of mother cannot remember band-aids? Even if, she lives alone with a spoiled feline?

I have always had a problem remembering to get things from the store, especially for items that bore me, like band-aids, and now I was paying the price. I began to panic, but continued the search while holding my hand under water, until thank goodness, I found one lonely band-aid crumbled in the back of the medicine cabinet- a case of pure serendipity.

I was so grateful...because now I was free to drive an hour to my mothers, wash the endless supply of dirty clothes that one college student can dirty, work on a book proposal, write tomorrows post, oh, and try to remember everything I need from the store, including the ingredients for what I’m going to cook tonight.

Although...it's strange, I feel like I'm forgetting something again... But, if it was important, I would remember, wouldn't I?

Oh well, it's probably just from all the stress I've had today and besides I don't have any mundane items on my list...That is, I don't think I do...I think I just need groceries...

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Upcoming Book Review
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