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Hello, and welcome to Feline Friday. Feline Friday was created by Steve of Burnt Food Dude, a buddy of Sandee's of Comedy Plus.  Steve created the meme because he wanted people to know that he doesn't dislike cats. Feline Friday is simple to join. All you have to do is: Post a picture, drawing, cartoon or video of a cat. -They may be silly or cute.-

                                  Click here for the Feline Friday Code and stop by Burnt Food                                                     Dude and read Steve's post. 
                                  Then, if you would like to participate, paste the code under an image,                                           picture, cartoon, etc...of your favorite cat, kitten or cute photo.                                    
                                  Then, just add your name and a link to your post. -It's fun- :)


A Bloggers Spectacular Answer To Tuesday's Question: What's The Most Outrageous Experience You've Had With A Friend?

I received one comment to yesterdays Tuesday Question, but after reading Sandee of Comedy Plus' answer it was enough. Thank you, Sandee for sharing your hilarious answer and daily laughs on Comedy Plus. 

Please feel free to let us know about your most outrageous experience with a friend by commenting to yesterdays Tuesday's Question. Thank you. :)  

I do not want to paraphrase Sandee's answer it, so here it is along with a few images:


What's The Most Outrageous Experience You've Shared With A Friend?

This week’s Tuesday’s Question is: 'What's The Most Outrageous Experience You've Shared With A Friend?’

As stated in my last post, my computer, "Sam" was admitted to the hospital last Monday for minor surgery. I thought I'd have him home in time to publish a question by now, but that didn't happen. -As it turned out I had to pay a few costly repairs before Sam was discharged.- 


Sam Is Sick

It looks like it's gonna be one of those weeks...I had my computer worked on last week and it was doing well until this morning when "he" started having a few issues. I brought it or him, (My computer's name is Sam, he's male.) to the computer doctor where he will have to stay a day or two. I hope he doesn't whine too much.


Awww Mondays...

Yep, it's Awww Mondays again! I love this weekly post from Comedy Plus, "cause all you have to do is post a picture that makes you say, Awww, visit Comedy Plus and grab the code here, paste it within your post, leave a comment and link to your blog post here or on Comedy Plus.

Sound easy enough or did I make it sound confusing? In any event, you have a few links to Sandee's post on Comedy Plus you can follow.

Here's my contribution:


Decisions, Decisions...

Happy Saturday! One of my favorite movie moments, which for me, includes skillful dialogue, for example, in this film the line,  "I can't swim."

Scene from Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid 

What is your favorite line of dialogue in a book or film?

Thanks for visiting A Nice Place In The Sun.

Have a fun Saturday Evening!

Note: I'm not sure what it is, but from my side of things, the line I wrote out is not showing up,

The line is, "I can't Swim."

Forgive me if you did not see it or if you see it two or three times. :) Well, I'm also not seeing, What is your favorite line of dialogue in a book or film? 

But, I got some fabulous answers...Hmm...Let me know if you see it, o.k?



Single Parenthood- I'm Glad I Paddled The Boat Ashore

The color of the water in the gulf changed from dark blue to black at nightfall, so my vision was hazy, but I held my son tight as our raft bounced on the waves.

My stomach felt weak, and I braced myself for what may be a trip to the edge of the world. I gently stroked my son’s wavy blond hair and rocked him against my chest. His hair smelled like the day we had before nightfall...full of sunscreen, salt, and sweat. The droplets of water on his hair gave off the only light, except for the silver fish splashing in the waves and the tiny white stars twinkling above.

We are a part of the stars and the vast sea, suspended on our raft in rough deep water, miles above the ocean floor, and so far from land that we couldn’t see a line in the horizon, or where the sky ended and the body of water began. Disoriented, I prayed I could hold my head up while our son slept on my chest sucking his thumb knowing I would bring him home safely. Nevertheless, all I knew was that I was waiting for you.


Tuesday's Question: "What Would You Like Me To Know About You,?" and, "What Would You Like To Know About Me?"

Hello, welcome to Tuesday's Question. I've been searching for a question all day that I haven't already asked since I began posting Tuesday's Question in 2007.

Over the years, and stretches between posts, I've tried to ask original questions, (If there is such a thing.) in an effort keep the questions fresh, as well as authentic.

Hence today, in keeping with that tradition, instead of answering my own question, I'm going to answer your questions and vice-versa. Make sense?

I hope so...'cause here goes...

Alright, let's see how well I do at clarifying this...here's the first question: "What Would You Like Me To Know About You,?"and, "What Would You Like To Know About Me?"


Keeping up with Glady's

Some of you may remember a post I wrote in November about a curious neighbor, who pretends she's minding her own business when she's not. I named her Glady's Kravitz, after the nosy neighbor in 1960's situation comedy, "Betwitched," because she will not tell me her name.

If you read the post, "Christmas Down South," you'll learn more about my neighbor, Glady's, who was spying on me while I was putting up my Christmas decorations. The windows are large in my apartment complex and the weather is nice, springlike, so my neighbors have their windows open, which most of us ignore, but not Glady's.

As I mentioned in "Christmas Down South," all people are curious, but southerners are downright nosy, although they pretend they're not. Well, I cannot say all southerners are like Glady's, 'cause after all, I'm a southerner.

It's just that some like to remain anonymous and ignorant of the truth, that way, it's easier to create drama while they enlist their buddies to help label others in their boxes. I think Glady's is the leader of the label crowd,  'cause she has a following of woman who pretend they're "fast walking" around the apartments, when they're really "fast talking."

You see, Glady's is home during the day so she's the one investigating my profile. Well, I guess, she is, I'm not sure because Gladys doesn't associate with me, after all, I'm a box label.


Bloggers Brave Answers To Tuesday's Question!

Good morning, and welcome to A Nice Place In The Sun. I simply had to post these great answers to Tuesday's Question, which was,  What food Will You Absolutely Not Eat, Under Any Circumstances? A food that you are as opposed as "Sam I am" is to "Green Eggs And Ham."

If you like most foods now, what food did you refuse to eat when you were a child? 

Click Read More, and please visit these bloggers blogs, just click on their links.  Thank you for visiting, and feel free to answer the question yourself if you missed it Tuesday.     


Tuesday's Question: What food Will You Absolutely Not Eat, Under Any Circumstances?

Hello, and welcome to Tuesday's Question. I started writing Tuesday Question in 2007 the first year I started blogging. I wanted to get to know my readers, and vice-versa. But, I also want to create a fun and interesting way to encourage conversations between everyone who comments.

So, please feel free to respond to each others answers 'cause...it's fun and questions help build friendships. And remember there are no stupid questions, but there are some hilarious and touching answers.

I will add a link to all bloggers blogs, so that others who read your answer will know where to find you.  


Oh...Not Another Monday!

This Monday, I wanted to join in the weekly meme from Comedy Plus, entitled, Awww...Monday's, but it wouldn't have been honest.  When you post the Awww...Monday's meme, the photo is supposed to make you say, Awww...

But, this week my image would make you say,
"Awww...Not another Monday..."

I couldn't believe how well this cartoon captures the last two days of my life.  I'm always working on and offline, so I'm surrounded by outgoing, incoming, and "in progress" manuscripts, articles, etc...although it's not quite as disorganized (a lie) as this image.

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Today's Popular Children's Picture Books

Today's Popular Children's Picture Books
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The Boogeyman From Planet-Lackawanna-

You will lose yourself in the imaginative dreams of eleven year old Theodore Wilson's. Don't miss this review coming soon.

More reviews and available for purchase on Amazon .com. Just click on image of book and the link will take you there.

Thank you!

Upcoming Book Review

Upcoming Book Review
Gretchen Zufall (Author) Mike Paar (Illustrator)

Motherhood- Courage

Motherhood is an art impossible to explain, one which requires a vast sea of love, devotion, compassion, and understanding, unmatched by any affection we will ever know again.- Ann Clemmons






Words are the core of our souls, without written, vocal or lyrical expression we lose sight of one another or worse, ourselves. Words bring forth the essence of the human spirit; so express yourself without abandon.

Ann Clemmons

Favorite Phrase

I remember I used to half believe and wholly play with fairies when I was a child. What heaven can be more real than to retain the spirit-world of childhood, tempered and balanced by knowledge and common-sense...

Beatrix Potter’s Journal, 17 November 1896, from the National Trust collection.

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The Storyteller, by Dawn Drover

Alone in her world
of make believe
weaving her stories
of magic and light

She brings joy
to the eyes
of innocent minds
less jaded and free

For only they know
what's in her heart
holding the secrets
she guards so well

Life's hidden mysteries
belong to those
whose wisdom and truth
shine on in imagination

Written for Ann
~Dawn Drover~

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Most of the worlds' great things were born of adversity and hardship; because these roadblocks encourage us to dream, imagine and believe.- Ann Clemmons

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In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I’ve been turning over in my mind ever since.

Whenever you feel like criticizing any one,” he told me, “just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.”'

F. Scott Fitzgerald. (Lines from The Great Gatsby)
"A Southerner Talks Music"

Mark Twain

"A book must be the ax for the frozen sea inside us."

Franz Kafka

An author values a compliment even when it comes from a source of doubtful competency.

- Mark Twain in Eruption

"I like a good story well told. That is the reason I am sometimes forced to tell them myself"

Mark Twain

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