What Is Your Life's Theme Song?

What is your life’s theme song? I’ve asked this question before, in fact it was almost exactly two years ago, although this year the question is different for me. I wonder if it will feel the same to those of you who answered it before... I’m not sure why it feels different, but it does...For one thing, I knew when I asked this question the first time that the theme song to my life would be A River Runs Through It, but I didn't know why, so I didn’t mention it at the time. However, I did give a lot of thought to the fact that the title, A River Runs Through, is a metaphor for all families, regardless of where they live. And, I’ve learned over the last few decades of my life, how much our families shape us into the people we become, or you could say, how much our families “run through us.” When I first saw this film I cried, like everyone, but after seeing it the first time, I continued to watch it to the point of obsession, and I couldn’t understand why; although, later I realized I identified with the youngest character played in the movie by the then unknown, Brat Pitt. Now, how in the world could a female from South Louisiana relate to a male character from Montana? When I told my mother how I felt, and asked her what she thought troubled the character about his relationship with his parents... She said, "They were emotionally distant, whereas he was open and warm..." It struck me as odd how quickly she answered my question, but I was still confused, so I asked, “Well, Mom, did you understand why his parents were emotionally distant, and besides they seemed to love their children.” My mother looked at me like she was taken aback, but calmly replied, "Well Ann, of course they loved their children, but they were Scotch Irish." Then, it clicked, because we are Scotch Irish as well...my whole family, with the exception of one Irish grandfather and a German Grandmother. I was relieved to suddenly realize why I strongly related to the character in the book and film, because we were brought up in similar circumstances and shared similar personalities. Therefore, when I considered how “rivers run through” all families, it changed the way that I looked at what I would consider the theme song of my life. Have you ever strongly related to a character in a book or movie? If you have, I think it will help you answer this question, or answer it for you. The first time I asked this question I phrased it differently; I asked,“What was your life’s Musical Score?” If you remember answering it, see if you feel differently now, or know more about yourself, or think of another song. In any event, there is more to think about when answering this particular Tuesday’s Question. And I guess I rattled on more about it as well... Nevertheless, I hope Tuesday’s Question has always been a challenge, in addition to a blast. Moreover, I know you might not believe me, even if I shouted it from the highest rooftop in your town; but these questions have taught me a lot about all of you, and people in general; I hope you’ve had the same experience. And I'm Sorry again about posting so late in the day... I'm dealing with Dell’s (my computer) control issues again... One of these days he's going to find his computerized self at the bottom of the Mississippi River...it's sooo frustrating. Also, I realize this is more like a preamble than the beginning of a Tuesday's Question post. I hope you will forgive me; I just had more to say on this one, and I will leave the post up throughout the day tomorrow. Now, I want to know the theme song to your life... Just skip over the next few paragraphs if you're familiar with Tuesday's Question. Note to first time visitors: If this is the first time you've visited Tuesday's Question, please note, that I'm glad you're here. All participates answers are published (along with a link to their site) within Tuesday's Question's post and you don't have to own a blog to participate. All you have to do is write your answer in comments and I will publish your comment along with your name. Just leave everything to me~ :0 Everyone's answers will be posted as quickly as possible throughout the day with a link to the participating blogger's blogs, therefore, don't forget to stop by and visit the blogger's who commented. Chances are, if you liked a blogger's answer, you will also enjoy reading their blog. Have Fun, and don't forget, Tuesday's Question is a weekly post of original questions, link love, and friendship, so jump in and let us know your answer. You can read the answers throughout the day by clicking "Read More"


Marley & Me (Saturday's Favorite Movie Moment)

Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson star as newlyweds John and Jenny Grogan, in the screen adaptation of Marley & Me. The movie is based on the novel, Marley & Me, by Marley's true owner, Pennsylvania columnist John Grogan; who wrote many columns about his beloved Golden "Laberdoodle", Marley; also affectionately referred to as the "worlds worst dog."

This Saturday, instead of posting Saturday's Favorite Movie Moment without any words, I decided to share a little about the background of Marley & Me, partly because it's a true story, but also because it's based on John's Grogan's moving novel, written in first person narrative.

John's novel, Marley & Me, was published in 2005; after an overwhelming response to the eulogy he wrote for Marley in his column; then, Bad Dog, Marley, a picture book for children, based on his original story followed; Bad Dog, Marley was published in 2007. (Harper Collins)

I loved all three adaptations of Marley and Me, in fact, I read the novel twice, the children's book several times, and saw the movie in the theater and at home.

Marley & Me has something for everyone; moviegoers, readers, or both, in addition to two other children's books I neglected to mention; A Dog Like No Other, for younger readers without the sexual content in the original novel, and A Very Marley Christmas.

The Grogan family had their hands full, but they also had a loving family member who taught them about life and how to love. If you haven't seen this movie, watch it, and if you haven't read it, read it, and if you have small children, remember Marley's age appropriate books.

It's a gem; a film that will be watched for years to come. I just had to add all of this...enjoy the clip~

Happy Saturday, and have a terrific week-end.


Happy Birthday Sandee!

Happy Birthday Sandee

Actually, September the 8th was my dear friend Sandee's (from Comedy Plus) birthday, as some of you already know, however, I thought I knew of a website that made graphics of different flavored cakes, and I was going to send it to her, as well as add it to this post. But, it fell through, and yesterday I tried to write this post, in addition to paying forward the fabulous awards I’ve received this month, but my computer had other plans.

Well, I say it’s my computer, and as for it running slow, it probably is, but have you noticed my font? For some reason, I cannot get the size straight and it’s written in bold.

It’s undeniably frustrating…in addition to my computer stopping every few minutes, and threatening me with it's hourglass. It's as if my computer is saying, your time on earth is running out, especially, if you hit one more button on my keyboard. In any event, I was determined to write Sandee a birthday post, and by golly, I’m doing it.

I met Sandee only a month or so after I started blogging, and I don’t think she had been blogging long herself, but she saved me from the brink of disaster on a daily basis, introduced me to many of her friends and made me laugh.

I remember seeing her first avatar, which was a sleepy-eyed cartoon character wearing big fluffy slippers and holding a coffee cup. At that time, she didn’t have her photo published yet, so I recognized her by the droopy-eyed character with the coffee cup and big slippers.

Anyway, to illustrate what a great person she is, I was looking for the character with the cup this morning on her blog, and to my surprise, I saw a gorgeous sign with a butterfly at the top. The sign said, “Get Well Annie,” which made a huge impression on me, but what really touched me was that she never told me about it.

It’s at the bottom of her blog and it made my day. In fact, to be honest, I wasn’t planning on returning to blogging for awhile, or at least not until my books were on the market, and the publishing market moves as fast as a snail, so that gives you an idea of how long I would have been off-line.

However, because of the fact that she kept writing me comments, along with my touchstone Dawn from Twisted Sister, I returned to blogging sooner.

Sandee, is a true spirit, what you see is what you get, and I see an authentic, compassionate, fun, and caring friend. She is no leaky vessel, and that’s what I love about her- a dependable friend to everyone and special to me-

Thank you, my friend, for sharing your heart, your time, and your kindnesses, in addition to treating me with the same dignity, compassion, and respect you would afford someone you’ve known for years. You exemplify the Emerson quote I have at the top of my blog...and I'm honored to be your friend.

As you always say,
Big hug and lotsa lovies

Note; I’m going to do my dead level best to post some awards today. Although unfortunately, I’m not sure what my computer’s problem is, and on a more personal note, I have a doctors appt. this afternoon, so I’m not sure I’ll make it. However, it’s a promise to those of you who thought enough of me to nominate me for an award; I will post them as soon as possible.
In addition, I know I have my “syster” Dawn to thank for her sign, as well as Ettarose and Bud, and Grace's wonderful comments- All of you touched my heart and healed my soul. I have so many of you to thank for helping me through one of the hardest times in my life, and I will never forget you.


When Was Your Most Romantic Dance? (Tuesday's Question)

When Was Your Most Romantic Dance? Where were you, who were you with, and do you remember the song?

Hello, and welcome to Tuesday’s Question. If you’re unfamiliar with Tuesday’s Question, it’s my way of spreading weekly link love, getting to know my readers, and introducing you to each other, that is, if you’re not friends already, and in that case, feel free to visit each other through comments.

This is how it works: After you answer Tuesday's Question, I copy your answer and add it to this post, along with a link to your blog. That way, everyone who reads the answers will read your answers as well, and will have a link to your blog, and chances are, if they like your answer, they will also like your blog.

Makes sense, right, plus, it is one of the ways we can get to know each other better, and I can pass along link love to my blogging buddies each week.

Today’s Question again is When Was Your Most Romantic Dance? Where were you, who were you with, and do you remember the song?

My answer:

My most romantic dance was on the beach with my ex-husband. It was dusk, and I was playing in the sand with our son, when my husband who was standing beside us, leaned over and took my hand. At first, I thought he was going to tell me something in my ear, but he pulled me into his arms, and started dancing with me.

Then, our one-year-old son crawled between us, and stood on his Dad’s feet. I’ll never forget it, because we didn’t say a word, we were covered in sweat, sand, and salt water, and we just danced. I laid my head on his shoulder and we hummed while he slowly rocked me and our baby back and forth...the wind blew and the tide rushed in...I don’t remember the song.

Now, it's your turn:

My first answer to Tuesday's Question is from Stephanie from Stephanie's Stories
and if you haven't visited this writer's blog, you're missing out...
She's an articulate writer, Mom, Aunt, Wife, and Therapist, with many an interesting story to tell.

Here's Stephanie's answer:

Hi Annie-
Love your blog!
What a great question. Most romantic dance:
-with my husband I affectionately call "The Bird" on my blog
-dancing in the middle of our living room, fire lit, candles glowing, Frank Sinatra in the background.
-Voted most romantic bc it was impromptu. Straight from a place a pure love.

Song stuck in my head is from Julie & Julia the movie we saw yesterday which is Time After Time...so lucky to be loved by you. (Not sure of the actual title)
xo Stephanie

My next answer is from another wonderful blogger. Grace from Hugz Before You Go
which I would describe as a treasure box full of honest, intelligent, and funny posts.

Here's Grace's answer:

As much as I love to dance, my brother bought me a sweat shirt that said "To dance is to live, To live is to dance", I've never experienced a romantic dance. Never had a beautiful ball gown, can't think of any thing romantic I've ever been a part of. Now how sad is that?

The next answer comes from Sandee at Comedy Plus, another nugget of gold in the blogosphere, not to mention funny and kind. She also writes great answers to Tuesday's Question.

Here's what Sandee wrote:

This is an easy one Annie. Of course it's with hubby. We weren't together yet, but we had a work function that had music and dancing after dinner. I'd never even kissed him yet so this is the very, very beginning. Okay, even before the beginning.

He walked over to me, extended his hand, and I of course took his hand and off to the dance floor we went. He folded me into his arms and we just swayed with the music. I felt safe and warm. I felt love. It was a magical moment that I've never forgotten.

The music...Whitney Houston - I will always love you. For everyone else this is not a love song, but for me it is...

Today is my birthday and hubby is making me feel special all over again.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hug and lotsa lovies. :)

September 8, 2009 9:45 AM

I left this date here to remember it's Sandee's Birthday...Hence, if you have a chance stop by and surprise her by telling her Happy Birthday. She'll wonder how you know, that is unless someones beat us to it, but still, she will not know how you know. Happy Birthday golden lady. I hope you have a good one.

The next answer is from a very best buddy in the blogosphere, who, in addition to a being a fabulous friend, is a marvelous poet, who can make turning a spectacular phrase, look as easy as spinning a top. Dawn, is a woman with a big heart and a whole lot of talent. I'm honored to be her friend, and you will be too.

Oh, I guess I have to introduce her blog and leave the link in order for you to visit her blog, don't I? Thank goodness, I'm not running the world, eh?

Dawn is from Twisted Sister, and here is her answer:

Sorry I'm late answering... and you don't have to post my answer. I have had hundreds of dances I suppose but I don't remember one in particular that stands out as the most romantic... Unless of course you count all the times I danced with my cat. Now he was a real charmer... ;)

Luvs ya syster!

Your word verification is Syster! How cool is that?



As Good As It Gets (Saturday's Favorite Movie Moment )

This is the second scene I've posted from As Good As It Gets. The first scene is funnier, in fact, I almost posted it again, but I remembered I already had it in archives. I guess it's obvious that I loved the movie. It has such a great screenplay I can't help it. You can watch the other scene by clicking the "link within box" below. I hope you enjoy one or both of them...and have a safe and fun Labor Day week-end. Thanks for visiting~

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Today's Popular Children's Picture Books

Today's Popular Children's Picture Books
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The Boogeyman From Planet-Lackawanna-

You will lose yourself in the imaginative dreams of eleven year old Theodore Wilson's. Don't miss this review coming soon.

More reviews and available for purchase on Amazon .com. Just click on image of book and the link will take you there.

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Upcoming Book Review
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