Bloggers Unite To Stop Abuse


"And even in our sleep pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God."

I 've teamed up with a group of bloggers on blog catalog today who are blogging to stop abuse.

Everyday we read the horrifying details of some form of abuse in the newspaper. Whether the article is about the victim or the perpetrator it's origin is always the same, the plot always familiar, and the results life altering. By blogging together in an effort to stop abuse, we're in fact saying no more abuse, no way, not on our watch!

It's horrifying to read that some 40 million children are subject to abuse this year alone, and that many of that number, will never speak of it. Their perpetrators will move on and the world will keep turning in much the same way, except in the eyes of the child involved. For them, their nightmarish existence will continue somewhere in the back of their mind, for the rest of their lives. The victim of abuse retreats into a secret silent world of introspection, often developing an inappropriate inner dialogue of distorted ideas about themselves and the world around them.

Anyone whose experienced abuse has endured an unbreathable pain, that most of us can't begin to understand.
The child abuse victims today are our future tomorrow, and will join a society of bankers, lawyers, doctors, mothers, fathers, etc...

The heartbreaking number of combined abuse statistics has the semblance of a battleground lost to a powerful enemy. That is to say, the combined statistics are emotionally disturbing, to overwhelming a concept to comprehend. Nevertheless, if we work together educating ourselves and others on what we can do as a society to prevent abuse, then we have the framework for a battle won.

When I think of the wasted years and lives of just the few people I know who have suffered from abuse it's horrifying. We must be careful not desensitize ourselves or worse yet, develop an attitude of indifference to the way we think about abuse.

Indifference, to me, is the most intolerable of emotions, the likes of which will rear its ugly head and devour us if we're not careful. What I mean is, what we're indifferent about will often come back to haunt us in the most poetic sense of the word.

When we see signs of abuse or something wrong, we must trust our instincts and do something about what we're feeling or thinking. When we accept a more popular view rather than follow our own instincts, we lose the capacity to be honest with ourselves and others. This attitude breeds tolerance for certain behaviors that at one time, we might have deemed unacceptable.

Here is the link to a post I wrote on an incident I witnessed involving child abuse. I feel I was guilty of the very thing I'm protesting here.

Because, the event happened in a public area, I questioned my ability to judge whether it was considered abuse. Then to my astonishment I saw there wasn't anyone else reacting either to a three year old child being slapped across the face! (Not even the security guard in the waiting area.)

In addition, others in the waiting room, including the perpetrator, looked at me as if they wished to say, " Mind your own business." I felt like saying, "Forgive me, but your child is screaming and you're more worried about me staring at you!"

Well there you have it, my contribution to and public support of a social community obviously dedicated to the "power of the pen." A virtue I admire and am honored to have been a part.

Please feel free to check out the link to my post "Spanking Where Do You Draw The Line?" and please understand this post is not against parents spanking their children. What the post is meant to suggest is the lack of this Mother's ability to draw the line, between what is spanking and what is abuse.


Who Was Your Favorite Teen Idol? Ricky Nelson Was Sandee's From Comedy Plus! What A Dreamboat!

Who Was Your Favorite Teen Idol? My Readers Response

Yesterday's Tuesday Question asked, "Who Was Your Favorite Teen Idol?" and I was lucky enough to receive comments from the most entertaining bloggers on the net ! The following bloggers are all super talented people with a fantastic sense of humor, that I'm sure were spectacular teenagers! So pull up a chair or couch, but be sure to get a coke, coffee, or whatever you need, and come walk with us down memory lane!

And be sure and check out these bloggers sites before you leave, they all have great blogs! Thanks to all of you reading and those who generously contributed to a another fun day and another fun Tuesday's Question! You've made me feel mighty groovy!

My friend indeed and first commenter yesterday was the unforgettable Sandee, from Comedy Plus! I bet Sandee was fun to have a class with! For one thing, she doesn't follow rules, and that means I would've definitely been her sidekick. I always hung around people like Sandee, because of their dry wit, kindness and appetite for adventure.

Because Sandee was my first commenter I posted her favorite teen idol (or one of them)
Ricky Nelson. Thanks Sandee!

Here's Sandee's comment and the link to Comedy Plus:

That would be Fabian. Wow, when he did the movie Ride The Wild Surf I was instantly in love. That hard body and big smile did me in. What a hunk he was.

I never follow the rules so I have a second hunk that really did it for me. Ricky Nelson. I loved the The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet television show, but Ricky made it a real hit when he would sing.

I dreamed about both of these hunks through my teenage years. What a wonderful question and thanks for a walk down memory lane.

My next blogger is Winston from Eat Your Maths:

Winston is one of my most cherished visitors. He faithfully tries to remember to play Tuesday's Question. When I began posting the weekly question, I received several messages from Winston saying he was sorry he forgot, again. When finally a few weeks ago he remembered, and rushed over to answer; only to find a postponement due to the memory of September 11th. He understood, but was disappointed to say the least , bless his heart. Pay close attention to his comment. Thank you again Winston for your undying loyalty and friendship.

Here's Winston's comment and link to Eat Your Maths

Hello Ann, I came here thrice and I was thinking, 'Why isn't there Tuesday's Question?' and it is here! Haha...

OK to tell you the truth, my 'years' were about 2-3 years ago only, so it shall be Britney :P

How are you, Ann?

My next Blogger, is the hilarious Whimsy girl, with whom I share a secret; Whimsy girl is the only blogger who knows where I got the nickname Slugger!
Don't get nay idea's about trying to bribe her either , because us woman stick together! Thanks Whimsy Girl! Here's Whimsy girls comment and the


Hi Ann,

I love your question and even though I don't have an answer, I just had to play anyway! LOL I was the absolute nuttiest child on the planet - books and old movies and even old timey radio shows thrilled me when I was a kid and I had the biggest crush on "The Shadow" from the radio story show! We lived in Iceland at the time and after it was bedtime, I would turn on this radio and they played these old radio shows and he was SO suave. I would pretend I was in the radio show! It's where I first developed a love of acting LOL! So, no teen hunks for me - I mean, after all, who could compete with my hero . . . only the Shadow knows!

My next commenter I think is really a long lost sister we are so spiritually in tune with each other. One day when I was feeling lower than low not knowing what to do with my life as a empty nester, I decided to read the front page of a writers site I'd been having fun with. That site turned out to be Helium! (Which I think Christy is writing an ongoing post about right now, that you ought to check out.) Anyway, I read one of her articles on the front page and was blown away by how good a writer she is. That article lead me to Christy's Coffee Break, which inspired me to blog, and the rest is history. I thought I had been blessed with the knowledge of my place in the world and had, however the biggest gift that day was one of friendship. Plus, she doesn't follow the rules either!

Thanks Christy for your contribution to my life as well as to Tuesday's Question. Here's the link to Christy's Coffee Break

Christy's comment:

I just found out that you are exactly 11 years older than me because I was born in 1972! My husband was born in 1965, but I'm sure if I asked him he'd say he was too cool for the Partridge Family, lol.

So I guess I'm representing the eighties when I tell you I was in love with Michael Jackson. I'm talking about the days when he had a face. He was so cool, I even had the Micheal Jackson sparkly glove and learned how to do the moonwalk. I had pictures of him all over the wall, and I still remember his red "Beat It" jacket. hahaha...who new?

Also I was seriously in love with Morten Harket of A-ha and you can still see him posted over at my hangout - I mean bat cave. My love for Morten is eternal...lol.

Oh and one more...superman!! When I was eleven I went out and rented the whole line of superman movies and watched them about 20 times each, lol, I was so in love with Chrisopher Reeves...

How many hunks is that anyway?

Another fun question Ann!! Have a great night:)

My next visitor is new friend, talented blogger Marja from Dutchcorner. Marja and I have recently become friends, but I know this much about her. She's a great storyteller who writes of her family and life experiences all the way from New Zealand! She also posts uplifting inspirational poems and quotes that just make you feel good! Thanks Marja for your support and comment on Tuesday's Question:

Here's Marja comment and the link to Dutchcorner

That is definitely Julien Clerc
A French chanson singer with dark curly hair.

And last but certainly not least, another new friend and prolific writer, Patois from Whee! All The Way Home! A really talented and funny writer Patois has a Tuesday fun day herself, called Jump One, Jump Two, Tuesday, where you have a choice of two questions to answer! I said to myself when I saw her post, "Oh I see, I'm not the only genius around here!" Thanks for your comment Patois!

Here's Patois comment and the link to Whee! All The Way Home

All right, let's date myself. (Not like I could get a real date, right?) At the age of 8, it was Bobby Sherman. At the age of 10, it was Michael Jackson. Our "gangs" were divided down the Jackson 5 line or the Osmonds. My first concert? 10 years old seeing the Jackson 5.

I went back after writing this post and found sweet Polliwog's comment from Polliwog's pond. Polli is one of my first participants on Tuesday's Question. I chose her site, Polliwog's Pond when I was still choosing the top three best answers instead of linking to all participants on my first Tuesday's Question. Polliwog's Pond is a fun read and Polli is a blogger who always has something nice to say, thanks Polli for commenting!

Here's Polli's comment and link to Polliwog's Pond

Great question Ann! Tell Christy that she is the same age as my baby brother who was born in '72. I am just a few years older than her ('69') but I also had a big crush on MJ. I had the sparkly glove too. I also loved John Travolta, Six Million Dollar Man and Superman too! Are Christy and I the same person? LOL!

Thanks again, to everyone who contributed to Tuesday's Question and to those of you reading. The world without all of you would be "a little colder" as The Beatles would say, and in The Rolling Stones words? "Tell The Next Time We Say Goodbye!"

Get Smorty!

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Although my truth opinion, this is a paid advertisement.


Tuesday's Question! Who Was Your Favorite Teen Idol ? See Post Below!

Who Was Your Favorite Teen Idol?

Thank You for coming to Tuesdays Question! Who was your favorite teen idol? I'm referring to the pre-teen years before or at the age of fifteen, not your favorite band when you were an older teenager, I mean a popular pre-teen idol. Well, I guess if you didn't have a favorite teen idol it will be o.k. to tell us your favorite band or singer when you were a teenager, but I was thinking in terms of bubble gum. If I were asking the question who is your favorite rock star, I would have used a different video as an example, like The Beatles or someone. So, if you answer with the name of a rock star it will make me look uncool and we wouldn't want that, now would we?

The video above is my favorite pre-teen idol, who doubled as my make believe husband, and father to our slew of children! We lived in my writing cottage on the beach, when the kids weren't in school, and I spent the summers writing while he... well, he sang of course!

I sang, I Woke Up In Love This Morning every night in addition to tuning in to the show The Partridge Family every week, when I was fourteen years old. I meant every word of it too, and feel the same way all over again every time I hear it, because of the way music brings us back.

Oh, these lyrics,

“Last night, I turn out the lights, lay down, and thought about you,

Refrain “ I woke in love this morning, I woke up in love this morning, went to sleep with you on my mind,”

“Do dreams come true, well if they do, I have you!”

(And a writer's cottage too)

Oh, I loved him so and I still love the song, but in 1972, just about every red-blooded female in existence loved David Cassidy, not just me. In fact, every generation has it’s favorite teen idol I have to admit as I got older I dumped him for Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Donovan, etc…

However, in 1972 there were David Cassidy fans and there were Donny Osmond fans, and most eleven year old girls in my town's hearts had to belong to one or the other. We could tell the difference between the "David" girls, and the "Donny" girls because few pre-teens have their own identity. David and Donny girls dressed differently and so forth, ... It's funny to look back, except that now I realize what weird adolescents we were.

How weird were you and your friends, and more importantly who did you wake up "in love" with when you were eleven? I'm speaking of whoever was popular in your generation with your group of friends. Who was on your mind when your head hit the pillow?

I’m trying to bring up feelings of nostalgia with Tuesday’s Question, and really in writing this blog because it makes people feel good, and it's groovy to feel good. We all need a nice place in the sun in which to remember, laugh, and reflect on the good times, in addition to enjoying each moment, even this one right now...

Which starts with answering this Tuesday's Question,

"Who Was Your Favorite Teen Idol? " Or who did you wake up "in love" with every morning?


Imaginary Friends

Did you have an imaginary friend when you were a child? I did. His name was Bobby and he was nice all the time, even after I made him drink four glasses of milk one week-end.

I think we've all had some experience with an imaginary friend; in fact, I think some of us still hang out with ours from time to time. In fact I feel bad because recently I watched a woman in the front seat of her car work hard at driving her point home to a make believe buddy. She flailed her arms around in the air, and along with her animated expressions left the words “You- just- don’t- understand!” dangling in the air! When she turned in my direction to reiterate her point, her eyes met mine! After which, we stared at each other like a couple of deer caught in headlights! It's freaky to watch people talk to themselves, but I try to remember they’re only speaking to imaginary friends, so that's o.k. isn’t it? Besides, we think we’re invisible in our cars, so it seems like the perfect place to foster any imaginary bond.

Our vehicles host the same private rituals as private bathrooms, such as putting on make-up, shaving, washing our hands with wash wipes, and in some cases even brushing our teeth. I 've never understood why we feel this way in our car. We wouldn’t take part in most of the rituals afore mentioned in a public bathroom, so why we're willing to bath ourselves at a stop sign is beyond me. I’ve seen people do some gross things in their car when they believe no one is looking…

It’s weird, and I think we forget that the cars next to us waiting for the light to change are only a few yards away.

I always look in the car next to mine at a stoplight, but most of the time the passengers look through me as if I weren't there, as they go about shaving, eating, make-up layering, and talking to themselves. When my son was a baby, I used to make him laugh by holding his plastic toy phone to my ear at stoplights, as if enthralled in intense conversation. A few people would laugh, but the rest quickly looked away and pretended I didn’t exist. Although most folks did lose their composure at the sight of my golden retriever in a hat and coat in the front seat. People just like to think they have more of a level of privacy in their cars than they actually do, so they pretend, just like in the case of an imaginary friend.

This is what I was thinking about before I went to Home Depot Saturday to get a sheet of wood to go under my mattress. After that introduction, maybe now you will understand my frame of reference.

You’re not going to believe what I ran into at the store where Christmas music is already playing. I’m not kidding about the music either, I started to wonder if I woke up in the wrong month! Anyway, when I reached the piles of wood, there was a man standing beside me shouting into thin air, “No, now, I took him last week, now it’s your turn!”

I could not believe it! What in the world was happening that I keep running into people doing this? Did I have “pretend you are talking to yourself when Ann walks up because we’re trying to make her think she is crazy” written on my forehead?

Then he said, “Fine. Fine with me…”

I’m not kidding, the man said this into thin air, Zippo, nothing there, zero, as in no one around, with the exception of me …he spoke these words into thin air!

I freaked out, and thank goodness I hesitated before leaving, because I would’ve began to wonder about myself … Consequently, I was relieved seconds later, when a woman approached the man, and said, “What did they say?”

The man turned his head sideways and pulled a tiny little ear phone out of his ear! I haven’t the slightest idea where the mouth piece was, and I don’t know to this day! I slowly exhaled and returned to my car, where I could privately have a word with Bobby, my imaginary friend.

End of story-


Let's Have Lunch!

Do you remember what day it is? Yep, it's Friday, and I almost forgot, so I'm sure most of you have. Last week you may remember I started what I titled "What's happening in the picture?" The picture was of a grocery shopper, her child, and their little dog leaving a grocery store.

(Actually the lady in this picture looks like last week's grocery shopper.)

Anyway, I've decided to make this a weekly post, just like my Tuesday's Question, where the participants posts are posted in an entry the next day; it's fun. And when my readers read my post tomorrow, they will also read what you wrote. It's a good way to meet new friends too, because I will also include a link to your blog, just like in the Tuesday Question post.

In other words, instead of writing a review of your site you are basically giving my readers a taste of what you have to offer, because if my readers like what they read here, they'll click on your link!

I'm only trying to motivate you to participate, because if you don't I won't have anyone to play with and that would make me sad.

I will make up a title each week with the picture, then write a small story or post about the picture. Here's today's " Let's Do Lunch"

This middle-aged woman’s mother is trying to cheer her up because she’s complaining about whatever fresh ---- is in her life now, but Mom isn’t buying. Before the food particle takes flight, I think the following was happening:

Daughter: “And then he said, wouldn’t you run if you were married to that gossip? Can you believe he said that? Mom, you’re not listening to me, are you?”

Mom: “Honey have you ever seen the movie My Fair Lady? Now, that man is an illegible bachelor it’s too bad you married so quickly. I told you not to marry the-"

“Mom! That has nothing to do with anything” the daughter shouts. Exasperated, she then decides to eat in silence…

A few moments pass until Mom can't take the silence anymore:

"Oh No! Honey look, a bug's in here! "

I think the picture nicely finishes it. Although, feel free to write what happens after the picture, too if you like. Maybe I ought to title the weekly post something like "Tell Us The Rest Of Story". Hey, I like it!

I'm going to use that title, so Tell us the rest of the story, we can't wait to hear it!


Priscilla Palmer Personal Development List

Christy from Totally Fabulous was thoughtful enough to add me to Priscilla Palmer's Personal Development List.

Immediately following this kindness I had a visit from Priscilla also inviting me to join! Thank you ladies you've made me feel loved! Priscilla decided to write the Personal Development List after joining a list for outstanding woman bloggers, and it's turning out to be quite successful. If you know who might benefit from this list add them, and let's keep this one going!

Here are the rules:

Once you have added the list let Priscilla Palmer know.

Add the list to your blog (here's an easy way to transfer the list to your site click here)

Here are my tags:

Sandee at Comedy Plus

Dawn and Ann at Twisted Sister Totally Pissed Off

Corey at Cooking with Corey

Marja at Dutchcorner

Walks Far Woman at Kissing The Dogwood

If you want to join don't forget to add yourself to the list when you post.

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My Nest Party Rocked !

My nest rock and rolled so hard I was scared it might fall from the tree! Tuesday's Question was so much fun! Those of you I thought I knew well, I now know better, and those I didn't know, I will not soon forget! You are a great bunch of people!

Thanks to everyone who stopped and answered not just one, but four Tuesday's questions! I feel like I know everyone of you better and your answers were close to what I would've thought. What's amazing about blogging, is how well you get to know the people you correspond with each day, in much the same way you would if spoke to them each day in person. It's so exciting and even more wonderful to realize you can actually have a weekly party!

You rockers know how to have fun! You're special people, not just for sharing information about yourselves, but for taking the time to think through and organize your answers. I was impressed with your good natured attitudes and spirit for honesty and fun!

Thanks and thanks and thanks again for making yesterday special, in addition to stopping to say hello. Here are the questions and answers with a link to the wonderful blogs who came to my question party. Please take the time to click the link to their blogs after reading their comment. I know some of already know each other, but wouldn't you love to know what the other bloggers think of your answers?

Instead of writing a review like I did on the first two Tuesday's Questions, I thought it better to show my other readers how great each of you are, then let them judge for themselves.

So, happy clinking and linking and reading and be sure to return to my place in the sun, well, tomorrow! In addition to next week for Tuesday's Question.

Again, please excuse the colored font it helps to distinguish the different comments. Each blog is in a different color. Enjoy!

Sandee from Comedy Plus

What Character Do You Identify With The Most In A Book Or Movie?

Dirty Harry Callahan - I loved it when he said: "You have to ask yourself one question: do I feel lucky. Well, do ya, punks?" Since I dealt with punks for 25 years it just fit.

A)What situation comedy character would you're friends say you're most alike?

Roseanne Barr - Like she is protrayed in the Roseanne TV series. She was strong and forceful. I often have the same wit too.

What well known wealthy person is living the lifestyle you would in their position?

No one. My life is already perfect, free of the media and the large ego.

What Hollywood star or famous person have people said you resemble?

Billy Jean King, but I can't see it.

Dawn from Twisted Sister Totally Pissed Off

Okay but don't laugh! I'm gonna pick Jane from "Jane Eyre".

situation comedy character: Deborah from Everybody loves Raymond... I so get her!

well known wealthy person: Oprah is a really good choice.

famous person have people said you resemble: No one ever said I resembled anyone famous!

The Totally Fabulous
Christy, from Christy's Coffee Break

This is a fun one Ann!

A) Ann of Green Gables, and for years I was stuck babysitting twins while being lost in my imagination so it's actually kind of weird, lol..and she's even a writer..

B)I'm not sure which one but since you used the Friends show as an example...I'd be Ross's sister..what's her name?..the one that drives everyone crazy...yeah..that's me.

C) Oprah!!!

D) Geena Davis is the only one I somewhat resemble.

Cool questions Ann, I'm coming back later to read everyone's questions!

Polli, from Polliwog's Pond

Great questions Ann! This took a lot of thought.

My answers:

MAIN QUESTION What Character Do You Identify With The Most In A Book Or Movie?

I've never identified with a fictional character in a book for some reason. I do read select fiction, not a lot, as I'm a solid non-fiction girl. The memoir is my favorite genre of book to read. The two people I have identified with the strongest as I read their biographies were the late Kurt Cobain (of Nirvana fame) and the late Eleanor Roosevelt (of historical fame). As I read about their lives, their actions, and their thoughts, I felt as if I had met my soulmates.

A What situation comedy character would your friends say you're most like?

Just like you Ann, I fashion myself an "I Love Lucy" kinda girl. I'm not like Roseanne, though my home life is. But if you ask my friends, the overwhelming response is that I am most like Phoebe on "Friends." One friend said, "Just like her, you do nice things for people, are sweet, and manage to get into lots of goofy situations." I also think it's because I have an odd sense of humor. So I guess I'm Phoebe! Anyone want to hear my rendition of "Smelly Cat?"

B) Who in Hollywood or what well known person have people said you most resemble?

When I was a teenager, I was wearing a photo button of John Taylor and someone thought I was wearing a picture of myself. I was so obsessed with him, that I guess I got my hair like his and sorta morphed into him. I think I most resemble Claire Danes (similar features, though she is waaaayy prettier!). The best compliment I ever got though was when someone told me I had a "Ann-Margret kinda thing going on."

C) What well known wealthy person is living their life the way you would given the same set of circumstances?

Is there any wealthy person out there that has given most of it away? If so, that would be my answer. I'd keep enough to not have to worry, and to have a nice home and get to travel, but the rest, would all be given away to help others. I don't say that to make myself seem oddly generous. I feel best about money when I am giving it away or spending it on others. I'd like to not have to worry about it, but to me wealth is meant to be shared. I despise excess.


What Character Do You Identify With The Most In A Book Or Movie?
Harry Potter
A)What situation comedy character would you're friends say you're most alike?
I love Lucy....
What Hollywood star or famous person have people said you resemble?
Fergie the Princess....

What well known wealthy person is living the lifestyle you would in their position?
Bill Gates

Priscilla Palmer
You have been tagged for The Personal Development List.
I would love for you to participate.

Santa Claus

Ho! Ho! Ho! Ann

In answer to all the questions the answer is Santa ☺ Ho! Ho! Ho!

And that ends my list of great bloggers and friends! Thank you all again and again, and thank you for reading! Have a fun day!

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Today's Popular Children's Picture Books

Today's Popular Children's Picture Books
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The Boogeyman From Planet-Lackawanna-

You will lose yourself in the imaginative dreams of eleven year old Theodore Wilson's. Don't miss this review coming soon.

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Thank you!

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Upcoming Book Review
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Motherhood- Courage

Motherhood is an art impossible to explain, one which requires a vast sea of love, devotion, compassion, and understanding, unmatched by any affection we will ever know again.- Ann Clemmons






Words are the core of our souls, without written, vocal or lyrical expression we lose sight of one another or worse, ourselves. Words bring forth the essence of the human spirit; so express yourself without abandon.

Ann Clemmons

Favorite Phrase

I remember I used to half believe and wholly play with fairies when I was a child. What heaven can be more real than to retain the spirit-world of childhood, tempered and balanced by knowledge and common-sense...

Beatrix Potter’s Journal, 17 November 1896, from the National Trust collection.

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Alone in her world
of make believe
weaving her stories
of magic and light

She brings joy
to the eyes
of innocent minds
less jaded and free

For only they know
what's in her heart
holding the secrets
she guards so well

Life's hidden mysteries
belong to those
whose wisdom and truth
shine on in imagination

Written for Ann
~Dawn Drover~

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In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I’ve been turning over in my mind ever since.

Whenever you feel like criticizing any one,” he told me, “just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.”'

F. Scott Fitzgerald. (Lines from The Great Gatsby)
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Mark Twain

"A book must be the ax for the frozen sea inside us."

Franz Kafka

An author values a compliment even when it comes from a source of doubtful competency.

- Mark Twain in Eruption

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Mark Twain

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