What Is The Worst Thing Your Pet Has Ever Done ? (Tuesday's Question)

Hello, and welcome to another Tuesday's Question. I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with the fictional "Toonces" on Saturday Night Live years ago, but I think you'll agree that if Toonces were real, he would win the prize for the worlds worst cat.

In addition, this past Christmas we were introduced to the movie adaption of the book, Marley And Me, by John Grogan about "The Worlds Worst Dog," who is quite possibly the worst canine ever born.

I'm in the middle of reading the book,(and I plan to see the movie) and trust me, so far Marley is a lovable handful of Trouble, and I capitalized the T on purpose.

In fact, Marley's owner and the author of Marley and Me John Grogan, subtitled the book, "Life and Love with the Worlds Worst Dog."

But, what about the other animals out there in the world? I happened to have the world's worst cat, and I'm sure a few of you have been blessed with owning or knowing a mischievous feline or canine rebel, therefore today's Tuesday's Question asks;

What is The Worst Thing Your Pet Has Ever Done? The question includes animals that you've owned in the past, animal friends, animal nieces and nephews, etc...

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Have children?

Here is a link to the hardcover of Bad Dog Marley a special adaptation for young readers. By John Grogan (Author), Richard Cowdrey (Illustrator)

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Our first Answer is from my dear dear friend and loyal Tuesday's Question participate,

Sandee from Comedy Plus, whose answers are as much fun as her blog. Therefore be sure

to take advantage of this link to Comedy Plus, I promise you will not regret it.

Here's Sandee's Answer:

I'd not heard of Toonces before. What a wreck of a cat. Yikes.

We have a flat coat retriever. Her name is Little Bit although she weight 80 pounds. We named her Little Bit because she is a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

She was a throw away dog (twice) and no one seemed to want her. I was still working when she picked me out to be the new master. It was a great choice on my part to let her adopt us. She has been a great source of joy.

So, what's the worst thing she has done?

She has farted after eating pigs ears and it's made our eyes water. No, that's not the worst thing.

She's gotten into the kitchen garbage can on numerous occasions and spread garbage all over the place. No, that's not the worst thing.

She will kill any small critter she finds outdoors (not little dogs folks). They just don't have a chance. Well, that's not the worst thing.

She will drink water out of the toilet. Well, I guess that's not the worst thing.

She licks her behind daily. Well, I suppose that isn't the worst thing either.

I've come to the conclusion that our Little Bit is a perfect dog and does absolutely no wrong at all.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hug and lotsa lovies. :)


The next answer is from no other than Daisy herself, from Daisy, The Curly Cat
who says that she is a good cat, but she and her mom have had some problems with her brother Harley. In fact she wrote a post about it today if you would like to hear more about what Harley did click here

And here's Daisy's comment: Thank you Daisy~

Oh my goodness, we LOVE Toonces. The cat who could drive a car! I have always wanted to drive a car. I am pretty sure I would not have a fiery wreck though.

I wrote today on my blog about the bad things my brother Harley has done. He almost ruined our laptop computer by spilling water into the keyboard. We took it all apart and dried it quickly, but the "A" key stopped working. Luckily, we got a replacement keyboard and it works fine now.

My next answer is from my dear dear friend Dawn at Twisted Sister, who, like Sandee, has been a loyal Tuesday's Question participate from the beginning. Dawn also has some very funny posts on her blog as I writing this... Thanks pal~

Well I can't say ever owned a pet as crazy as Toonces!
Miiko is a little nuts but what can I say? I probably made him that way.

I guess if I have to point a finger it would be at the dog. Sasha has been known to kill baby rabbits and squirrels. I find that hard to deal with... but the absolute worst thing was when she killed and ate my brother in law's brand new shoes. I was mortified!

Great question Ann!

The next answer is from Lizzie at Lizzie's Choice whose blog has a collection of articles by talented writers all over the web- Thanks Lizzie~

My Doberman/Labrador cross still goes crazy every so often but at 17 it isn't as frequent as it used to be. As a pup, he once ate half the lounge carpet and tore the back out of an armchair when I left him for 2 hours to go to the shop.

He was also very good at climbing onto kitchen worktops and would empty my cupboard. Yikes!

Fortunately he is almost always good now!


Up next is an answer by none other than another dear, dear, friend, Maunie at Maunie James I just realized when I went to copy the link to Maunie James, that Maunie she has an article about her bad and wonderful kitty Penny posted today. Isn't that a coincidence?

Here's Maunie's answer:

Well honey Penny the most wonderful cat in the world steals and hides things...if she can carry it in her mouth or drag it with her paws...it's gone. Last Christmas it was orniments off the tree.

this year we couldn't decorate so she got crazy and took one sock of as many pairs as she could find.

Hubbys keys.that was a good one.

one glove or mitten...drives ya nuts.

And we are not sure how she did it (must have taken her most of the day) the remote.

We did track down most of the stuff in an empty box for the lap
top we were taking down here.

If she could only talk..I love her to pieces...you too honey.

That's it so far, except for your answer, hence, What is The Worst thing Your Pet Has Ever Done?

Type rest of the post here


Don't You Love Lasagna?

I’ve never been much of a cook, and shortly after my divorce, I had a fight with every cooking utensil and ingredient in my kitchen while trying to make lasagna for a man I was crazy about at the time. Now, I refer to him as the rebound man, but at the time, I thought he was going to save my life.

I was writing and selling ads for a local magazine earning a yearly salary of zero, in addition to writing plays for a local children’s theater that my son was involved in, consequently the company did well, but I didn’t.

Therefore, between working all the time, and rearing a child on my own, I barely had time to breath, let alone date, although I was determined to make the relationship work.

The man I was seeing had children but they were older than Taylor, and therefore not as active, and his ex- wife had custody, so Taylor joined us on most of our dates.

My new friend was nice enough about single parent things, but after we dated for a while, I felt bad about being busy all the time and never having a baby sister.

Therefore, one day in an effort to make him happy, I said, "Why don’t I fix you a meal this week-end, and then we’ll go see a movie, just the two of us?"

He smiled and said, "Oh no Ann, you don’t have to do that. I didn’t mind helping you with your car, I mean…"

At which point I thought to myself, please do not do it, mister. Please don’t treat me like I’m a damsel in distress, because I like you and you will ruin everything...please stop talking, dumb man, please stop-

Hence, before he could utter another word, a word with the potential to ruin a perfectly good evening, I turned to him and said one of the dumbest things I’ve said in my life, "Don’t you love lasagna?"

(I already knew lasagna was his favorite dish from one of our first dates or our "interview" date.)

"Yeah," he said, while shaking his forefinger up and down, and looking at me as if I was a mind reader.

"As a matter of fact I love lasagna," he said, scratching his head, and wondering how I could have known something private about him.

In fact, when I look back on it he was probably worried I had asked someone questions about him, and was about to get antsy; or he may have been beginning to think I wanted to marry him or something, the narcissist.

I was getting frustrated by the whole single mother dating scene; I felt like I may as well start looking into retirement homes for singles because there was no way I could split myself into...meaning I couldn’t be at home with my child and out on date at the same time.

Moreover "Split myself into" is one of the remarks I said under my breath in the grocery store with Taylor, who was seven at the time when we went to get supplies for the lasagna, which by the way, I hadn’t a clue how to bake.

I didn’t mind making my new friend his favorite dish, in fact that was the point, I wanted to do something nice for him, I just didn’t have any where near the amount of money I needed to make lasagna. I was so young I barely knew how to cook...

I remember turning the exhaust on over the stove before making pancakes for my husband and Taylor years before..

Then after our divorce every time I began to make pancakes, Taylor stopped me and said, "Wait, wait a minute Momma," before he climbed on the stove to turn the exhaust on himself, poor child.

Anyway, getting back to Taylor and I shopping for the lasagna ingredients and me rambling under my breath; (if I ever learned anything from parenting, is was if you think your children are not listening or watching what you are doing at all times, think again.)

Moving on, I was so upset when I reread the list of ingredients I got out of the package of a tomato soup can, I panicked and said to myself, "If I could just disappear, I just want to fly away, and never return. A single pan of lasagna is going to cost me at least a weeks worth of groceries and all I have is enough money to buy groceries for a week."

When I realized the predicament I was in, I lost my composure and started talking aloud to myself holding my son’s hand as he walked beside me in silence.

"There just isn't any way I can afford to make this lasagna, there just isn't, gosh what is wrong with men? If I could afford to make lasagna, I would have been able to hire a team of cooks, a housekeeper, and a mechanic. Actually, for that matter, why not just take a year off and go to the Bahamas or better yet, I can write a novel and put Taylor in an excellent private school."

Oh, but wait I need to make his lasagna first...we have to do that, that is, after I write three ads for a run down pancake house that probably won’t pay me a penny..."

I went on like this until I felt Taylor squeezing my hand, then I heard him say,

"Momma I’ll help you make the lasagna, I know how to do it. I know you need a friend to go out with, and Daddy told me to help, I’ll make the lasagna.

My heart melted, I have never loved a person more, then I loved him at that moment.

I haven't a clue how we managed to get all of the ingredients (I probably spent all my money) but we did, and it didn’t end there.

Afterward, I realized I didn’t have a pan big enough to hold the amount of ingredients that I had on my list, because I doubled the recipe, thinking my date could take some home and we would have enough to eat for at a week, which by now, had become a necessity, at least for me.

Therefore, I went back to the store and bought a pan big enough and deep enough, (or at least I thought it was) to load it down with layer upon layer of every ingredient in lasagna. I was so proud of myself.

Then the time came for me to show Rebound man the kind of woman he just may be lucky enough to have by his side for a awhile.

Nevertheless, as soon as he knocked on the door the buzzer on the oven went off, so I had Taylor answer the door while I went to get my delicacy out of the oven. My friend said hello to Taylor and headed toward the kitchen as I headed toward the living room, but I didn’t make it out of the kitchen with the pan of lasagna.

When I pulled the pan from the oven door, the ingredients were too heavy for the pan to hold them, therefore as if in slow motion, the entire pan crumbled onto the kitchen floor….and into my lap.

It looked like someone took two dozen jars of everything in the grocery store and poured it on my lap. I sat in the pile of food crying uncontrollably, embarrassed that I had lost control the way I did, but I couldn’t stop the tears from rolling down my face. My date tried to come in the kitchen, and I could tell he wanted to laugh, but I threw my hand up to shield my face full of tomato sauce and tears.

In addition, Taylor intercepted, "Now, don’t you be mad at my mom because that was all the money she had for groceries this week."

My friends mouth dropped open and he started to say something, but Taylor went on, "There was no way she could afford this lasagna, and she wants to know what is wrong with men? When she found out how much this was going to cost she wanted to fly away and never come back...because if she had the money to buy lasagna she could afford to buy us a plane, and we could have a housekeeper, and a thousand ninja turtles, and even a brand new car..."

It was so funny, I lost my composure again, but in a good way...Finally, I stopped him and hugged him back and forth, reminding him that I didn’t say anything about Ninja Turtles or planes...

Then, the three of us sat in the slop and laughed…until it was too gross to anymore. Incidentally, we went out to eat… Moreover, the rebound man and I have been back and forth for years now...Taylor has not bought his plane yet, and I still cannot cook.


Have You Ever Done Something Out Of Character For You?

Hello, and welcome to this weeks Tuesday's Question...I apologize for the delay, however, for some reason it took me all morning to think of a question today. I know I haven't asked every question on earth, although after reading through the Tuesday's Questions in archives this morning, I was beginning to wonder.

But, just when I think I've asked every question there is to ask, I find what I believe will be a good question hiding somewhere in the recesses of my mind, and today in an old box of memories hidden behind some cobwebs I found this one;

Have you ever done something out of character for you?

For example, have you ever dyed your hair jet black, when you're a natural blond, the day before you started a new job ?

Or stapled (some of you know about this) your bosses tie to his shirt? Or decked an anesthesiologist after surgery knocking him down on the operating room floor?

(That is how I inherited the nickname "Slugger" from my son. And this is information I assume is between us, right?)

And this last one, I think the television show Friends copied off of MY friends and I- because we also danced in the outside water fountains in New Orleans at a Rolling Stones concert.

Which for me, was completely out of character. Well...really all of these examples are~

So...now it's your turn, Have you ever done something out of character for you?


Simon's Catnip Toy

It was freezing in my apartment this morning- and I mean freezing- I wanted to stay under the covers where it was warm. But, I had to be as still as I could, because if my cat Simon knew I was awake, I could forget going back to sleep.

However, I thought it was probably too late for that, because moments before, I heard him stirring around at the end of my bed- yes, my bed, not his-although he has a huge bed.

I kept my eyes closed hoping he would think I was still asleep, but my hopes faded, after
I felt his paw plop over my mouth and nose, followed by a drawn out, "Meoow."

His meow sounded tender and kind, but different, almost like he actually had a southern drawl or he was in the middle of yawning when he meowed. I didn’t have the heart to push him off the bed, so I continued to pretend I was sleeping, hoping he would believe me. Although it was hard to pretend I was asleep with his paw on my face and his hair in my nose.

Moreover, I could feel his eyes peering at me, and his other paw on my arm, then he started drawling out more meows...



His next Me-OW slowly slid out of his mouth in a long drawl that sounded like he was either in distress, drunk, or asking a question.


Silence again.

And the next one was louder..."Me-OW?"

I could feel his comical face looking into mine, I say comical, because Simon resembles the Santa Claus puppet that Burl Ives played in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

He is a Grey tabby cat with a white beard and mustache that looks just like the Santa Claus puppet. Simon is cute, except he stares at people’s faces-, which can be a little rude and embarrassing, although at times it's funny... but lately he's been acting belligerent, and as I mentioned before, he seems tipsy.

Well anyway, back to Simon's habit of staring, when I said it's sometimes funny, I suppose it depends upon why he is staring at you, because he has different reasons for his unacceptable behavior. For example, he stares at you when he’s hungry- and it doesn’t matter who you are- he also stares at people he thinks he may be able to manipulate, but he is a loving cat.

The Real Simon Cat with his scratch post on Christmas Day
What aggravates me is that people do not know why he is glaring at them…therefore he gets a reaction out of them, such as, “Oh, look at the POOR little kitty, are you hungry?”

And because he liked the tone of their voice he raises his tail in the air, meows, and curls his body around their legs, as if to say, "Thank Goodness, someone has noticed..."

Then people actually ask him in front of me again, "Oh, is the little kitty hungry?" while Simon meows as if to say yes, in his slow meow, the slowest longest meow I've ever heard a cat utter.

He has more of a southern drawl than I do, and what I find humorous is that Maine Coon cats are from...you guessed it- Maine. But, of course he has lived in the South with us since he was a baby, so he is our cat with a Southern meow.

I cannot believe people ask your animals questions like that (or at least they do mine) with you standing right there…like they're trying to give you an easy why to confess the abuse you've inflicted on your animal. I mean, do people actually expect you to answer for your pet?

Yes, as a matter of fact my cat is saying, “Meow, please give me something to eat, my owner, yes that lady right there, is starving me to death, so please get help-fast.”

Hence, I’m sure you get my meaning about his stare, which I have no doubt he knows what he is doing- he gets miles out of his eyes and stare.

Anyway, I could see that he was wearing his hungry stare when he looked in my face this morning- his face was so close to mine I could feel his whiskers- now you know a lot of woman would be jealous of that, so I suppose I am lucky, but he was acting weird, and his meow sounded different and even more drawn out than normal, therefore I began to wonder if something was wrong.

Even his stare looked off this morning, but I shrugged it off thinking that he was probably just in a bad mood, or his stomach hurt, but I didn’t feel like dealing with him, so I ignored my hunch.

Hence, the more he moaned and purred and dug his claws in my skin, the more I thought something may be wrong and when he realized I was not asleep, but ignoring him, he meowed and dramatically threw himself over on his back until he rolled off the bed.

Then he started running around my apartment as if he was at the local gym or lived on an obstacle course. And I remembered what was wrong, I don’t know why I didn’t remember it before, perhaps because I was half awake or I temporarily blocked it out, but I suddenly recalled why he might be acting like a wild cat beast.

However, I managed to get out of bed anyway, and face the fact that I gave Simon a scratch post for Christmas that was covered with catnip.

Now, I don’t have a lot of experience with catnip, but it seems to me that Simon cannot hold his buzz, because he is still happily galloping around my apartment destroying everything in sight.

Therefore, as he continued running his marathon through my apartment, tapping me on the back of my ankle and dashing off again, I surrendered and got in the shower.

When I was in the shower, I could hear him leaping from what sounded like my entertainment center, and onto my bookshelf, then he landed on what sounded like my side table- where I later found the bookmark out of the book I’m reading.

I cannot believe I did this to myself, but I guess I wanted to get Simon something he really liked for Christmas- because for some unknown reason I adore the animal- and I thought the scratch post was a great present for a good price.

And he does love it, because when we opened it for him on Christmas morning, he was as happy as a baby grizzly with his first fish…, but when he started acting like a wild papa grizzly, which we mistook his behavior for pure joy.

He even laid his head against his new gift ensuring it would definitely be covered with his scent, and then walked away with his tail in the air. I was happy he loved it, because it’s hard to find a gift for Simon.

Although, since he’s had the scratch post, he entertains our guests by swinging around and around it, until he picks up enough momentum to slip off and fly across the floor. I have never seen anything like it, everyone in the room starts laughing and he does it so fast you can’t catch your breath from laughing at him.

This scratch post makes him happy, and he knows that people are laughing at him, so I hate to take it away but at the same time, he can be extremely destructive, and frankly he is too destructive to behold.

Talk about feel foolish when I called a friend who has always owned cats and she told me that cats do indeed love catnip. Obviously, I was familiar with the herb or whatever it is; I just didn’t have a clue how potent it is, hence no more catnip for Simon, except, maybe on special occasions, like in the next few years.

Moreover, I guess, he can have what is already in the scratch post. I forgot to ask my friend how long the scent would stay that potent, so I guess I’m going to have to live with it until it wears out.

In any event, Simon has been keeping me up all night, running to his new scratch post, then jumping on top of the entertainment center and jumping off again- and flying- or he feels like he is- down the hallway, jumping on my bed and pouncing on my head until he wears himself out.

I know Catnip is supposed to make cats feel good, but damn. I've had to spray Simon with a water bottle (I use to keep him in line) almost every night since Christmas to keep him from waking everyone up in the middle of the night playing with- the-scratch- post.

Actually, I should have remembered that wildcat beast look on his face this morning, since he’s been wearing it since Christmas. Hence, Simon wasn’t hungry when he woke me up this morning; instead he was flying high on Catnip.

It's funny how sometimes the whole puzzle comes together when you find the missing piece, isn’t it? At least I hope that’s true, because if it is, maybe I’ll be able to piece my apartment back together. That is, since I've found the piece that was causing all the trouble...

By the way, would anyone like to have a Maine Coon grey tabby cat? He has had his shots, is neutered, has a litter box, toys, and a brand new scratch post.

We will contribute his first bag of food.


Describe Your Favorite Simple Moment? / Tuesday's Question

"I remember I used to half believe and wholly play with fairies when I was a child. What heaven can be more real than to retain the spirit-world of childhood, tempered and balanced by knowledge and common-sense..."

Beatrix Potter’s Journal, 17 November 1896, from the National Trust collection.

Hello everyone. Yep, I'm finally posting a Tuesday's Question, and I'm sorry for the inconsistent postings. However, I've received the go ahead from my doctor to begin publishing a few posts a week on A Nice Place In The Sun, plus I can start writing manuscripts and freelance full time again. I'm was happy to get the news, and as far as how I feel, I say "Damn the tornadoes, full speed ahead."

So if I take it easy and don't rush out of the starting gate too fast, I'll be back in the race soon enough. (Until then, I hope you can forgive an occasional dead metaphor)

Thank you again for your mind-boggling support and friendship while I was in and out and since I've been writing Tuesday's Question.

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Before, I give my answer here's a quick note of gratitude to my regular readers:

It’s amazing how much you can learn about a person by asking them questions, and really listening to their answers. (as opposed to thinking about what you’re going to have for dinner.)

Because when people choose to tell you about their childhood experiences, backgrounds, siblings, birth order, parents, teachers, friends, children, etc...They are sharing a combination of the ingredients that have helped shape their lives and form their personalities. And when they explain how they managed to find joy in their blessings, bounce back from their struggles, and endure their sorrows, they are sharing with you the foundation of their character. There are times when I’m reading your answers when I am overwhelmed by how genuine and honest all of you are.

Today's Tuesday's Question asks, What is your Favorite Memory From A Simple Moment? and many of you have given me many favorite moments, many times.
Thank you~

My favorite memory from a simple moment is at the end of this story. I hope the story it's not too long, but if it is, just read to the bottom for the example of my simple moment. By the way, this is one of my first posts on A Nice Place In The Sun, and it was chosen as The Rising Blogger's post of the day. I was so proud~

It was titled, What Do You Remember About Your Favorite Grown-up?

When you were a child who was your favorite grown-up? My favorite grown-up was my maternal grandmother. Yesterday, I went to her grave site and recalled two of my favorite memories of her. I have many memories of fun grown-ups, although for some reason she's the one who sticks in my mind the most often. My other grandparents were great too, of course, but we lived down the street from her in a new neighborhood branched off from an older street or lane, called Moss Side Lane. The name Moss Side came from the moss that hung from the oak trees that shadowed the street.
With the exception of my parents, this grandmother had the most influence in my life. She taught me to wish upon a star, to garden, curtsy, talk to people, read…

We called her Nana, and she said things like, "DAT Burn it!" and "A stitch in time saves nine." She had a garden in a huge beautiful yard which she embraced with passion. Determined to enlighten us on the basics of gardening and yard work, she would bribe us for the opportunity to put us to work. The funny thing is, my brothers and I thought our work was actually worth the gratuity. In order to teach us something, she endured the arguments, temper tantrums, and excuses with the grace of a saint. However, this was a tolerance reserved only for her grandchildren. She wasn’t a tolerant woman or a saint, she was just a grandmother. Always on the side of her children and grand children, right or wrong, in addition to having a lesson to teach...

On one of our gardening opportunities, I was working my heart out when (I was singing to myself and playing with a rake) she called out to me, "Ann, come see." When I reached her, I saw she found a baby rabbit lying limp on the ground. The soil, recently tilled, had disturbed a nearby rabbit hole. Evidently, a baby rabbit ran out of his home, and the tractor ran him over. The little baby was in bad shape. Nana yelled across the rows of vegetables, "Honey, will you come help me with this?"

I can see that baby rabbit in my mind's eye as clear as if it were yesterday.
Then she said, "Go get the hoe! We are going to have to put it out of its misery"

It took me a moment to realize she didn't mean WE were going to have to put the rabbit out of its misery, she meant ME! It was clear there was no "we" to striking that rabbit to death with a garden hoe! There was only a "me" to do it! She handed me the rake, and looked at me as if to say how hard it was for her to teach life's cruelest lessons.

"Go ahead, it is the best thing to do for the rabbit, honey, we cannot let it suffer."

"Nana," I exclaimed, "I ‘m not going to chop it's head off, I'm sorry, but I can't.”

Although this protest held the promise of making her angry, instead she was childlike and warm in her response, "Do you think your mother can bring it back to life?" (My mother had the skills and talent required of a veterinarian.)

Before she changed her mind, I went and got a box to put in it, and brought the little rabbit home for my mother to doctor. She did her best to save him by using an eyedropper for nourishment and water, but he died.

Our First Blogger Answer is here! Read after story~

I brought the rabbit back and we buried him near the garden. That's when she told me the story of his relatives, and where they all lived under the ground. Later that evening, we sat on her back porch steps and she taught me how to wish upon a star. I remember the inflections in her voice moving in time with the crickets, her black hair and lightning bugs dancing around in the yard. She had the best rhyme: “Wishes come true when you wish on a star/Since the man in the moon knows where you are/No matter how near no matter how far/He sees you and me and knows where we are.”

“Nana,” I asked. “Yes honey?" is what she said as she pulled me close.

“Where is the man in the moon?”

“Right there honey! Look!“

I smelled her hair as she drew me in her arms tight and laid her head against mine...I could feel her heart beating, then she pointed to the sky and said, “Look baby, right there!”

I wish I could ask her where she is now and catch up on the questions I have, or have had, or questions I don’t remember.

What is your favorite memory from a simple moment?

The first blogger to answer was Sandee from Comedy Plus, it's a well written and touching memory of moments shared with her mother. Thank you Sandee

One thing that I think of often is walking the mall with my Mother. It's something she enjoyed and I loved her so much that I would always go with her if I could. I hate to shop and she knew that.

We wouldn't necessarily shop, but just walk and talk. This has been a most fond memory.

Mom has been gone coming up on 19 years and if I've thought about anything related to her more that our mall walking it would be our daily phone calls to each other.

For years I would cry while at the mall upon seeing a mother and daughter walking along talking about whatever mothers and daughters talk about. I've since quit crying and now it's a fond memory of very special mother and daughter times that I'm so glad we shared.

On a recent trip to the mall with my husband and granddaughters, I mentioned how I always think about mom while walking the mall. It seems like yesterday sometimes and other times it seems so long ago. A simple thing that means so very much to me and always will.

Glad you're back. Love you Annie. Big hug. :)

January 13, 2009 12:26 PM

Grace from Broadway Matron was the next blogger to answer. She wrote a comforting memory of watching a rain storm. Thanks Grace~

I have thought and thought and I don't have one. I must admit it took me a while to understand the question but Sandee's story kinda made it clear.

Perhaps lying on my bed with the lights out watching a rain storm with the leaves pasting themselves to the window panes and the shadows of the tree branches dancing madly in the wind? ....

The next answer is from my dear friend Dawn at Twisted Sister who I've had the good fortune to know for some time, but I never knew that she was a good friend of Jack Frosts.

I guess you just never know...

Here's her touching story...

I'm so glad to see Tuesday's Question! I loved your story.
I guess the one thing that always stayed with me took place when I was about 7 years old. My mother woke me up earlier than usual for school and brought me to my bedroom window.

"Look" she said, "Jack Frost was here last night and left a beautiful painting on the window just for you."

I was spellbound at the tiny snow flake shapes... and I truly believed that Jack Frost had painted them!

The next answer is from my good Ettarose at Sanity On Edge

Annie, I will not try to make this a maudlin story. I wish I had had the memories of a Mom that you all have. I am very simply, moved by something I can only feel though all of your words. A simple moment that first came to mind is when I was at my D's ultra sound and I will never forget the words of the Doctor when he said it was a girl.I had a moment of pure joy when I thought of a conversation we had several months before when a question of whether to terminate or not came up.That little girl is my whole world as I have custody of her. She will always be to me something that might not have been and the world and myself would have been a sadder without her. I hope this answer was all right and not sad. I really think very much of you and admire your laughter and your strength and the love you have from your children.

January 14, 2009 8:07 AM

And the last comment, but certainly not least, came from The Muse at A Diva's Hammer...Wielded By The Muse

sometimes long post are well worth it..and this one!

I will have to return for more Tuesday's question! and not be late the next time!

January 14, 2009 4:12 PM

Well...it looks like that's it! Thanks for participating and reading and don't forget to visit the blogger's blogs who commented, because remember, chances are, if you liked a blogger's answer, you will also enjoy reading their blog.

Plus, even though Tuesday's passed us by, feel free to answer Tuesday's Question anytime, and if it's still on the main page (not in archives) look for your comment to become a part of the post with a link back to your blog.

Because we want to read about your special moment or moments, so come on, Describe Your Favorite Simple Moment?

If not, we'll see you next Tuesday for another Tuesday's Question.


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I hope you enjoy it. :)

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