How Long Have You Been Without Sleep, And What Were The Consequences?

Hello and welcome to Tuesday's Question~

How long Have You Been Without Sleep, And What Were The Consequences?

Because, the consequences of a night without sleep, make you feel as if your brain is totally fried- gone.

Although, the more I think of it the image of the compass above might be a better illustration. In any case, if you're anything like me, you face dreadful consequences when you lose sleep.

For instance, you may leave home with two different earrings on, ( guys and girls) or forget to zip up your pants...or lock your keys in your car... just think about it a minute because I know you've done something-

I'm not sure how long I've gone without sleep all at once, but I know every time I've missed too much sleep, trouble is on the way... Like the time I was stuck at the Mercy of my bathroom faucet and when I walked around with something on the front of shirt half the day,(Momma Said There Would Be Days Like This), and most recently Has It Really Been A Week when I lost small pieces of an entire week.

Plus, I know I actually wrote a post entitled, I'm tired one time, but I can't find it. Isn't it something how I assume you're going to read all of these posts anyway...like you have time to read all of this dribble, answer Tuesday's Question, and read three old posts-

I had a marriage counselor write out the word assume for my husband and I on a piece of paper during a counseling lesson one time. I was so excited, finally someone was on my side and was going to tell this jerk how right I was about everything.

Finally some validation I thought, she's going to get him good...but no, she proceeded to "Kill me Softly With His song..." Ms. Psychologist who probably had a crush on Mr. Charm wrote on her psychologists know everything pad, Assume in bold letters, then separated the word and said that I needed to look at the word closely; she went on to say that to assume anything always makes an "Ass-out of U and me" I guess I'm just an ass...whatever-

Consequently, we never went back to her and every time I think or use the word assume I think about her and him, and assume since he was also a psychologist I probably wasn't getting too fair a deal-

Anyway, I'm sorry, I'm babbling so much...and that I was late today with Tuesday's question. And I guess you've figured out that this is a consequence of another sleepless night, but I can't wait to hear your comments.

That is if I make it out of this frying pan, and I'm not sure that's going to happen...What if I don't live through this experience and I can't write about anything anymore? I need to slow down and try to get more sleep- Because you know the saying "If you can't stand the heat get out of the frying pan, or away from the fire, or...oh I can't remember I'm in a skillet...

Does anyone have a spatula?

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Please Bear With Me

Please bear with me; Tuesday's Question's next masterpiece will post shortly~


Saturday's Movie Moment: The Shawshank Redemption: Hope

I hope...you remain mindful of the good things that keep your dreams, wishes, and plans alive- and live everyday with the excited spirit and open heart of a child...

I adored so many scenes in this movie, but now I'm certain this is my favorite one.

I hope you've enjoyed this Saturday's favorite movie moment.

Have a happy and fun week-end~ Cheers~


Readers Answer Tuesday's Question: What Is The Worst Food You've Ever Tasted In Public?

Yesterday was a short but great post thanks to three of my most loyal readers answers to the most recent of Tuesday's Question in awhile: What is the worst food You've Ever Tasted In Public?

Plus, I created a Tuesday's Question image link to the comment page if you would like to read any of these bloggers past comments or yourself if you've ever commented to Tuesday's Question.

All you have to do is copy the code and put it in your sidebar and it will link to the comments page, instead of having to search through archives to find the comment page. Also, your readers will be able to read your answers by clicking on the link from your blog.

Yesterday, I believe I may have taken the long way around articulating the reason for the brag badge or Tuesday's Question image, so I saved that post in draft.

I wonder if perhaps it's been too long since I posted Tuesday's Question, especially when there wasn't a response to the brag badge post, but maybe it was just too confusing to explain.

Basically, the badge is for bloggers who will or have posted a comment to one of Tuesday's Questions post in the past to post in their sidebar, or for my readers to click on without having to search through archives.

More importantly, the badge is just for fun and not required of anyone to post- it's only a tribute to the blogs who've been loyal commenter's, or bloggers I thought deserved a brag badge, in addition to a way for readers to find their comments-

Anyway, I apologize for my wordiness in that post yesterday trying to explain the images and I hope you have a better understanding of what I was talking about now.

Anyhow, before I keep rambling on here is a great post, and thanks to all of you for reading and playing along:

Again, the question was What is the worst Food You've Ever Tasted In Public?

Click on "Read more" for everyones comments and links:

My first comment is from Sandee at Comedy Plus, who is one of my most loyal Tuesday's Question commenter's, and she tells great stories.

What a great question Ann. I've had lots of bad food in public, but the absolute worst was escargot. Escargot if not done correctly will be tough as heck. You can chew it and it just gets bigger and bigger in your mouth. Too big to swallow and you just can't get it down.

It was a very nice restaurant and I was on a date with a very nice looking man. I was in my 20s and had eaten escargot before. And it was good escargot that just melted in your mouth. I loved all the garlic and the warm French bread. Something wasn't quit right with this escargot.

I chewed and chewed and that little snail just got bigger and bigger. It didn't taste all that good at that point either. I couldn't just spit it out into my napkin. What to do, what to do... I finally just got up and went to the restroom to get rid of the 10 pound snail I had in my mouth.

The handsome man? Well, he had the same problem, but I was so busy with my own issue that I hadn't noticed he was struggling too. He finally just swallowed his whole to get rid of it. We laughed about it, and left the rest of the escargot untouched. The rest of the meal was delightful as I recall.

My husband and I love escargot and our favorite place to partake of this delicious little delicacy is Hazel's. Now I'm hungry for escargot. Have a great day everyone. :)

April 22, 2008 8:05 AM

My other wonderful friend and loyal commenter Dawn from Twisted Sister was the next commenter, who will also make you laugh:

LOL @ Sandee!
I think I was 9 or 10 and it was at my sister's wedding. I ate a mouthful of horseradish while my other sister sat there and laughed at me. (apparently she was waiting for me to try it) I ended up spitting it out on my plate and ran to tell my mother :)


And last, but not least, my favorite cowboy poet,(besides Kris Kristofferson), Robert at From The Roads was the last blogger to leave a comment.

Accordingly to Robert when you're living a life From The Roads the only recipes available to you will make your stomach numb.

I hope you've enjoyed Tuesday's Question and will have a chance to check out the links to these three fantastic blogs. Also, you can click on my new brag badge for these blogs Tuesday's Questions comments they've contributed in the past.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to these bloggers for making Tuesday's Question's return a fun one. Have a great week, and cheers~

After I wrote this post I had a few more commenter's which I'm thrilled about, I just hope they know I posted their comments.

The first is from A Girl For All Status
Isn't that a great name? Anyway here's her comment:

The worst I've eaten is a beetle. My grandpa's specialty which is deep-fried. It was like chewing something crunchy and then something gooey then crunchy again. It was so gross so I had to spit it out. So does that count as eating?

And to answer your question (because I don't think I did in my comments) Yes, it does count as eating- and it really counts as the worst thing you probably ever tasted. (smile) Thank you so much for a great comment~


And Monique Blue at Simply Quotes and Aspirations said;

I don't know when the worst was but I think that for me the worst time to have to swallow something unbearable is in front of the preparer be it a loved one or otherwise.

And now that I think about it I think the worst thing that I have ever had to eaten was something that my little sister made for me when she first started to cook. She was trying to learn how to make beans and rice and packed me a lunch to take to work. The beans were hard and the rice was undercooked too.

Fortunately LOL I was at work :D

(Oh, you were lucky you were at work- and thank you for your comment, Monique Blue. If you would like pick up a copy of the I answered Tuesday's Question image code.)

Excellent comment~

I also saw that one of my new friends Jennifer Robin from the excellent web site Robin's Woods left a comment.

I never experienced anything worth commenting about until I moved to my current location a few years ago. We have a community center where once or twice a year, they have a potluck, and I've only been to two. The first was because I didn't know better, and the second was to see if the first could have been a fluke. Lets just say that some people with some really strange ideas of potluck fare live out here. Most casseroles I couldn't even identify, and had no desire to take a second bite to even try, but the most memorable was a chicken and quinoa casserole that tasted like stale, almost rancid grease. I since found out that anyone who values their health wouldn't touch the food at one of these affairs with a ten foot pole!

Jennifer, next time they have a potluck dinner, you're going to have to be really busy, doing something extremely important, but I guess you've ready planned that out- (L0L)

Thanks for commenting and I'm glad you lived through it~ What great, but horrific imagery, "rancid grease."


Note to readers~ If you would like to leave a comment and pick up the code feel free to do so...if I have my comments enabled, I promise I will get back to you and post your comment. And again, thank you for reading and commenting


What's The Worst Food You've Ever Tasted In Public?

This Tuesday's Question asks What's The Worst Food You've Ever Tasted In Public?

I posted the image of a waiter because I was thinking in terms of a business meeting or date when I wrote the question. Although, there is nothing worse than looking into the eyes of a loved one who can't cook, but has labored over their love for you, then asked; "Well, what do you think? Or "Will you taste this?"

Or what is almost worse are the dreadful holiday guests who bring recipes that are so awful your entire family remembers the experience for decades- like in the case of a post I wrote entitled The Sound Of A Slamming Screen Door. It's a long post, but if you have time it has a part in it about my grandmothers friends plum pudding. Basically it just tasted awful and my family spent most of Christmas Eve either in the bathroom sick or hiding somewhere giggling in private.

Therefore, I think the worse situation you can be in when you have to swallow something unbearable, is in the company of a family member or friend rather than someone you're accompanying on a date or even a business meeting.

Now it's your turn, what is the most awful recipe you've had to swallow? And remember to look for your comment posted tomorrow with a link to your blog- and thanks for participating...plus grab a brag badge on your way home. And as always, I can't wait to read your answers~

Have fun and happy Tuesday ~

P.S. I have a doctors appointment today, but I will reply to each comment when I return, so please know how much I'm looking forward to your answers. In addition, I left my comments off moderation, so you should be able to read and reply to each other. :))


This Week-end's Favorite Movie Moment

I was running late posting Saturday's Favorite Movie Moment, so I decided to change the posts title to This Week-ends Favorite Movie Moment. Because one of a woman's greatest joys is the prerogative to change her mind.

In addition, I've decided to familiarize myself with "Towanda's" attitude, much like Evelyn Couch, (Kathy Bates) did a fine job of accomplishing in this scene from Fried Green Tomatoes.

Fried Green Tomatoes stars Jessica Tandy, Kathy Bates, Mary Stuart Masterson, Mary Louise Parker, and Chris O'Donnell.

In this week-ends favorite movie moment Evelyn Couch (Kathy) becomes her "new independent self" Towanda with a little help from her new hormone pills. I'm not sure if I'm hormone ready, but I have a feeling these pills will come in handy someday.

If you haven't seen Fried Green Tomatoes, it's time to rent it, because this movie has it all- it's a terrific film.

Enjoy and have a great week-end.


Hospital Gowns

Before her death, I used to imagine what my Golden Retriever "Wendy" may be thinking when she laid down and smiled; this is what I envisioned we may say to one another one day. You may recognize part of the phrase...

Wendy and I at the park~

"I dream of laying in the clover above the bunny rabbits burrow; a nice place in the sun where it's safe and warm; where a hound dog can rest her weary head."

and I wish to lay there with you, my friend, with a Bloody Mary in my hand.

My post:

I’m sorry about postponing another Tuesday’s Question. I've been practicing the violin therefore, I haven't had time to do much in the way of writing. I think until I get past whatever I need to do to get well I should rename Tuesday’s Question, The Unpredictable Question or the Question is…

I like both titles so if you read either of them on a Tuesday as a title to a post it’s really Tuesday’s Question in disguise...or something like that,- Actually, this is Thursday isn’t it? I'm apologizing for Tuesday's Question because I thought it was Wednesday, I'm sorry, for some reason I missed a day…

I'm not sure if I’m coming or going lately - golly, being sick is a full time job...it requires effort, like keeping up with the days and time. I feel I need to hurry to get dressed each morning, fix my hair, find my pumps, and pick up my clothes from the dry cleaners, etc… all hard adjustments for a writer, especially a sick one.

But, I guess I’m exaggerating a little, because the most I ever did to get ready for work was put on make-up and scream at my hair on my way out the door while I put the rest of my make up on in the rear view mirror.

And I’ve had trouble wearing pumps (a style of high heels guys) all my life, I fall over and walk on the side of my ankles, and wobble as if I've had too much to drink- it's not a pretty sight. I hate it though, because I really like how the shoes look and I would've liked to have had the patience to manage them at some point, if not anymore-

One time, I wore a pair of pumps for a boyfriend I adored, all the way through the French Quarter in New Orleans. Although by the end of the night, my date had to carry me to the car, and not because I had to much to drink. Consequently, our relationship soured soon after, which was for the best because the young woman I was that evening disappeared long ago, and I have a feeling he would have liked the other one better- Oh the things young woman do for the illusion of love, especially us romantic types.

Anyway, at the risk of switching the subject, guess who knows I’ve been playing my violin? If you are a regular reader you will quickly guess, if not, read these posts about Simon, my cat (he is also a songwriter) when you have a chance, and you will know more about why it’s a problem for him to know I’m vulnerable. (I also have a picture of him posted with the link.)

I don’t know how this cat knows when I feel powerless, frustrated, or scared out of my wits, but he does...

In fact, Simon wasted so much time Tuesday; I hold him partially responsible for the postponement of Tuesday’s Question. Because, while I was on the phone trying to set up appointments on an outpatient basis, and avoid being admitted to the hospital, Simon strolled along the kitchen counter gently tapping random objects on the floor.

Then the cat looked at me and meowed, as if he were playing Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, tell me dear owner which item will go...

Then I resorted to his level, “You evil little monster, I don’t care if you are a songwriter, you are a goner. The next time I have the chance you’re going to the pound –period.”

Anyway, I continued trying to find out about outpatient medical testing because according to my mother, I’m too hardheaded to just go in the hospital, and she's right, as usual.

Although my mother often says I’m “too hard-headed” when we disagree, which we were doing on the phone that afternoon, with my stepfather litigating her case in the background and Simon glaring at me with a “say chicken or else” look on his face and a defiant curl in his tail.

I could hear my stepfather saying as I watched Simon, “Ann, why don't you just go in the hospital and get those tests over with?"

Good question, and if I would just agree this would be over I thought, but I wanted to stay home surrounded by my books in my blue jeans, rather than go in a hospital and lay around in one of those awful gowns.

How am I supposed to feel secure having my spine operated on by a team of surgeons who tolerate such ludicrous hospital sleepwear?

I mean, Gee whiz... is it too much to ask for a decent nightgown? Nowadays you can have your hair, boobs, face, behind, everything virtually changed...you can be stuffed, tucked, plucked- and wrapped as tight as a Christmas present. These are exciting times, medical science has even found a way to defy gravity~ but not one soul can invent a decent hospital gown, not one...come on.

The hospital staff makes you wear those night gowns too, because last time I was in the hospital I brought my own pajamas and they would not let me wear them, although by the second day I was so doped up all I wanted was a giant lollipop.

And another time I was visiting the emergency room, the nurse said, “Put this gown on and the doctor will be right in, (you know the drill) but I didn’t feel well so I put the gown over the top part of my body and clothes, and hid my legs under the covers. That way the nurse couldn’t see my pants under the sheets, especially with my purse and hands on top of my legs.

This was an idea I actually thought was clever at the time, because after all, the gowns in the E.R were just routine anyway, and the doctor wouldn’t care, right?

Well, I was wrong, about the clever part anyway, because the nurse could tell what I did and she wasn’t too happy when she returned. She insisted that I take off my clothes right then and there, and put on the stupid gown with the butt open in the back- (talk about feel like a child)

Which reminds me that if I have to go kicking and screaming into the hospital you might not hear from me for a few days, but when I escape, I’ll have new material, so do come back, and know I always appreciate hearing from you ~

Plus, I thank you all for giving me what I suspect gives us all courage- the knowledge that people care - or in some cases, they're at least willing to stand by you and fight for your right to have decent hospital attire~ or hear you complain about it anyway~

I’ll keep you posted on my hospital stay, if in fact, there is one~

Until my next post~

Love and thanks~


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