Do ALL Dogs Go To Heaven? (Saturday Video)

I couldn't resist posting this video my Dad sent me this morning. I will continue posting a regular feature film next Saturday for Saturday's Favorite Movie Moment.

I hope this makes you laugh like it did me...

By the way, my blog is still listed as a nominee for Humor Blogger of the year over at HumorBloggers.com I cannot believe it's still there and I have ten votes!

Thank you if you've already voted for me and for those of you who haven't please vote for Nice Place In The Sun before they realize it's been nominated.

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If I was a Handywoman, I wouldn't need a Handyman

If I was a Handy woman, I would not need a Handyman. Nope, I would be fine and dandy Annie- And my slogan would read, "No job too large or too small- Handy Dandy Annie will conquer them all." That is my new dream folks...

Because after I climbed over my cat and out of my bed this morning...my bedroom door fell off the hedges, trapped my foot, and laid against me like a bad dancer. I tried to pry the piece of junk off my foot, but I was fighting a losing battle- I felt like the cat wrapped in the arms of the cartoon skunk Pepe Le Pew. Then, after the door was finished swinging me around in romantic bless, it tossed me to the floor like a piece of discarded linen.

Consequently, I forgot it was Tuesday, which means I was supposed to have posted Tuesday’s Question this morning. I really did forget… I’m not kidding...just ask Eric at SpeedcatHollydalePage, because I left evidence in his comments shortly after I awoke to my drama.

However, I was going to postpone Tuesday’s Question anyway because my entire landing page has posts about Tuesday’s Question. For example, there’s the post on The Quiz Whiz Award, then the post with the hilarious comments to Tuesday’s Question, which by the way, I published on Thursday- (do not ask)

Hence, it might be a good idea to get back on track and post the next Tuesday’s Question next Tuesday. I’m sorry you’re reading about the postponement so late in the afternoon.

I’ve been meaning to write you about it all morning, but as you now know, it was an impossibility at the time. Although, it would not have been a problem for a Handy Woman- that door would not have danced around with her all day, no sirree.

But, I'm not a handy woman and I've been working on a new line up of weekly posts, so I need to post a blog calendar. That way, I'll know the day of the week, and you can see what's coming next...from this oh so predictable writer/blogger...

Anyway, I have to go now so that I can write what you will read tomorrow. I have a new weekly post for us to do on Wednesdays...unless the roof caves in...

Oh, and don't forget to vote for me for Humor Blogger of the year over at HumorBloggers.com before they realize A Nice Place In The Sun has been nominated.

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As Good As It Gets (This Weekends Favorite Movie Moment )

Sorry guys, but this is my favorite scene from As Good As It Gets starring Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, Greg Kinnear, Cuba Gooding Jr., Skeet Ulrich, and Shirley Knight. The 1997 film was directed by James L.Brooks who co-wrote the screenplay with Mark Andrus, who wrote the story. Laura Ziskin produced the picture.

If you missed this all star cast in this fabulous film, rent it, because this is not the only funny scene. In addition the actors do justice to a wonderfully written screenplay full of characters you will love from the opening scene.

The soundtrack is good too.


Tuesday's Question's Quiz Whiz Stars

Earlier today, I posted a lie. I told you that I lost Tuesday's Question under the mountain of work devouring my desk. When the truth is I was having trouble with the code to the badge of honor I made for the stars of Tuesday's Question. I'm sorry I lied to you. I hope you will forgive me, but it was sort of like a surprise party lie...you know a love lie.

Anyway, some of these blogging stars or quiz whizzes have followed Tuesday's Question from its infancy and I've been looking for a way to honor them ever since...well... forever...

The fact that these bloggers have answered almost every question is not the only reason I've elected to call them quiz whizzes (and yes, quiz does mean question-plus quizzical wouldn't fit) and bestowed them with Tuesday's Questions badge of honor.

It is because honor comes from grace and bloggers who answer questions about themselves, their families and their experiences are the most graceful, honest, giving, funny, and open people I've ever had the pleasure to know.

Every week I am amazed by the charm and sense of fun they bring to the funny questions and the insight, compassion, and smarts they bring to the thoughtful ones.

Therefore, in appreciation for letting us all into your hearts and minds every week and for your loyal friendship to all of us, I bestow the I'm a Quiz Whiz badge onto the following bloggers. However, I suppose I better tell you about the Quiz Whiz Code of honorable smarts and hearty laughs first.

The Quiz Whiz Code of Honorable Smarts and Hearty laughs: A Blogger who answers a question with insight, compassion, kindness, gratitude, charm, and a sense of humor represents the code of honorable smarts and hearty laughter.

In addition, these bloggers teach us something by writing about their experiences, send us rushing to the bathroom due to their sense of humor, you know... (before we pee in our pants) or make us wonder if our face will get stuck in a smile...Oh, I guess that wouldn't be good...because we would look like a clown, especially if you wear lipstick.

What I meant to say is that it helps if a bloggers answer makes your face hurt from laughing too much...well maybe that's not good either... But, if their writing teaches us something or makes us smile through the
day, then it is worth the effort they made to answer Tuesday's Question, and their character definitely falls under the Ouiz Whiz Code Of Honorable Smarts and Hearty laughs.

Recipients of the I'm a Quiz Whiz badge who post the badge on their sidebar with its official seal of approval reserve the right to pass the badge along to their readers who pass the code of honorable smarts and hearty laughs when they answer a question.

For example, if you've asked a question in a post and one of your readers gives an outstanding answer, that is, an answer that sounds like it passes the Quiz Whiz Code Of Honorable Smarts and hearty laughs, feel free to pass it along with a link back to your post.

But, please don't forget to link it back to this post as well, so that others will know where the badge originated and can become acquainted with Tuesday's Question in general. Plus, they can get to know the original recipients of Tuesday's Question's Quiz Whiz Badge and the Quiz Whiz Code Of Honorable Smarts and hearty laughs.

I have a code to post the badge in your sidebar that does have a link back to A Nice Place In The Sun, however if you prefer to save the image and just post it in your sidebar that is O.K. too.

After today I will give out a Quiz Whiz badge to those of you who have answered the most Tuesday's Questions every month. For the bloggers who have already received a Quiz Whiz badge, you can pick one of two prizes. I will mention and link to a post on your blog so that you will receive two links at the end of the month or you can pick the next Tuesday's Question.

And speaking of Tuesday's Question, I will post this weeks question tomorrow (Thurs.) I promise I will, no more surprises, well... not this week anyway. Moving along, (because the drum roll is starting without me...) Here's...

the first Tuesday's Question Quiz Whiz Badge Recipients:

Sandee at Comedy Plus
Dawn at Twisted Sister
Shinade at The Painted Veil
Eric or Speedy at Speedcat Hollydale Page
Maunie at Maunie's World
Bud at WTIT Tape Radio Blog
Abelle at Only In Silence...
Merrill at The Daily Egg
Tish at Crazy Working Mom
Anna at Life Just Keeps Getting Weirder
Robert at Black Tie And Sneakers
Grace at Broadway Matron
Margaret at Eyespi20.com
Ferd at The Best Parts
Daisy at Daisy The Curly Cat
Kim at Purplefrogcat
Mimi at MimiWrites
Paula at Paula's Playground
Aussie at Little Aussie Cynic
Jennifer at Down River Drivel
Rachel at MrsMouthy.com
Sue at Farvel Cargo
Ettarose at Sanity on Edge
Mushy at Mushys Moochings
Karen at Karen and Gerard Zemek
Babs at The Beetle Blog.com
Misty at Misty's Musings
FeeFiFoto Blog
Robin at Robin's Woods
Henson at Henson's Hell
Arv at Thoughts on a wall
Chelle at It Might Be Love
Soge shirt guy at Sogeshirts.com
Flowers on a Friday.com
Lauren at Irritable Eater
Sassymind at My Sassy Mind
Chica at Lady Sarcasm
Johnny at Past Expiry
Karen at My Opinion Counts
Sharon at A Bookworm's Journey
Whimsy Gal at My Whimsy World
Winston at Eat Your Maths
Marja at Dutchcorner
Christy at Christy's Coffee Break
Shameless at The Shameless Lions Writing Circle
Janice at In My Heart Forever
Jos at NoDirectOn (not: No Direction)
Patios at Whee All The Way Home

Mel at Attitude, The Ultimate Power

If I've missed anyone please accept my sincere apology. I went through every archived Tuesday's Question, so my eyes were getting tired and the words were beginning to dance on the page. So if you know you answered Tuesday's Question often in the past year and you are not listed please let me know.

Congratulations to all of you and remember to pass along the Quiz Whiz Badge to your readers who qualify under the Quiz Whiz Code of Honorable Smarts and Hearty Laughs. Have fun and remember to return this Thursday for this weeks Tuesday Question.


Dona Nobis Pacem ~ Grant Us Peace~

"While we watch the storm clouds gather and prepare for the storm, let us never forget that the sun still shines behind those dark clouds and may somehow break through before the storm descends. I see sunshine in the real desire for peace in the hearts of humanity, even though the human family gropes toward peace blindly, not knowing the way. "
--- Peace Pilgrim ---

I've included another favorite by --
"A real soul is something you make by walking through fire. By keeping on walking, and by remembering how it felt."

--- Peter Straub --

I'm excited to join the second anniversary of Blogblast For Peace, which began as a simple post by Mimi from Mimi Writes in the fall of 2006. The message Mimi sent in her first post "Dona Nobis Pacem" Latin for "Grant Us Peace" has traveled from blog to blog reaching 35 countries and 46 states, an amazing accomplishment.

This is the second annual posting of Blogblast For Peace. The original post was published in November of 2006, then published again six months later on July of 2008 and now on November 6, 2008- I decided to take part in all three. Mimi's Peace Globe movement is one of the most impressive memes in the blogosphere, therefore, like many of my fellow blogger's, I'm delighted to be a part of it.

Together we'll have our Peace globes posted throughout the internet along with our favorite words about what peace means to us individually- and that is cool-

Here is the link to Mimi's Official Site for Blogblast For Peace if you would like to join us, or read more about this incredible movement.

In addition, here is the link to Mimi's post and the list of bloggers who have joined and posted their Peace Globes.

When I read that we were asked to write about what peace means to us, along with a poem in our peace globe, I thought of the poem and quote I used in my previous Blogblast posts. Only this time, I also thought about humanity and the individual parts each of us play in relation to peace. I don't think I told a story in my first two Peace Globe posts, but for some reason, I felt this one may be significant.

Here's my story:

When I was a small child, I paraded toward my parents bedroom at the end of the hall, but when I got there, the door was closed. I immediately sensed that something was wrong, but without thinking or knocking I barged in the room anyway and saw my father kneeling on the side of the bed crying and praying.

My father was crying...he never cried. He was my hero, the Chief of Detectives at the Sheriffs Office, a cowboy, and the only person who knew how to put the Christmas lights on the tree- my father didn’t cry – nevertheless grown-up tears rolled out of his blue eyes and down his expressionless face- I couldn’t understand what he was saying to God.

Frightened, I started to run from the room, but he pulled me onto his lap, rocked me back and forth, and said, " I know there will be peace on earth one day... Sweetheart, I know there will be..."

Years later, I learned that I caught my father crying minutes after Senator Robert Kennedy was assassinated at the Ambassador Hotel in 1968.

I asked him once how he could have been so sure there would be peace on earth after what happened that day, especially at that time in our country and his career.

He replied, "Because a world without peace, love, and tolerance will not stand long. None of us will survive on a planet divided by hate, violence, injustice, greed, and prejudice." Then he said..."And I didn't have the heart to give up on my country, our world, and humanity itself."

I was brought up believing that we need to remain grateful for our blessings and cautious of becoming indifferent to the sufferings of others...

That we must never tolerate, minimize, or silence the unjust treatment of others, anymore than we would silently witness a loved one suffering the same fate.

That is one reason I love the following quote by Peter Straub.

"A real soul is something you make by walking through fire. By keeping on walking, and by remembering how it felt."

--- Peter Straub -

My mother and father taught us that attitude is everything...which to me means we can choose to live a peaceful life full of love and laughter everyday, and everyday we can choose whether to pass what we have along to others...

Whispered from a genuine heart, kindness, truth, wisdom, compassion, and love, are my favorite words...

Mimi, thank you for reminding us to have faith in peace, love, and kindness, and for creating an excellent way for us to individually express what peace means personally to each of us.

Enjoy the video 'Humanity' and the song Get Together by The Youngbloods-

Thank you Paula from Paula's Playground for designing such a wonderful peace globe for me on the fourth annual blog for peace, I decided to use it again. :))

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Today's Popular Children's Picture Books

Today's Popular Children's Picture Books
Click on the titles below for the link to Publishers Weekly.com

The Boogeyman From Planet-Lackawanna-

You will lose yourself in the imaginative dreams of eleven year old Theodore Wilson's. Don't miss this review coming soon.

More reviews and available for purchase on Amazon .com. Just click on image of book and the link will take you there.

Thank you!

Upcoming Book Review

Upcoming Book Review
Gretchen Zufall (Author) Mike Paar (Illustrator)

Motherhood- Courage

Motherhood is an art impossible to explain, one which requires a vast sea of love, devotion, compassion, and understanding, unmatched by any affection we will ever know again.- Ann Clemmons






Words are the core of our souls, without written, vocal or lyrical expression we lose sight of one another or worse, ourselves. Words bring forth the essence of the human spirit; so express yourself without abandon.

Ann Clemmons

Favorite Phrase

I remember I used to half believe and wholly play with fairies when I was a child. What heaven can be more real than to retain the spirit-world of childhood, tempered and balanced by knowledge and common-sense...

Beatrix Potter’s Journal, 17 November 1896, from the National Trust collection.

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The Storyteller, by Dawn Drover

Alone in her world
of make believe
weaving her stories
of magic and light

She brings joy
to the eyes
of innocent minds
less jaded and free

For only they know
what's in her heart
holding the secrets
she guards so well

Life's hidden mysteries
belong to those
whose wisdom and truth
shine on in imagination

Written for Ann
~Dawn Drover~

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Most of the worlds' great things were born of adversity and hardship; because these roadblocks encourage us to dream, imagine and believe.- Ann Clemmons

Favorite quotes-

In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I’ve been turning over in my mind ever since.

Whenever you feel like criticizing any one,” he told me, “just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.”'

F. Scott Fitzgerald. (Lines from The Great Gatsby)
"A Southerner Talks Music"

Mark Twain

"A book must be the ax for the frozen sea inside us."

Franz Kafka

An author values a compliment even when it comes from a source of doubtful competency.

- Mark Twain in Eruption

"I like a good story well told. That is the reason I am sometimes forced to tell them myself"

Mark Twain

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