Tuesday's Question: What food Will You Absolutely Not Eat, Under Any Circumstances?

Hello, and welcome to Tuesday's Question. I started writing Tuesday Question in 2007 the first year I started blogging. I wanted to get to know my readers, and vice-versa. But, I also want to create a fun and interesting way to encourage conversations between everyone who comments.

So, please feel free to respond to each others answers 'cause...it's fun and questions help build friendships. And remember there are no stupid questions, but there are some hilarious and touching answers.

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Today's Question is: What food Will You Absolutely Not Eat, Under Any Circumstances? A food that you are as opposed as "Sam I am" is to "Green Eggs And Ham."

If you like most foods now, what food did you refuse to eat when you were a child? 

My answer is Plum Pudding, because I had more than one disturbing experience with the dessert when a friend of my grandmothers brought it to not one, but two Christmas dinners.

Here is a short version of what happened from a post I wrote last Christmas.

My grandmothers friend's name was Ms. Morflex and she was proud of her plum pudding, and it looked delicious, but looks can be deceiving. The first time Ms. Morflex brought the pudding to our family Christmas dinner, we were excited about tasting it, but once you put a spoonful in our mouth you knew it wasn't going to be good. Although, we tried to be polite and swallow a bite or two, but you couldn't swallow it, it slid inside your mouth like a squishy oyster, except unlike oysters, it had something gooey in it that forced you to sink your teeth into the slimy mixture and when you did the dessert released an odor akin to mushy bird poo.

My grandmothers face turned purple, but she managed to slide her bite on the side of her gum, then sneak it into a napkin. Which was a terrific idea that appeared to work, because Ms. Morflex seemed pleased. Well, that is until my brother (After falling for my grandmothers trick.) put a another bite in his mouth, then grabbed his throat, knocked over his chair and ran to the bathroom.  

After my brothers fall and race to the bathroom, the rest of my family tried our best to push the pudding around in the bowl, but it didn't matter how many times we twirled it the pudding still remained in the dish. We could see Ms. Morflex glaring at us like a detective in an English Mystery, but we simply couldn't help it. The plum pudding tasted so awful we gave up and raced each other to the bathroom to spit the ingredients in the bathroom sink. We were literally stepping over one another to get in the bathroom, my mother was the only exception, she retreated to the restroom upstairs. Now, you would think that Ms. Morflex would have guessed what was happening after witnessing an entire family running over each other to get in the bathroom, but she was oblivious.

She finished her pudding, smoked her pipe, (at the table) and sipped her cocktail while we moaned and groaned to get into a bathroom. Today we laugh at how comical it was that my grandmother actually expected us to eat something that tasted so terrible. I've often wondered if Ms. Morflex  realized that the pudding tasted inedible, or did she simply enjoy torturing small children and their family at Christmastime?  

In closing, I'm sure you can understand why Plum Pudding is a food I will absolutely not eat under any circumstances ever again.

Now, it's your turn...What food will you avoid for a lifetime? You can write as long or short an answer as needed, and again please feel free to comment to each other. I will reply to your answers throughout the day and I cannot wait to read your comments.

Note: I have a Doctors appointment today, so I may be slow in replying to your answers, 'cause I'm one of those who is still using a desktop instead of a mobile phone, but I will definitely reply. Thank you for your patience and for visiting A Nice Place In The Sun.

Have a terrific day!  


Sandee said...

While you hated that pudding, I hated something else.

When I was a kid custard was what I refused to eat. It made me sick for some reason. I was in the 4th grade and had a teacher from Hades. She made me eat the custard off my lunch tray and I threw up pretty quickly after that. The old bag never made me eat the custard again. I hated that woman. Oh wait, apparently I still do. Hadn't though of her in years.

Have a fabulous day honey and I hope everything goes well at your doctors appointment. Big hugs to you and my very best to Simon. ♥♥♥

Kathe W. said...

GMO so called foods. It's disgusting that other Western countries (EU) will not import USA foods because of GMO's. Meanwhile our so called government gives Montsanto a pass.

Other food dislikes are Lima beans and jello! Cheers! And thanks for visiting my blog!

Ann Thompson said...

It used to be peas. Now I can eat them if they're hidden in something but I still don't like them. Please don't try and make me eat oysters though because I will refuse.

aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...

Sandee, What a fabulous answer...I could see the old bag in my minds eye, and by the way, I hated and hate custard too. I wonder why anyone would expect a child to like custard? I mean, it looks awful and feels terrible in your mouth. I think what that woman did borders on child abuse, old bat. But, that's o.k. we'll get her.

Thank you for wishing me well on my doctors appt. Everything went great. I'm still tired and having trouble keeping up, but I'm gonna be fine. Thanks so much for leaving such a kind and well written comment. You're the best-

Have a super great day, (Wednesday) and I apologize for my belated reply.

And Simon loves your wishes...He truly does.

Huge hugs to you-

aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...

Kathe, Oh, what a great point. GMO'S scare the daylights out of me!

Actually, so does jello! Lima beans are o.k. but both of those foods are boring...and they're flavorless.

Cheers back to you, and thanks for visiting my blog! And your welcome for visiting yours. I enjoy every visit.

I'm sorry for my belated reply.

Have a great day!

aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...

Ann, Laughing...well, at least you're trying to eat peas. There is a popular children's book entitled, "Please Don't Make Me Eat Peas," I thought of it when I read your comment.

And as far as oysters go, most people feel that way, but down here, if you don't like them people think you're a tourist. But, they're gross!

I like the way you ended your comment, "because I will refuse."

Thanks for visiting, and I'm sorry for the belated reply.

Have a great day!

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