Tuesday's Question- When Are You Most Like Yourself?

Hello and welcome to Tuesday's Question

Tuesday’s Question is as old as this blog, which I started writing sometime in 2007, thinking it would be a great way to get to know more about the people reading my blog. But, within a short period of time, I realized my readers answers were just the icing on the cake, because after I started visiting their blogs, I learned more about them, and as a result stumbled upon valued friendships, and that can't be bad-

I know you already know what Tuesday's Question is this week, but I'm going to repeat it anyway-

When Are You Most Like Yourself?  I can't wait for your answer, but, I'll go first-

I am most like myself when I'm writing, visiting my son, and spending time with friends. Although, I'm also feel more like myself when I'm reminded of who I am, which happens when I'm in the presence of exquisite, expansive, and astonishing places on earth, because they inhibit the largest life on our planet, they stimulate my imagination and encourage my soul.

For instance, hearing silence although you're sitting in front of a roaring coastline, or stretched out on a bed of clover with birds gossiping about, and then staring into a black sky at universal diamonds, our stars, which give us light, sound, knowledge, love, peace, that only our souls hear, when we are are still enough to listen to silence.   

Alright, I may have fallen in too deep....sorry. But, it's still your turn....:)

When Are You Most Like Yourself?  And you can answer with one word or one sentence.

Thank you for visiting A Nice Place In The Sun, and for reading Tuesday's Question.

 We look forward to reading your answers- I will reply to each answer, but unfortunately, I have days when I cannot get back to you quickly. Therefore, if my reply is belated, I assure you your answer is important to me, and it will be acknowledged- Thank-you for your patience.

 And all comments are appreciated... as well as encouraged- Just kidding. (But, not really.)                                                   
Have a day that makes you feel full of joy~





Sandee said...

I'm am most like myself whatever I'm doing. I'm enjoying myself the most on our boat. On a cruise somewhere is even better. The water, the sound of the engines, the fresh air. Yes I'm at my finest when we are boating.

Have a fabulous day Annie. Big hugs and tons of love. ♥♥♥

Grace said...

I think a interesting question might be "When are you least like yourself?"

I am most like myself most of the time, maybe a little more when I am dancing because to dance is to live and to live is to dance.

And I am least like myself when I am in a group of people. I shy away from groups and crowds.

Finding Pam said...

I liked Grace's answer about the crowds. I feel that way too. I am most like myself when I am at one with Nature. I adore our land and all the little things that change ever so slightly, especially this time of year. Autumn inspires me.

I am at my best when creating. Whether making flower arrangements, planting a flower bed or painting a still life.

aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...

Oh Sandee, I don't what to sound presumptuous, but I could have guessed your answer, which, by the way, is a compliment. I think it's because I've come to know you. Isn't that the coolest thing? To have a friend you've never laid eyes on or spoken to?

I uploaded the sailboat for you. Because I can see you and your husband on you guys boat. It makes me happy to think about it.

Thank you for such an authentic answer, and for all of your great comments.

Big hugs and tons of love back to you-

aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...

Grace, True, When Are you least like yourself?, would have been a great question.

We'll wait awhile and ask that one.

You know, I almost wrote dancing myself. I dance in my living room a lot, but my answer was too wordy as it was...

In any event, I love this statement, 'to dance is to live and to live is to dance.' It is sooo true.

And I like that you added when you are least like yourself. It's brave and real.

Thank you for answering Tuesday's Question truthfully, as well as, taking the time to comment.

Have a great day/evening my friend.


Cheri said...

I am most like myself when I'm digging in the dirt!! Least like myself, when I'm at my Mom's, still trying to impress her with my nonexistent lady likeness, I'm over 50, hmmm ... is there something deeply wrong there?

But lets get back to the dirt! After 10 years, I've finally gotten my husband to quit "weed-eating" around the edges of my flower beds, most of my flowers hang over the edges of the edges, but to be able to pull my weeds and leave the plants, just absolutely gives me pleasure, cause they just look good that way! I really think the weed eater is broken and he just won't admit it, but I'm just delighted, I didn't have to be the one to break it, it was one of my fantasies for years, "Sorry Honey, it just fell off the table and broke into a jillion pieces", but REALLY, I didnt do it!

I just get something from the dirt, grounds me to the earth, or something, makes me happy to have a mud smear on my face, dirt to my elbows and ant bites on my everywhere, can't seem walk out the door without gettin' bit, but that's another story!

Others here might find this just a bit strange, but ... Ann, you always bring me JOY - EVERYDAY!!!

Love you Darlin'

aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...

Hey Pam! I've missed you.

I liked Grace's answer too. My thought was, she is probably a great dancer, and no one knows it. Sometimes, I think many creative people feel that way, and you and Grace, are very creative people.

I can relate to you about feel close to nature, and I love what you wrote, 'all the little things that change ever so slightly,' that's wonderful Pam.

Thank you for stopping by and answering Tuesday's Question.


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