Twist And Shout And Free Verse

Twist and Shout…this is the song in my head today… I’ve made a blog plan and part of my blog plan includes what I’ve decided to call Sunday Morning Free Verse.

Every Sunday I will write the events of the past week as soon as I wake up or shortly thereafter. I’m going to write whatever pops into my semi- conscious mind at the beginning of the day. Although you can do this any time of the day, the best time for me is as soon as I open my eyes.

I thought since many of you are home and slumbering around on Sunday morning you may have time to join me. Just write the events of last week or whatever comes to you as quickly as you can, don’t think, just write, that’s what I mean by free verse. It’s like a warm up, for example, free verse is to writers, what stretching is to runners.

I usually haven’t the time to write freely before every post, but my writing is much better when I can verse an idea a few times before I write my first then final draft to a manuscript, story or article. It’s also another word for brainstorming, because often an idea will hit you if just write without thinking several times. In addition, if you already have an idea, it will help you tighten your words so that they will be easy to edit when you write your final copy.

However, that’s not what we’re going to do here this morning, in fact, we’re not even going to write a first draft. We’re just going to write and not think about what we’re writing. I thought it would be a fun thing to do, sort of like having someone twist you on a tire swing, then let you shout your way down as you fly in circles.

O.k. I’m going to highlight my week now as fast as I can without editing or thinking… Ready Set go!

Happy Sunday everyone~ That is if you’re awake yet. I didn’t start waking up this early on Sunday morning until I couldn’t sleep at night.

I couldn’t sleep last night, I don’t know if it was my cat, (Simon) keeping me awake, or if I’m become decrepit before my time, but I lay in bed and read, dozed, read, dozed, read, went to the bathroom, returned to bed, and read, dozed, read, dozed, you get the picture…I hope.

Simon jumped on the bed and purred like a kitten to go outside, and then when he realized the cute kitten stuff wasn’t going to work, he started his manipulation tactics, which I must admit are getting better. Finally, he gave up and there was the sweet sound of silence, and I almost fell asleep…But, I was awakened by the loudest ringing sound…this side of Winchester Cathedral. It bang my ears like a drum, chimed my and melted my brain into mush. I was in such a sound sleep…that I must have been dreaming because the sound was just Simon at the front door moaning. His cries of desperation begin with a moan which blends into a growl like whine, I call it the growl whine. Let me see if I can articulate it better, he makes the sounds a human being makes when we’re freezing; so it sounds like Brrrr, but it ends with what sounds like the word “owl” on the end- I call it a moan growl. . The prefix is Brrr and the suffix owl, hence, Brrowl, and as the browl gets louder he locks onto the vowel sound O really loud, so it sounds like BrrrOwl BrrOwl pounding into your brain.

I couldn’t take anymore of it, so I jumped from my bed in the dark with my water bottle, tripped over my guitar, praying I didn’t break it or a bone, and chased the little maniac through the house. I sprayed the water bottle as I ran hoping to soak him good…then there was silence…the opposite of the sounds seconds before…it was so silent you could hear the tick tock of a clock if I had one….

I turned on the light, but I couldn’t find him anywhere. I know he was wet, but I couldn’t find him to dry him off so I brought my heavy eyes back to bed, and tucked myself under the warm covers…it was so nice. But not for long….the BrrrOwl…came back again….without turning on the light I picked up the water bottle on my bed side table, and swished the water in it back and forth so he could hear it,. Then, more silence followed by …Brrowwwlllll…silence….browwwwwllll…silence…and I suppose we went to sleep for a few hours until morning. No more catnip for Simon, he is a bad drunk. Oh, I guess I forgot to tell you about the catnip I bought him the night before at the grocery store. I was looking forward to a nice evening after spending one night in the hospital this week, in addition to my lion escape, Yep, it’s all there in my Chicken Feed post. To sum it up I had a hard week, so I bought a magazine, a coke, and a catnip toy for Simon. I’ll find some use for that cat nip…but it will not be for him…

I missed Tuesday’s Question because I fainted, then my doctor trapped me overnight in a hospital and had my room guarded my lions. I had to jump from a window and run as fast as a cat seeking shelter from a pouring down rain..

And the magazine got wet from the coke in my bag.


Happy Sunday!

Now it’s your turn, and remember, don’t think, just write. And please forgive my errors, (I hope Google does) because I couldn’t bare to read it- I would have edited...

Have a fun, happy, weekend full of music, laughter, and dancing- And be nice to one another…))) Oh, and Twist And Shout is on my sidebar as the song in my head today.


Dawn Drover said...

The WHOLE week Ann? Really? I'm having trouble remembering yesterday :D
I woke up this morning and grabbed my notebook and pen off the nightstand. Like you, it's when I write best. I jotted notes for my Peace post and then got up. Two cups of coffee and finally I am awake.
Threw Miiko into the back yard so I wouldn't have to listen to him whining for attention. Had a quick shower and wrote the Sunday Stealing meme. Talked with my niece on the phone for an hour... did some homework... cooked supper... and now I am back to more freakin homework... except I'm here for now playing on your blog :)))
I probably missed a few more boring details but you get the idea!

aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...

Excellent! You get an "At" in my class. You did great. Did you read mine? I realized I have it hidden behind the "read more" hack, which is probably a good thing...I'm too afraid to read it. (Laughing)

I've been planning on e-mailing you all day...but the day is getting away from me.

I've never met anyone else who has a pen and notebook on their nightstand...Everyone thinks I'm neurotic about pens and paper...Hmmm I'm a writer, I wonder what they expect?

Look for an e-mail tonight or in the A.M.

I hope your having a nice weekend.

Laughing...I just got an image of you throwing Miiko into the back yard... Thanks for the laugh out loud~

Luvs Ya,


aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...

Oh, and Dawn, Get back to that homework...(Smile)

Have a good day at school tom. :))

Luvs ya again,


Jackie said...

Oh Annie I am glad you are feeling better.

I am still sick. So can I please start next Sunday?

What a great idea.

So glad to have you back!


Anna Lefler said...

Loved it - and I am quite impressed. I could never get my head around all last week on a Sunday morning - I just spent 20 minutes trying to remember where in this house I left my dang purse.

* sigh *

Have a great night...

:^) Anna

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Well, I am still singing Old Towne Speedcat ... a song I just wrote and sang on my blog. It was very strange, and probably not surprising to my readers.
I worked all weekend, no day off in sight. My time at home after work is my happy place.
Just had some dinner, and now writing a blurb on my pal Ann's blog.
My dog is doing really well after an accident. I thought I had lost him ... I realize now just how important he is to me.
Pets are part of the family, litter-ally with my cat Spike.
I am worried about the election, and have problems with the lies I hear on TV every day. My country is crazy!
I wish I had the time to visit every blog I know tonight ... I will just do my best.
I think a prayer can change even the worst day.
Fall, I love fall. I just wish summer followed it!!
Every day I am sober is a great day. YES - "today was good"

Mimi Lenox said...

This is not strange at all. I have collected notebooks, journals, stationery, pens, pads, etc..since I was a little girl. My nightstand, at this moment, has six stacked up. Sometimes I get up in the middle of the night to write down an idea (kudos to Dawn for writing about peace globes in the am. Wow..that gave me chills)
and songs come to me too (so I stumble to the piano and stump my toe) anyway...Isn't it great to feel the pen and paper in your hand? Smell it? They are like old friends.

Great post I can totally relate to.

I came also to thank you and meme you (in that order). Thank you for flying the peace globe banner since almost day one here - I have added your link to the list in my sidebar and in a post for some link love. I have tagged you for the peace meme IF you are up for it and have the time. I know you haven't been feeling well lately.

Take care of yourself, Ann.

The Peace Meme

Daisy said...

I got up and went to my food dish and went nom, nom, nom, nom, nom. Food is delicious. Then I slept. Played. Played. Slept. Nom, nom, nommed some more. Slept. Played. Slept. It was a good day.

Anonymous said...

It was a great week Annie:

Went to the girls games...

We went to the Topsfield fair...

Out to lunch...

more girls games...

Oh yeah...changed beds washed and dried clothes cooked...but Sunday
cooked lobster with pasta...awesome...

watched football with hubby.
watched the sox lose last night.

onward and upword...it's finally a new week...

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