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"An illness is like a journey into a far country; it sifts all one's experience and removes it to a point so remote that it appears like a vision.

Author": Sholem Asch

Lately, this quote is my story and the image my vision. When you are ill you're on the outside looking in on your life, it's like watching your moments as they happen... you want to say "No, stop. It's not supposed to happen like this- rewind the tape, or take that moment out of the frame, and go back to the moments when life was easy and peaceful."

There are differing degrees of illness and hardship, after all human suffering doesn't discriminate; therefore, we've all had a sense of impending doom from time to time. You know the feeling you have when you are coming down with something, or running fever?

Well Tuesday, I felt a sense of dread coming around the bend chug-a-lug chug-a-lug, with a heavy load of supplies. I felt a whoosh as if I had bounced off a Mack truck and mashed into a wall too fast to comprehend the encounter. I was tired and wanted to sleep- then, I fainted.

And life only knows about life itself, so it will keep going as if nothing has happened- although you may feel a need to be peeled from the pavement, others will keep driving around in their cars, going to the grocery store, and playing in the park with their kids..because as I said, life will go on...it doesn't matter if you want to shout, "Stop! Everybody just stop! Please give me time to let things sink in. "

That's the time to drop your groceries or whatever you have in your hands, and ask someone to help you pick things up...just let go...let the package fall where it will and slow down...

Therefore, I will slow down and try to spend my time making others happy and staying grateful for the luck and love I have in my life. Although, I hate it when my circumstances overflow into the lives of others, as was the case this past Tuesday when I didn't show up for Tuesday's Question.

However, as you can see, wild tigers couldn't stop me from coming back to write and publish Tuesday's Question today. After all, this weekly post is my way of passing link love to some fabulous blogs, but it's also my way of connecting with my readers and hopefully introducing a few bloggers to each other. It's our weekly stomping ground here on A Nice Place In The Sun and I want you to know I will never forget about you.

Therefore, in a perfect world, I would have been here on Tuesday to post.

But it's not a perfect world, because when I woke up Tuesday morning I had an aggravating fainting spell that I thought I better go see about, therefore, I didn't have time to write the post. I started to write one real quick, but then I wasn't sure if I would be here to moderate the answers. So, as luck would have it, Dr. Cover his Butt made me spend the night, and told his tigers to follow me everywhere, even to the bathroom. Well...of course when he said bathroom I had a light bulb moment... I thought, I could put some food in the bathroom...hmmm

Suspenseful story, huh?

Anyway, as the night went on, the big cats lay on the floor and purred, and I thought about how much they were going to love my dinner when they awoke from their slumber at midnight.

And..it worked...I put my dinner (chicken feed) in the bathroom, and cried, "Here, Kitty Kitty" and two of them scrambled to their feet, wiggled their noses, and ran behind the (soon to be a locked) bathroom door. (That will show them how much of a chicken I am) Then I jumped out the window and made a run for it. (And my doctor was worried about letting me go home, Ha )

I hauled butt....I ran like a wild chicken woman in the rain~

(I know, I look like a rooster, but that's my disguise)

Those felines didn't touch a tail feather...this chicken woman crossed the road home with time to spare...Whew! And Tuesday's Question is right below this post. It is the first Tuesday's Question not authored by me. You'll see it's a good one. If you do not see it below right now that means I'm working on it, and will post it in a jiffy~

Thanks to all of you for being such good sports, you're the greatest people on earth~ :))))


Dawn Drover said...

I'm sorry to hear you are ill Ann... I hope you feel better soon :)
Take good care!
Luvs ya :)

Jackie said...

Oh Annie,
I do so know how you feel. I too have been very ill with pneumonia.

I can't sleep for the coughing. And the medicine makes me so out of it.

I have kept blogging but only because to to lie down makes it's worse.

My hubby is taking his vacation early to get here and take me back to the DR.

Oh I do so hope you get better soon.

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!!

Anonymous said...

Annie honey,

Don't you hate it when they insist you stay in the hospital for an evening?

When I have an A-fib attack I have to stay at least a day or two now...years ago it was a few hours.

I'm so sorry you have not been feeling well...take it easy...we love you Annie and want you back to your old self..

A lot of hugs and a big fat smooch.

Unknown said...

Annie, it's all my fault isn't it? Just because I made your link not show up well. We did go back and forth a lot you know. LOL! I adore you ladybug! Follow the Doc's orders so I can have you back sound and whole!

aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...

Dawn, Thank you Dawn. I'm answering my comments backwards. Laughing...We've spoken since in an e-mail...(Smile)

This is so typical me. :)))

I think your comment must have made me feel a lot better...laughing...

Luvs ya back~


aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...


"An illness is like a journey into a far country; it sifts all one's experience and removes it to a point so remote that it appears like a vision."
Author": Sholem Asch

I hope you feel better too~ And thank you again for the coolest award. I'm going to try to pass it along today.

I'm thinking happy and well thoughts for you~

Big get well hug~


aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...

Maunie, Yes, I do hate it. That's why I call my doctor, "Doctor Cover his Butt. (Smile)

A-fib attacks sound scary. You take good care of yourself. I haven't been visiting Maunie because believe it or not I'm still having trouble with your link.

The picture doesn't work. I leave it up for an ad for you, but I need to replace it.

I'll go by Santa's blog and see if he can give me another one.

Thanks for such a sweet comment Maunie, you're the greatest.

Big hug, and love back to you,


aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...

Etta, Of course it's not your fault. It's my ex-husbands fault. Everything is his fault, except, of course, the stuff I blame on my parents. :))

I cannot believe I didn't realize you wrote two different links. Actually, come to think of it, I didn't even notice two links period. (LOL)

I'm sorry I put you through that at work. Next time, (and there will probably be a next time) if you see that the e-mail is from me and you're at work, just ignore it until you get home. (Smile)

By the way, thank you for calling me "ladybug." My mother used to call me Ladybug when I was good...still does if she's happy with me...

Plus, I look up to you, you're one of my favorite peoples...so thanks again. (I added the "s" on people on purpose, (you know for effect :) I don't really talk like that)

I hope you're having a super great weekend~



Anonymous said...

I wish you fully recovery as soon as possible.

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