Tuesday's Question: When Was The Last Time You Were In An Uncomfortable Or Potentially Embarassing Situation?

This weeks Tuesday Question: When is the last time you were in an uncomfortable or potentially embarrassing situation?
Here are a few examples I hope will help:

Have you ever called someone you know professionally or personally by the wrong name... or waved back at someone from a distance who was waving at someone else?

Or entered the bathroom during a party after the person before you didn't or couldn't flush the toilet...leaving the contents in the bowl for the next person (you) in line?

At the risk of sounding presumptuous, I think we've all been in these situations, although the bathroom experience is the one I have the most trouble understanding-

I mean, why doesn't the person ahead of you ever tell you the toilet is broken? I think when anyone slides out of the bathroom in silence with a flushed (no pun intended) look on their face, it means one of two things A) They couldn't flush the toilet and were embarrassed; or B) they don't want you to think they did it, even if they didn't because if they mention the unmentionable you will hold them responsible...therefore it's better to pretend it doesn't exist- someone should bottle denial ...
(Remember what they said about water.)

I say look inside the bathroom before you shut the door, then you can say something, like "Um, do you think our friends have another bathroom?" but do this as soon as you see the floater...

That way the guest behind you doesn't have to deal with the embarrassment and they know you didn't do it, because you just entered the bathroom- it's just common courtesy and sense.

Also, I look in the toilet bowl as soon as I enter the bathroom, because if you linger and primp in the mirror applying your lipstick before you wander over to use the bathroom... then discover the twirling remains...well you may have to take ownership...

Bottom line don't stay in the bathroom too long; and be sure to go to parties where there will be two restrooms available...

O.K I think you get the meaning of this Tuesday's Question, if not please feel free to ask me in comments and I will be happy to offer you a few more examples. Remember, when was your last uncomfortable or potentially embarrassing situation..you have to have had one...

If this is the first time you've read Tuesday's Question it's easy and fun and my way of passing weekly blog love as I get to know my readers. All of the questions are original from my own zany brain, although asking questions at parties and particularly on blogs is nothing new, I wanted to ask my own. Therefore, I decided to ask the kind of questions I would inquire of friends at one of my one bathroom parties because it's fun and I could post everyones answers, and link to their blog the next day.

Bloggers comments will be posted with a link by their blog name, so be sure to stop and read their comments and maybe even visit some new blogs after the comments are posted, it's fun~

However, in todays case your comments will be posted Thursday, since I'm posting this question Tuesday evening, and everyone needs time to comment. (I usually post them on Weds.)

In addition, I would like to beg my regular readers and wonderful friends forgiveness for posting so late in the evening, instead of earlier in the day as usual...and I have a confession to make- I wasn't really taken hostage by a calf as I said in my previous post- I just didn't know what to say.

I had one of those terrible bad days; it was as if I were going backwards on a roller coaster unable to get off...no matter how much I screamed at the ride conductor, or gate keeper, or ride controller, whatever you call them- The reason? Because I've had awful insomnia lately and the words I wrote this morning also looked backwards on the page. So I decided you deserved better and waited until later in the day...after I managed to close my eyes for awhile. Therefore, I hope you will forgive me and have as much fun answering the question later in the day.

And thanks for reading... As usual I can't wait to read your answers...


Flowers said...

Too many to choose from unfortunately! The most recent one took place when my advance level English group wanted to have a lesson in the pub (as is the custom once a semester).

All was going well until one smart arse asked if I could go round the table and name every student (12).

Now at the time Polish names sounded pretty much like all the other Polish words I'd heard and if you'd asked me whether Kasia was a person or a river I couldn't have told you with much certaintly.

Couple that with the fact that the names change alot when cut down. For example, Joanna is Asia (pron. Asha), MaƂgorzata is Gosia (pron. Gosha), and Aleksandra is Ola. So the names in the register aren't necessarily what they call each other in class.

Anyway, I couldn't name them all. In fact, I couldn't even name half of them so as is always the case in such situations my face went a disturbing red colour and I fumbled around for a way out.

I think I rambled on about the importance of a cohesive group and about how students should aim to motivate each other outside the class....they didn't fall for it but were polite enough not to push it.

This is my second year in Poland. My ability to remember names is 1000% better than before. I hope!

Sandee said...

The list is long, but the first one I thought of was really, really horrible for me.

It was in the 80s and I was working at the Women's Jail. My lieutenant wanted his car picked up at the county garage because all the repairs had been made so he assigned me to go with the transporation officer, wherein she would drop me off at the county garage and go on about her buisness. She drops me off and leaves and the county guy gets the lieutenants car and when I get in the car to leave the entire back of my pants come apart. I mean from the waistband all the way down. Uniform pants did that a lot. I have absolutely nothing to cover myself. Nothing.

I start laughing because what's to worry? I'll drive back to the Women's Jail and then take care of my pants then. Not going to happen that easily.

I drive off and get about a mile away and while stopped at a traffic light the car dies. I can't get it started either. There I am sitting out in traffic, in full dress uniform and I can't get out of the car. I find this very funny. So, I just put the flashers on and wait. This is a time when we didn't have cell phones. The lieutenants car didn't have a police radio either. The only way I can communicate with anyone requires that I get out of the car. I look across the street and there's a pay phone. I have the money, but... I just sit there.

In about five minutes a civil car pulls up behind me and thank God I know both of the deputies. They ask me why I'm so amused and I tell them what happened. I immediately get a jacket from one of them that covers my behind.

Somehow the deputy got the car started and we get back to the Women's Jail. I get a pair of blue jeans from the inmate clothing and give the jacket back to the deputy. An inmate sews my pants and everything is back to normal.

For years everytime I would run into these two deputies we would just smile, and I would relive this entire event over again. It was one of the most helpless feelings I ever had as a deputy sheriff.

aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...

Flowers on a Friday, I hate it when people ask those kind of rhetorical questions- Especially when they know you are from a different culture. Although, I guess that is exactly why he/she asked... and they were having a little fun with you. In any event you're embarrassed either way. You poor thing, I know I probably wouldn't have known any of them. I can barely remember names here in the states. Thanks a million for your reply~

By the way, your blog looks great~


aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...

Sandee, You never let me down in more ways than one. I have tears rolling down my cheeks...I can just see you sitting there in traffic...I hate to laugh, it's not funny, but funny, you know? I bet you wanted to get out of that car so bad you could taste it.

And of course two males come along to help you-(LOL) it's a good thing you didn't work with them everyday. Can you imagine the ribbing you would have received if they had...that is too funny.

Huge hug and thanks for another great contribution. I look forward to reading what you're going to write next.

Have a great day~


Dawn Drover said...

Ann my mind is gone blank. OMG can you believe it? I mean it's not that it's never happened - I just can't remember anything recent...
I'll be back if anything comes to mind :)

Anonymous said...

I can think of more than one..in fact so many it's embarrassing..:)))...just today I walked into Tim Horton's coffee didn't notice the wet floor slipped slid on my backside and took out the person in front of me in the line up...:))))

aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...

Dawn, (LOL) That happens to me frequently. I'm just glad you stopped by- Posting this question so late in the day is now one of my embarrassing moments...then saying I was attacked by a calf? And you think you're losing it? (laughing)

Hug and thanks for stopping by~

aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...

Robert~ (laughing) Like Sandee story, I feel guilty for laughing, but the imagery is hilarious. I hope you and the other person weren't hurt too bad...

Thank you~ :))

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