Happy Birthday Sandee!

Happy Birthday Sandee

Actually, September the 8th was my dear friend Sandee's (from Comedy Plus) birthday, as some of you already know, however, I thought I knew of a website that made graphics of different flavored cakes, and I was going to send it to her, as well as add it to this post. But, it fell through, and yesterday I tried to write this post, in addition to paying forward the fabulous awards I’ve received this month, but my computer had other plans.

Well, I say it’s my computer, and as for it running slow, it probably is, but have you noticed my font? For some reason, I cannot get the size straight and it’s written in bold.

It’s undeniably frustrating…in addition to my computer stopping every few minutes, and threatening me with it's hourglass. It's as if my computer is saying, your time on earth is running out, especially, if you hit one more button on my keyboard. In any event, I was determined to write Sandee a birthday post, and by golly, I’m doing it.

I met Sandee only a month or so after I started blogging, and I don’t think she had been blogging long herself, but she saved me from the brink of disaster on a daily basis, introduced me to many of her friends and made me laugh.

I remember seeing her first avatar, which was a sleepy-eyed cartoon character wearing big fluffy slippers and holding a coffee cup. At that time, she didn’t have her photo published yet, so I recognized her by the droopy-eyed character with the coffee cup and big slippers.

Anyway, to illustrate what a great person she is, I was looking for the character with the cup this morning on her blog, and to my surprise, I saw a gorgeous sign with a butterfly at the top. The sign said, “Get Well Annie,” which made a huge impression on me, but what really touched me was that she never told me about it.

It’s at the bottom of her blog and it made my day. In fact, to be honest, I wasn’t planning on returning to blogging for awhile, or at least not until my books were on the market, and the publishing market moves as fast as a snail, so that gives you an idea of how long I would have been off-line.

However, because of the fact that she kept writing me comments, along with my touchstone Dawn from Twisted Sister, I returned to blogging sooner.

Sandee, is a true spirit, what you see is what you get, and I see an authentic, compassionate, fun, and caring friend. She is no leaky vessel, and that’s what I love about her- a dependable friend to everyone and special to me-

Thank you, my friend, for sharing your heart, your time, and your kindnesses, in addition to treating me with the same dignity, compassion, and respect you would afford someone you’ve known for years. You exemplify the Emerson quote I have at the top of my blog...and I'm honored to be your friend.

As you always say,
Big hug and lotsa lovies

Note; I’m going to do my dead level best to post some awards today. Although unfortunately, I’m not sure what my computer’s problem is, and on a more personal note, I have a doctors appt. this afternoon, so I’m not sure I’ll make it. However, it’s a promise to those of you who thought enough of me to nominate me for an award; I will post them as soon as possible.
In addition, I know I have my “syster” Dawn to thank for her sign, as well as Ettarose and Bud, and Grace's wonderful comments- All of you touched my heart and healed my soul. I have so many of you to thank for helping me through one of the hardest times in my life, and I will never forget you.


Sandee said...

Thank you so much Annie. Most folks didn't even remember my birthday this year. Well in the blogging world that is. At my age I'd just as soon forget about having another birthday too.

You are most welcome. You've become a wonderful blogging buddy. We've done this together and that's a wonderful thing.

I hope things go well at your doctors appointment today. It's so good to have you back you know.

Have a terrific day and weekend honey. We are off to the boat for a long weekend. Cruising to Pittsburg for the Seafood Festival. Should be fun. Big hug and lotsa lovies, and again thanks for remembering my birthday. I'm going to have a piece of chocolate cake now. :)

Anonymous said...

My song of the day 9 Crimes. Need to turn you speakers up, it's a quiet song.

Have a great day!

Dawn Drover said...

What a wonderful post!
I agree she is a terrific blogger and a faithful friend. Her many hugs and supportive comments have meant the world to me.


Speedcat Hollydale said...

Sandee is the GREATEST!

I better run over there ;-)

WIsh Happy Birthday For Free said...

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Jackie said...

Oh my gosh I didn't know either Annie!!

Oh Sandee has become one of my dearest friends also!!

You did such a beautiful job here!! I always thought you were the Annie she was talking about but didn't want to ask!!

I love Sandee and you to pieces. I hope your tests come out on the good side also!!

Now I really must run right over and give another holler out to Sandee!!

Love and hugs!!

Unknown said...

Sandee first caught my attention with her avatar. She looks so much like my sister that I felt drawn to her. Then, Annie, due to the fact that we love you so much we grew closer worrying about you. You and Sandee are two of the best "real" people I know. You ALWAYS have something kind to say and I have never heard you complain. (unlike me who can't imagine a day w/o bitching) Hahaha.

Hitesh Rawat said...

i know sandee.......and the page.....the jokes are good there....


Finding Pam said...

Hey Annie, I did not know you were having test run,but I pray that they turn out good for you.

I love Sandee, too. Happy belated Birthday Sandee!

I found you, Annie, through Dawn and Sandee. I did not know you then, but Dawn had a badge on her blog about you. I can't tell you how nice it is to finally meet you and how many times I have kept you in my prayers.

May you hear wonderful news.
Blessings and love,

Ferd said...

I had no idea it was Sandee's birthday!
So, thank you for posting that.
I'm running over to Sandee's with a belated.

Mommy Levy said...

Hi! I have just visited your blog and I would like to have a link exchange with you (if it's okey, since I accidentally erase all my previous blog link). My site is "Living Life to the Fullest" http://livinglifetodfullest.blogspot.com kindly leave a message on my site if you have already added me to your blog so that I could add you as well.


CrAzY Working Mom said...

That Sandee is a great gal isn't she?! I hope all is well with you, Annie.

Have a great week.

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