Has It Really Been A Week?

Has it been a week?

I can't believe it's been a week since I posted Saturday’s Favorite Movie moment. I feel like I've been roaming the city with amnesia or something, it's an awful feeling...

When I woke up last Monday and couldn't find one slipper, I should have known something was coming, not that all mornings are a bed of roses, but waking up to just one slipper is a sign that somethings amiss. I do not have a dog, and my cat Simon can't understand why people and dogs find slippers resourceful anyway, so I knew it wasn't the cat- therefore where was the slipper?

I will give one hundred dollars to the person with the answer- well, never mind, because someone else probably knows- that person is just not me. Hence, before I was awake I was looking for one slipper with one eye open and the other eye refusing to budge, probably because I could hear what sounded like the low moaning of an angry or frightened cat.

It was "Monster" my cat Simon’s nemesis at the door. When Monster's hungry, he comes to call, and Simon have this same fight through the front door when he does. I decided to ignore the cat drama, and got out of bed ignoring the fact that I had one slipper, at least I had coffee. I felt a warm feeling wash over me at the thought of coffee, so I jumped out of bed ready to go make myself a cup when a pain almost as bad as childbirth hit me.

Suddenly, the side of my mouth felt like boy scouts were building a fire on the top of a tooth.

I wanted to shout at the campers, "go find someone else's mouth to build a fire in, o.k.? This persons mouth you're in should be last in queue for infuriating situations, it's not my turn... In fact, I'll give you names of other people whose mouths you haven't visited in awhile, if you would please just camp out in someone else's mouth, preferably one who doesn't have a busy week."

However, my pleading brought no comply, with the exception of what felt like another log hitting the fire, and the beginning of a long hot dog roast. Therefore, before I had my first cup of coffee or found my other slipper, I had a toothache, a moaning cat, the telephone ringing, and my son calling, "Mom, can I look at something on your computer for a minute?"

Although, this was before he saw my face, because later in the day, he paused with an inquisitive look on his face and said, "Wait a second, what is wrong with your face? It looks like you've swallowed a whale or something."

I tried to mumble a "Goo mornin'" and an explanation, as I walked through the living room to make a cup of coffee in the kitchen, holding the side of my face, and wondering what in the world could happen to a slipper in the middle of the night. I got an ice pack out of the freezer with one hand, and the coffee can with the other, still wondering about my slipper, and listening to Simon getting louder...

"Moan...nnnn.” I guess he is afraid Monster might get a morsel of the food in his bowl he is didn't plan on eating anyway. I don’t know why I call Simon's nemesis Monster, it should be the other way around, but sometimes life is just backwards.

Or at least I hoped today would be a backwards day, because the beginning was so bad, backwards would have been a welcomed relief. I mean if it began at the dentist office, and went backwards I should be winning the lottery by the afternoon, right?

However, when I was in line at the drug store to get antibiotics for my tooth my foot slipped off the break pedal and tapped the car in front of me. I was in a daze from the pain, so the tap barely fazed me, but I could see my victim surveying the damages through his rear view mirror- no doubt pondering his chances to claim whiplash. To be fair there was a small scratch under the license plate, so we had to call the police, and wait for them for two hours to give me a ticket for hitting someone from behind in line at the drug store.

After the police left, I sat in the parking lot and looked toward the sky. Half of my face was swollen and my tooth hurt so bad I wished heaven would drop a rope for me to hold onto while I was pulled among the stars to Gods cradling arms again... where I could forget about toothaches, moaning cats, unlucky days, and cars...

But first I have to try to understand how a slipper can walk away by itself in the middle of the night...plus I have to write for local magazines, get my books published, and keep trying to write A Nice Place In The Sun, so that others will have a place to get away from their toothaches, cars, moaning cats, etc...

Therefore thanks for keeping me going, and coming to visit, I hope I didn't miss too much- has it really been a week?


As it turned out I had a tooth that abscessed and I’m not kidding the days between Monday and today have been one long blur...except for the dentist, which I have to go back to next week... I mean this week....but there will be a Tuesday's Question, in addition to some awards this week~

Unless of course the slipper and the computer have concocted a brilliant escape plan~


Robert said...

Ouch now that was a bad few days..I hope things are better now.. and you found your slipper either that or the slipper is where my favorite shirt is..somewhere in the twilight zone...:)))

Dawn said...

Ann I'm glad to see you back and hope you are feeling better :)
Oh and I'm sure the missing slipper will re-appear as mysteriously as it disappeared!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Oh my. I thought something wasn't quite right because you are very good at posting on a regular basis. I've never had an absessed tooth, but I hear they are aweful. Just get yourself better. Big hug and I'm glad that it's just a minor thing in the big scheme of things. Your slipper will no doubt be found in a very strange place. I'm just sure of it. :)

mac said...

Im sorry for you. Hope you will get better soon. I Just love to read all your post then suddently this post came up. I thought so there's something wrong. Hehe..get well soon!

bluedreamer27 said...

its nice to see you back ann gheeeh i like the way you narrate the situation
and yes its beeen a week but dont worry visiting your blog here truly worth it
have a great day

Misty Dawn said...

(((((((((((HUGS)))))))))) Oh my poor friend!!! I hope you feel better very soon. Maybe Monster broke into your house, and stole the slipper and your cat is the only one who knows the truth! Just sayin' - it's a possibility. hehe

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