A Candied Apple Award!

I love my new Candied Apple Award from my best friend Christy at Christy's Coffee Break, Totally Fabulous, Writers Reviews, Illusion of Magic and the blog of which I'm a co-author A Hint Of Poetry.

Misty Dawn at My Dogs Keep Me Sane passed this award to Christy. This sweet seasonal treat was created by Hooti Anni's Spooky Hollow

Thank you Christy, this sweet seasonal award was made even sweeter by the fact that it was given in the spirit of friendship, and in that spirit I would like to nominate the following blogs:

First of all, back to you my friend, because there's no rule that says you can't honor the person who gave the award to you.

Dawn with Twisted Sister
Sandee with Comedy Plus
Mel, with Monday Morning Power
Jay with Jay's world
Bob with Bobbarama
Marja with Dutchcorner
Patois with Whee All The Way Home
Winston with Eat Your Maths
Walks Far Woman with Kissing The Dogwood
Paula with Polliwog's pond
Vic Grace with Cariboo Ponderer
Santa with Santas Community Blog


Santa Claus said...

Ho! Ho! Ho! Ann

It looks like I got in first for a change. I love getting awards especially ones I haven't received before. Thank you ann. I appreciate that you remember me and that You consider what I do good enough to give me this. I really appreciate it ☺

Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

You're one of the first bloggers I thought of when I saw the candied apple award. You're a very sweet man Santa, and I'm glad you're my friend.

Have a great day~


Christy said...

That's nice Ann:) I love everyone you chose!

Hope you're having a good day. The batmail is still down so if you have to talk to me try any other method than stupid hotmail. I don't want to miss your emails:)

Dawn said...

Thanks Ann... that was very SWEEEEET of you!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Well, isn't this just the sweetest. Thank you very much. I'll get to this right away. Thank you my friend. :)

Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

Christy, I know, I hate that the bat mail it not working. I have a google account, but I've always liked hotmail better, if it would just work. Mine is messing up too, but I don't think quite as bad. I e-mailed you day before yesterday, and sent you a card. I hate how you didn't get them. I bet you're about to pull your hair out. I'll be in touch somehow. Thanks for letting me know. :)

Love, Ann

Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

Dawn, You're welcome! Thank you for all that you do~ :)


Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

Sandee, You're always welcome, my friend. I hope you're having a great day!


Patois said...

How very sweet of you. Thanks so much!

Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

Patois, You're more than welcome.

Happy candied apple month my new friend.


Monday Morning Power said...


This is very sweet of you. How did you know that I love candied apples. Thank you!!!

Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

Mel, I believe you have a community Blogger award as well, just look at the post below. Congrats!


WalksFarWoman said...

You're always as welcome as a candied apple Ann, thank you for all the times you've included me
in thoughts from your generous heart. x

This award reminded me of these few lines...

From - “The Eve of St. Agnes”

And still she slept an azure-lidded sleep,
In blanched linen, smooth, and lavender’d,
While he from forth the closet brought a heap
Of candied apple, quince, and plum, and gourd;
With jellies soother than the creamy curd,
And lucent syrups, tinct with cinnamon;
Manna and dates, in argosy transferr’d
From Fez; and spiced dainties, every one,
From silken Samarcand to cedar’d Lebanon.

John Keats

Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

Traveler, (Walks Far Woman)Leave it to you to think of Keats. You amaze me. love it and will post it along with the award and link back to you my treasured friend.


Marja said...

It's like partytime today. That's how the award feels to me. I will toast to you tonight. What a pitty you live so far than I could toast personnally too you.

Jay Cam said...

thats awesome!
wheres the link for the pci btw?

lol im dumb

Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

Jay, What is pci? Now, do you still feel dumb? If I can figure out what pci is I can answer your question. Is this the blind leading the blind? ?


Vic Grace said...

Thank you, I love candied apples although I know them as toffee-apples.

Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

Vic Grace, toffe-apples? Neat. Congrats~


mr fong said...

WHY ARE YOU..........So kind!!!! Ohmigod I am touched.You never fail to make me smile,.,It is perhaps a testament that u are always the one giving me awards, which means u are always the one getting awards, so it shows how good u are! And I agree, you are great! Thank you :)

polliwog said...

Thank you Ann!!! I love this so much.

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