Animal Planets, Strange, Unusual, Gross, & Cool Animals

Animal Planets, Strange, Unusual, Gross, & Cool Animals. - A Must Read-

Charles Ghigna’s book, “Strange, Unusual, Gross & Cool, Animals,” has a magnetism that pulls you into the ocean among sea creatures, into the air with flying beasts and crawling along the earth’s surface with the slickest and slowest animals.  

This book will send you and your children on an adventure into the lives of creatures who share our planet, yet few of us are aware of their existence. Although, that will change after you read this informative, fun, and entertaining book.  

However, prepare yourself for an exploration of the world’s most grotesque, different, sticky, cool, glibbest, and attention-grabbing animals on earth.    


Happy Easter! I Saw The Easter Bunny!

I saw the Easter Bunny one time long ago. I waited for him all night and I wasn’t sure if he hiding his Easter eggs in my family’s yard or at my grandmothers house. So, I wanted to ask him where he got his eggs.
I tried to get a good look at him, but he was fast, and at one point he jumped behind a bush and waved at me to shut my curtains. My heart raced because I thought he might not leave any eggs for me that year, due to the fact that I saw him.


Feline Friday! Simon, Caught In Action!

Feline Friday is a meme which begin with Steve, of  Burnt Food Dude and I was introduced to from my friend Sandee of Comedy Plus. 

It is fun meme in which to participate. Cats who begin as adorable kittens become fun pets, which are hilarious and cute regardless of whether you're a cat owner or not.

In fact, this meme begin when Steve, (who I assume is not a cat owner,) wished to show how much he appreciated Felines. I'm not sure how long ago that was, but this meme has been popular ever since. So, many thanks to Steve and Sandee for continuing a fun meme and to all of the bloggers who have participated in it ever since.

Here are the rules, (That I copied from Comedy Plus.:)

My friend, Steve, from Burnt Food Dude started Feline Friday and it is simple to join. All you have to do is:

Post a picture, drawing, cartoon or video of a cat (They may be silly or cute)

Then, just post the code beneath the picture, image, or cartoon beneath your post.  


Tuesday's/ Wednesday's Question: Have Your Ever Met Anyone Who...

Hey, welcome to Tuesday's Question. Most of you are familiar with Tuesday's Question, but if this is the first time you've seen it, it's simple. All you have to do is answer the question in comments.

If you are a blogger, I will post a link by to your blog, and if you do not have a website or blog, I will post your name beneath your comment.  Sound good?

Okay, today's question is: Have You Ever Met Anyone Who Didn't Like You And You Never Knew Why? 

Here's My Answer...


Short Story- Moss Side Lane- And A Gazillion Computer Issues

 This cartoon is a perfect example of how I looked last night. I have been working on a children's manuscript, articles for a local magazine, and this short story all night, due to my computers seriously flawed attitude. But, I did manage to get the children's manuscripts ready to be mailed, and the other articles. So, I thought okay, it's working, now I can get back to work on the next page of Moss Side Lane the short story I planned on posting today. Then, as if it could read my mind, my computer had some kind of breakdown and interupted my work for hours. It was and is aggravating the daylights out of me.  

So, this is how I feel now... 


Tuesday's Question: Have You Ever Had...


Hello, welcome to Tuesday's Question! I started posting Tuesday's Question off and on since 2007, because I thought it would be a great way to get to know other readers and bloggers. But, due to the fact that I stopped posting it on a regular basis I lost a lot of readers. So, I would like to thank my loyal readers and friends who have supported Tuesday's Question from the beginning, it means a lot to me. You know who you are..:)

All you have to do is answer Tuesday's Question and of course feel free to post the "Brag Tag" on the top left corner on your blog if you wish:)   After you answer the question I will post your answer with a link to your blog.

Alright, here's Tuesday's Question: Have You Ever Had An Awful Grocery Shopping Experience? But, If You Haven't Had A Awful Grocery Shopping Experience, Tell Us About A Nice one.

I'll answer first,


Moss Side Lane

        Yesterday, I mentioned sharing the first page of a short story I'm writing for a writing contest because sometime ago I posted a video of the movie, The Help, which is a film adapted from a novel based on a true story about a woman's close relationship with her families maid during the turbulent 1960's.

After the video, I mentioned a similar experience and the love I had for "Edna," a woman who worked for my family for two generations. Well, Sandee of Comedy Plus suggested I write about Edna and since then the idea has been tossing about in my mind.

I have often thought about writing a story online for my readers to experience the writing process, but I thought it might be boring because it's a rough draft and I will be posting a page a week, which really is not that long for a short story, but you still have to wait to see what happens next. In addition to possible changes.

So, please bare with me, especially since I might not be able to continue to post it if the contests guidelines will not accept stories that have been published, even online. But you will still have been there from the beginning of the story and once the contest is over, I will post it in it's entirety.  Sound good? Well, you guys are going to have to let me know...:)

And by the way, huge hat tip to Sandee of Comedy Plus. :) who I consider a co-author on here, although she is a silent co-author. :)

This is the first time I have ever posted a story online, especially a rough draft, so be truthful, but gentle, okay? I will post the next page next Thursday, so stay "tuned"or rather online. :)

          Story below-                                          


Readers Answers to Tuesday's Question...What Is...

Hello, and welcome to Tuesday's/Wednesday's Question. Actually, it's Tuesday's Question, but it is so late in the day, I added a slash. My apologies for the lapses between posts on ANPITS.

I've been working hard lately and before I know it, I've run out of day, and one of my New Years Resolutions was to post as often as possible on the sunny side of the internet, which is A Nice Place In The Sun.

Okay, I will stop being corny and move on to Tuesday's Question. Tuesday's Question is a weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly, or monthly, - Just kidding, it's weekly-  post in which I ask a question and if you wish to answer it, I will post a link back to your blog, and if you do not have a blog, I will publish your answer along with your name.

Warning: If I really like your answer, I may publish it in a post which will be published on Google Plus and other websites that are linked to ANPITS. So, let me know if you would rather I didn't publish your answer in comments, okay? I promise I will respect your wishes.

Today's question is...

Hey! It's Thursday and here are some great answers to Tuesday's Question. Be sure and visit these blogs because they are among the best on the internet. Just click on the name of the blog for the link.

The first answer is from Grace, of Dragon's Alley: 

As much as I love words, I'll choose a picture. Words have layers of meanings aside from the dictionary meaning so the same word could elicit different emotional responses. And if you need to clarify then either the original wasn't written well or you start to beat a dead horse. Of course pictures elicit different responses from different people. While essential meanings might be obvious that's not how humans seem to operate. We bring ourselves to everything.
March 7, 2017 at 10:53 PM
 Then, Sandee,  of  Comedy Plus, said, 

I think visual people would need the picture or painting. I'm an avid reader so I don't need the picture of the painting. A well written book and I can visualize whatever they want me too. Perhaps even more. I'll go with the words.

Have a fabulous day, Ann. Big hug to you and lots of scritches to Simon. ♥♥♥
March 8, 2017 at 8:47 AM
 And read this one from Jan, of The Poodle And Dog Blog 

I have yet to see that picture that is supposed to be worth 1000 words so I'll choose words.
March 8, 2017 at 12:30 PM

And Cheri of Badon's Employment cracked me up, 

Here's her answer,  

Well, damn, I can't up load the picture! So I guess I have to go with words.
March 8, 2017 at 11:19 PM
Thanks to all of you who participated and remember you can answer Tuesday's Question all week and I will publish your answers. :)


Wordless Wednesday!

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday on A Nice Place In The Sun.

If I may steal the words from my friend Sandee of Comedy Plus:

"Wordless Wednesday is a visual blogosphere phenomenon.

WW is a simple blog post featuring a photo which conveys a message that speaks for itself without using words." 

I'm not sure why I cannot post the code for Wordless Wednesday, but here is the link to the Mr. Linky Code on Comedy Plus.


Feline Friday- Forgiveness

I have been trying to publish this post for hours. I've had computer issues all month, although it feels more like a year. I'm so behind on work that I'm afraid to check my e-mails. In any event, I'm grateful I'm back from computer space to a land of my understanding. Because now, I can participate in Feline Friday!

Feline Friday began with Steve from Burnt Food Dude and you know what's funny? When I went to his website to copy his link, this is what I read beneath his blog title,
"The best thing about computers is that they make very fast accurate mistakes."
Talk about perfect timing, I couldn't agree more..
Steve asked my dear friend Sandee of Comedy Plus to host Feline Friday for the next few weeks, so be sure to visit Comedy Plus to copy the Mister Linky code and read Sandee's post. 
All you have to do is post a picture, video, cartoon or drawing that is silly or cute and visit the other bloggers on the link list. It's really fun to see the variety of posts published by other participants. Here's my contribution:


Silly Sunday! "Babies Do Not Lie"

😲😲😲😲😲😲Silly Sunday is a weekly post hosted by Sandee of Comedy Plus and it's definitely the place to go on Sunday's.  Sandee's jokes are always hilarious and to use her words, Silly Sunday's...  
" Rules are simple, just have fun.

This is a great opportunity to get to know other bloggers and have a laugh or two in the process."

Here is how it works: Laugh and Link Up!"
  1. Post a joke.
  2. Link Up with the URL to your joke in the Linky Tools Widget.
  3. Read my joke.
  4. Leave a comment to tell me how much you enjoyed my joke.
  5. Try and visit a few others participating in Silly Sunday. 
  1. I tried to delete this one, but it's here to stay, sorry. :) 
Babies Do Not Lie


Mean Steps...And Jimmy Stewart And The Step

Have you ever noticed how many people are intimated by stairs? Well, I think it's because we have all come across a few  "Mean stairs" at some point in our lives.  In fact,  I have to negotiate with the stairway to my apartment on a daily basis, and each step has a terrible disposition.  I decided to use a google image of stairs that resemble mine because this photo captures their true essence.   
My stairs look just like these, steep and emotionally guarded...it's as if they're communicating in their stair like way, -Pun intended- "  I bet if they could talk they would say,  
"Hello, don't be afraid," -daring you to lay your foot on the first step- 
"Just hold on to the rail and you'll be fine, hee, hee..".When they're really railing against you and doing their best to stare you down, -Again, pun intended. 

Today's Popular Children's Picture Books

Today's Popular Children's Picture Books
Click on the titles below for the link to Publishers Weekly.com

Upcoming Book Review

Upcoming Book Review
My First Book Of Hockey!

Motherhood- Courage

Motherhood is an art impossible to explain, one which requires a vast sea of love, devotion, compassion, and understanding, unmatched by any affection we will ever know again.- Ann Clemmons






Words are the core of our souls, without written, vocal or lyrical expression we lose sight of one another or worse, ourselves. Words bring forth the essence of the human spirit; so express yourself without abandon.

Ann Clemmons

Written Phrase

Why is it that those we should know or believe turn out to be the ones we least understand? I suppose the world is an illusion until we find our way home.-Ann Clemmons

Favorite Phrase

I remember I used to half believe and wholly play with fairies when I was a child. What heaven can be more real than to retain the spirit-world of childhood, tempered and balanced by knowledge and common-sense...

Beatrix Potter’s Journal, 17 November 1896, from the National Trust collection.

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The Storyteller, by Dawn Drover

Alone in her world
of make believe
weaving her stories
of magic and light

She brings joy
to the eyes
of innocent minds
less jaded and free

For only they know
what's in her heart
holding the secrets
she guards so well

Life's hidden mysteries
belong to those
whose wisdom and truth
shine on in imagination

Written for Ann
~Dawn Drover~

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Let"s talk!

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Catch your dreams


Most of the worlds' great things were born of adversity and hardship; because these roadblocks encourage us to dream, imagine and believe.- Ann Clemmons

Favorite quotes-

In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I’ve been turning over in my mind ever since.

Whenever you feel like criticizing any one,” he told me, “just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.”'

F. Scott Fitzgerald. (Lines from The Great Gatsby)
"A Southerner Talks Music"

Mark Twain

"A book must be the ax for the frozen sea inside us."

Franz Kafka

An author values a compliment even when it comes from a source of doubtful competency.

- Mark Twain in Eruption

"I like a good story well told. That is the reason I am sometimes forced to tell them myself"

Mark Twain

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The Animal Rescue Site