Weird Things About Me

Drowsy Monkey">Drowsy Monkey tagged my good friend Dawn from Twisted Sister with the 7 weird things about me meme, and Dawn tagged me. I usually avoid the Weird Things About Me Meme's, because, who wants to admit weird things about themselves, especially if they happen to be neurotic? But in this case, I made an exception because, Dawn is my very good friend and has been since I began blogging, and I think that is enough of a reason to swallow my ego and do away with my dignity.

Therefore, here are seven weird things about me the first of which may frighten you from reading the rest, but we will see...

The first weird thing comes from a guilty conscious or at least it’s what my best friend from high school and I decided, since she does the same weird thing-

I'm going to try to articulate the first weird thing about me by giving a made up scenario as an example… So imagine this... While visiting a friend’s house out of town for a while, the friend comes to me her eyes wild with disbelief and says, “Someone took my grandmothers jewelry from my dresser, Ann! Can you believe that? Who would do a thing like that?"

My reaction would be: My eyes would avert away from her, resembling the expression of a bored monkey looking away with disinterest, and a finger in its mouth toward a more amusing event. In the meantime my neck would turn rosy, orange, or blue, but different colors, because when this is happening I actually feel what I think a heated crayon would feel like coloring my neck and face- with the words I am G-U-I-L-T-Y ! When in fact, I would never do something like that in a million billion trillion… years!

Actually, one of my best qualities is honestly especially in friendship, but in this type of situation I would still feel like I appeared guilty, and because I feel as if my expression is that of someone on the wrong side of the law, or the wrong side of everywhere, I think I look that way as well, but that is another meme and another story. My point being, that because I actually feel as if I am guilty, I give off the impression when stuff like this has happened, maybe not that exaggerated, but you get the drift. I am not as bad about it anymore, but my best friend still wrestles with it, and she is the only other person I know who has experienced the feeling. I used to worry that something really serious was going to happen one day and I was going to spend the rest of my life in jail for the for something I didn’t do. This neurosis did as I afore mentioned get better after I realized where it might have come from. I had a critical stepfather who always thought I was lying about everything, so go figure…

Now with the number one weird thing about me out of the way maybe you will believe the next six will be easier to swallow and keep reading….

2) I wear socks all the time, except if I’m on the beach or laying in the sun or in the bathtub…I even sleep in socks … I wore socks when my son was born even though the delivery nurse tried to take them off after she locked my legs in those stir-ups, but my husband put them back on and finally the Doctor told Hitler’s sister to let me wear them if I wanted too.

I have a box of keep sakes I brought home from the hospital that contains my sons baby bracelet , a Hershey bar his daddy gave me, (can you believe I saved that?) a bottle of wine, and of course, the socks I wore during his arrival into the world.

In addition, these socks were not just regular socks they were designer socks… I was not going to have my baby in plain white socks, no sir, these socks
had pastel pink, gray, and blue diamond shapes on them. My Doctor laughed throughout the delivery while my husband (a psychologist) tried to engage him in a conversation about what made people neurotic -no doubt afraid his child was going to inherit my penchant for socks.

O.K, let’s see what else I can think of that is weird about me, seven things Dawn? This is too HARD.

3) I laugh at the most inappropriate times and situations, which I know is a common weird thing to do, but I have the audacity to laugh or begin to smile while someone is telling me about something awful for the first time. I do not know if it is the shock of the expression on their face, or the deep emotional response expected from me, but I feel like running away and hiding behind a tree, where I can let out a huge laugh then return to the person say, “That’s really terrible news.”

4) I cannot eat in a restaurant if awful music is playing in the background. Even if the music is low, especially if it’s low, I cannot tolerate it and it takes me forever to order from the menu. Although it takes me forever to order from any menu anyway, the mission is impossible if the music is awful…you get the picture.

5) I can’t pee in a public bathroom if someone is in the stall next to me, and can hear my pee hit the water in the toilet…it just seems to personal… I don’t want them to witness the sound of my pee… “They just don’t know me like that” Isn’t that a song. I think it is, I heard the saying or the song somewhere, anyway I apologize to the artist who wrote it.

O.k. again number six, (I hope I have a blog after this) Lets see, hmmm Sometimes I blush for absolutely no reason when someone is talking to me, and it’s always a stranger and they always misunderstand my blushing for attraction- which wouldn't be terrible if I were attracted to them, but I never am! Then, the guilty face thing starts, followed by more blushing, and laughter, then I have to go to the bathroom- and it’s usually a public bathroom, and you can guess the rest.

7) I have to run the water in the bathroom sink when I brush my teeth…

I'm going to end this meme with Dawn's words and say "enough weirdness for one evening" (except she said the word "day") and tagged these two bloggers with The Seven Weird Things About me Meme:

Sandee at Comedy Plus
Misty at My Dogs Keep Me Sane


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Well how in the heck am I going to top this? Can't. You are a hoot Ann. I have some weirdness, but I'll see if I can top your weirdness.

Thanks for the tag. I'll get on this sometime tomorrow. Busy day you know. Super Tuesday and nails day. Big hug and have a great evening. Love you. :)

Anonymous said...

now the sock thing is kinda weird..and the music thing in reataurants..what happens if your stuck in the elevator with lousy Muzak....:)))))

Bingo Online said...

hmm, i don't find it weird at all :D

i think ur a normal person though..


Dawn said...

LMAO! You are definitely as weird as the rest of us! You gave better descriptions though! Your's is the best one I've read yet.. and probably because of your honesty :)
BTW... that public bathroom thing... is called a shy bladder and it happens to a lot of people!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

My post is up Ann. I hope you approve. Have a great day and here's a big [[[[[hug]]]]]. :)

Lis said...

Have you been to Japan? The toilets have this device that produces sounds to mask your peeing noises.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,
Wow..you're almost NORMAL lol
I have tagged you with an easy one
details Here
Have a great day my friend,

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