Mouse Dreams

I read an interesting article on MSN.com today about scientists conducting experiments on mice in an effort to better understand how memory is formed.

According to Reuters, Japanese scientists have implanted a tiny camera inside a mouse’s brain to conduct the research that may someday help prevent diseases like Parkinson’s. In all seriousness, this might cause a big breakthrough someday, but just hearing about a camera inside a mouse’s brain evokes all kinds of silly images in my head. For one thing I was dazed when I begin reading the article, due to the lack of enough sleep lately, and as I read the article I thought about what we might see if we viewed the inside of a mouse's brain?

For instance; what if we could see a mouse’s dreams?

Dream land:

“Hello, Mr. Mouse, and welcome to the cheese factory. We have all kinds here: Swiss, American, Brie, you name it, we got it. What would you like to partake in today?”

“Wow, me? Well, sir, if you don’t mind I’ll have everything on the menu.”

Suddenly, Mr. Mouse’s blissful dream ceases and we’re sent spiraling downward into a nightmare of horrific proportions. . .

Mr. Mouse is lying on a splintered and coarse board, unable to move for some reason. Oh, what dismal fate will the little guy face now? Mr. Mouse looks around, horrified to see his comrades lying all around him in a sea of misery. “My brethren. My valiant soldiers, why must we meet this bleak fortune?” Right then, a severe screeching sound fills Mr. Mouse’s ears. It’s the sound he’s heard for countless hours, that wretched metallic scream that haunts the night, when he and his friends and family are out seeking sustenance. He realizes this sound is not a scream at all, as his eyes come front and center with the gigantic furious metal arm coming downward toward his tired body. “Why?” he thinks, “Why must I come so close to sheer bliss, only to be thrown into the hands of death?” He remembers the wise words his father once told him “To be a mouse is to search, defiantly, for nourishment and comfort. If one day, you meet the end, make sure that it was worth it, for all that matters is reaching that point.” Mr. Mouse bravely faces the sinister arm as it comes violently swinging down. And then nothing. . .

Mr. Mouse wakes up to see his wheel, and his bowls, and his shavings on the floor. He’s alive, and he’s wondering what those giant monsters are still doing outside of his home.

If only we could look into the minds of mice, or any other animal. Maybe we’d stop with the Disneyfied personifications. It’s still fun to think about.

I hope the scientists really do inspect the neurological inner-workings of the mouse brain, so we can someday cure some debilitating diseases. Excuse me for my silly fantasies. I’m just tired and not cut out to be a scientist.



Sandee said...

Honey, you need to get some rest. Your mind is all over the board. Bwahahahahahaha. A fun read. Have a great day Ann. :)

Misty DawnS said...

Hehehehe - what if we could see inside your brain right now with your lack of sleep and all? This was a fun post Ann - now get yourself some sleep full of sweet dreams!

aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...

Sandee, (laughing) I know, I'm overworked and under paid! I wish the life of a writer was like it is in the movies. Although, I guess maybe some writers lives are... LOL

I just finished the last post of my mess, but you know Sandee I didn't even know my sidebar was missing, and I thought the Mrs. Blakemore post was fine. I was having trouble with the read more hack, but you fixed that too! So, if you hadn't said anything I would have thought everything was fine...

I keep seeing that Blogging mentor award going around and I need to give one of those to give to you. However, I have something better, but you need to e-mail me a P.O. Box number or your address so I can send it to you. You really mean a lot to me, and I want to give you a gift for all you've done for me. Not because I feel like I have too, but because I want too. However, if you feel uncomfortable sending an address, I'll understand. I'll just think of something else. You are the bestest friend, but I suppose I can stop saying that now, huh? O.K. time for a nap~ :))

Have a great day, pal~


aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...

Misty, (Laughing) Now, that is a scary thought! I'm so glad you liked this post- every time I'm tired and try to read something like a grown-up, I go off into some sort of dreamland instead of focusing on what I'm reading. (Actually, I'm using "being tired" as an excuse for poor reading comprehension.)

I've been thinking of you lately because after I get some other categories out of the way I'm going to start on my first post about writing. I remember you saying you were interested in that category. Thanks for the support and reading Misty.

Have a great day~


Speedcat Hollydale said...

WOW!! Ann, you know I love this post. When thinking about a "mouse dream", I see an endless loop of the cartoon "Tom & Jerry" The cat is never going to win! Even as Jerry is swallowed, he lights a match an flies right out back to his home in the wall with a chunk of Colby.

Anonymous said...

I was always suspicious(did I spell that right..:) of that Mickey mouse character..Im sure he had a hidden camera...:))))

Anonymous said...

If you think about it, Mouse Dreams would make a great PB title.
Mice are nice. :)


Jackie said...

Sharing some Link Love!! Gotta' hit and run before the game starts!!



Anonymous said...

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Misty DawnS said...

Hey Ann - I just wanted to stop by and inform you that there is a very, very special award waiting for you at www.mistysmusings.com - I think you'll really like it!

Dawn Drover said...

Ann you have the best imagination ever :))) Oh and I loved the title!

Anonymous said...

not sure u are aware of this

but this chinese new year is the year of the mouse and u'll get prosperious if you have mouse around :P

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