Nightmares Dominate Tuesday's Question

I know this frightening image goes against everything A Nice Place In The Sun stands for - what I mean is, this is supposed to be a cheer you up blog. But, I guess you can look at it is way- this will be one of the few times you will see such a ferocious critter on my blog, because I don't do mean. Furthermore, this frightful image does have a purpose, which is to illustrate how scary my visiting bloggers answers were to this weeks Tuesday's Question; Have You Ever Had A Reoccurring Dream?

The question asked Have You Ever Had A Reoccurring Dream?, but most of my readers reoccurring dreams were nightmares, hence, the scary picture. Although to be fair, not all of my readers reoccurring dreams were scary.

For instance, my good friend Sandee pointed out, and you'll notice when you read this post, that Robert at Observations from the back 40, has a nice reoccurring dream.

In addition, I Norris at Lit(erature) On Fire writes a touching story about her best dream, so they are not all terrifying, and the stories get gentler toward the end of the post.

So, with the exception of mine, here are my readers Reoccurring Dreams, or rather their answers to Tuesdays Question:

Have You Ever Had A Reoccurring Dream?

Here is mine:

My heart is pounding as I hold my son on a raft in the deepest part of the ocean at night. We are grateful for the light from the stars, which serve as our only compass in the middle of a vast sea miles from land. They twinkle like diamonds, reminding us we can see, even if we're too afraid to look in any direction. I can hear my son's voice, and the slap of the waves as they splash against the raft while it rocks miles above the the ocean floor.

I'm too scared to suck in enough air to talk to my son, whose face is ashen as he looks at me hoping he will read comfort in my face, so he can tell himself we're just on another boat ride, and we will return home safely. I fear I'm going to die from terror, because there is no land, no boats, no cell phone, nothing but the grace of almighty God to save us, then....

My boy falls off the side of the raft, into the deep water and away from my grasp- I feel frozen as I watch him slip into a sea of darkness leaving nothing behind but silence and the ripple of a small wave.

With one hand on the raft I dive as deep as I can and still hold onto safety, but I can't see him, until I let go of the life boat and dive deeper, praying I have enough air in my lungs to reach him.

The murky water is stinging my eyes, but I keep following him until I grab one foot, a foot that keeps slipping through my hands, but I keep grabbing and pulling until I pull him to the surface.

We're ahead now and burst through the top of the water, gulping air and treading around in circles looking for the life boat. However, when we spot it, the swim to it is another grateful accomplishment, or gift.

Then we rest, holding onto the side of the raft, turning around in circles listening to the water clap against the sides in the darkness, and again look toward the stars for navigation- when my little boy looks at me with water dripping from his eyelashes and says, "Mom, what are we going to do?"

I've had this dream three times, the last of which was about three weeks ago, and my son is now an adult. The first two times he was seven. It just terrifies me every time I dream it and I don't know why.


Followed by my first comment from Sandee at Comedy Plus who wrote a terrific comment, even if it gave me daymares for a few days.

Sandee From Comedy Plus

Great question Ann. This is a reoccurring nightmare though.

When I was in my later teens I started dreaming about a horrific car accident that I had. I dreamed this same dream for about 3 years and I always woke up in a cold sweat and trying to scream, but nothing came out.

I was riding in a car in the passenger seat and a man was driving. In the back seat was a small boy. Unknown who either of these folks were, as I couldn't really see their faces.

I can see the accident about to happen and everything goes into slow motion. I brace myself for what is bound to happen and the last thing I see is glass exploding and the sound of twisted metal as we collide. The dream was exactly the same each and every time. One day I just didn't have this nightmare anymore.

Years later I had a son and relived the fear of this really playing itself out, but it never did. The nightmare was so vivid and horrific that I often dreaded going to sleep. I am thankful that it was just a nightmare.

Followed by Robert at Observations From The Back 40's good dream

I have one with me and Ann Margaret in a hot tub of which I will keep the details to myself.....:))))


Another nightmare from my good friend, Misty at My Dogs Keep Me Sane

That is a horrifying nightmare Ann - I'm so sorry you have to deal with that!

When I was young, I used to have a dream that someone would come in the window next to my bed in my bedroom. They would steal me away from my grandparents, and each time the dream would be different after that point, but each time, I was trying to find ways to escape and get back to my grandparents.

A couple of weeks ago, I had that dream again - and now, I'm 32 years old! However, I still woke up shaking and in a cold sweat


"And the Dreaded house dream" Brrrr...scared me to death...

It's from my good and one of my favorite writers Dawn at Twisted Sister

The dreaded house dream...
I've been having it for years and each time the house is different but the theme is the same...EVIL.
I'm usually just trying to find my way out and there are lots of doors to choose from but evil lurks behind the doors and I am too afraid to open one... In the end I end up waking up in a panic and cold sweat.
And yes Ann, I know I'm nuts :)


Next, I Norris writes about her best dream, which I found touching and kind. In addition, I would like to welcome her to Tuesday's Question.

I Norris at Lit(erature) On Fire

I know I've had recurring dreams, but I can't remember any of them now.

I did happen to have a really vivid dream lately that I'm going to call my best. In it I could fly. Rather than just seeing the view as if I was flying, I could really feel the wind and motion. I could feel the muscle sensations as my arms were flapping.

I flew to the top of a tree and sat and stared out over the top of a small town, not my own but one much more quaint. I was a teenager in it as was my husband, though we weren't married in the dream. I picked him up and we flew to this mountain on the bank of an island. I wanted to land several times in what I thought were beautiful spots, but each time he would complain.

When I woke up I told him about it and told him he should have been grateful that I was flying him around at all.


Bluedreamer from Bluedreamers Top Five
(Which is another spooky one)

wow thats a great question i do have reoccurring dreams Ann
and up to know i keep on dreaming of it and i still don't know what my dreams wanted to tell me

everything was dark and quite and i am lying in the ground sleeping then i always heard a voice calling out my name in a soft voice
it was a voice of a kid

i woke up then look around of where the voice came from i run in the darkness with fear but still being curious

then i saw a light...and the kid ..the kid was kinda familiar with me although i cant see his face due to he's looking in the ground and i cant able to recognize it

then the kid suddenly stared at me i was so shocked that the kid was me when i was a child....i don't speak out something and still thinking of how is it happen

the kid wearing what i wear too and he don't stop crying
he walked to me and hug me then suddenly i cried too i don't know the reason but i felt too much sorrow when he hugged me

i really don't know why this dream keep on reoccurring
i consulted a physic about that and read a lot of "dream meanings book" but still i cant find the answer

dream sometimes want to tell us something
dream also warn us of a possible situation that will happen
but never ignore your dreams you must seek for a reason why you dream about it

let me give you a trivia gheeeh this is the first time to tell about this
this dream of mine is the reason why i called my self bluedreamer

And My Sassy Mind

Nice question you got here. Sometimes, I get re-occurring dreams. It is like I thought the dream is familiar but I can't exactly recall when I dreamed it.. then after a couple of days, I just remember that my dream the other day was my dream last week. I don't know why things like that happen.. what do you think?

I didn't get a chance Sassy to answer your question in comments- But I know what you are talking about- it is sort of like a déjà vu feeling. I don't know what the deal is with dreams, except I suspect it is our sub-conscious way of keeping our mind and emotions occupied while we sleep.


I would also like to welcome Chica to at I'm Just A Blogger Trapped Inside A Blog, to Tuesday's Question.

I've had the same dream my whole life, it varies every time though, but the place and concept of it all is the same. It's really just me being in some house, and whenever i open a door, I'm in another house or place, it's awful weird.

Thanks for visiting my blog, cool post. :)

And thank you Chica for visiting my blog and answering Tuesday's Question


Well that's it folks, until the next Tuesdays Question. Now, I'm going to end this post with a comment from the same blogger who left the first comment- Sandee at Comedy Plus:

Well Ann, it looks like Robert is the only one with a really good dream. Why are we women having bad dreams? Strange. I don't like yours at all. It's even worse than mine. What a collection of nightmares. I hope you quit having this dream Ann. Okay? :)

If you want to read more from Sandee remember she is at Comedy Plus- she is too funny! Thank you everybody!


bluedreamer27 said...

gheeh i read their dreams ann and many of them really took my attention
but then i enjoy this tuesday question of yours have agreat day

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Hi Ann - It was still a fun Tuesday's question. I just really thought it kind of strange that there were so many nightmares. I'm just glad I don't have my nightmare anymore. I really hated it. Have a great day my friend. Big hug.


Misty Dawn said...

Sandee brings up an intriguing question - why do we women have these reoccurring nightmares?


L Norris said...

Maybe it's the maternal side that creates a nightmare worry in the subconscious? Interesting to see it though.
Thanks for the mention and welcome.

Lewis Empire said...

I have a few recurring dreams. Fortunately, they are all fairly postive. The weird thing is that when I am having the dream, most of the time I actually know that I am asleep and am experiencing a dream. In random dreams, this doesn't happen very often.

OMYWORD! said...

I was struck by the imagery in your dream. I always like Jungian dream analysis, because it takes you away from the literal meaning and deeper into the hopes and fears of your subconscious. I can't tell you what your dream symbols mean, because each person has their own symbols, but I had the sense that you know you can save your son through your own physical effort, if need be, but can you guide him out of the darkness?

I used to have recurring dreams of me being in a car as it flew off a cliff. During the descent, I would devise ways to cushion the inevitable blow. Like standing on the edge of the door (I'm always in a convertible) and jumping off just before the car hits bottom. :-)

Glad you found me through Entrecard! I'll be back.

Ann said...

OMYWORD, I'm glad I found you too. You are incredibly gifted. In addition, thank you for the first sentence~ I live for those kind of remarks.

I'm sure you know what I mean, being a writer yourself. I worked hard on the imagery, because I wanted to show rather than tell this story. You're perceptive. I thought the dream was probably related to some sort a fear of parental incompetency, but I never looked at it from your view point. Anyway, I think you're onto something, especially since I had two of the same dream when he was a small boy. Then, the dream returns years later after his band is signed to a label, and once I again I cannot "guide him out into the darkness"...Therefore it gave me chills when I read what you wrote.

I was also struck by your own articulate account of your dream. It sounds as if both of us wish to be prepared for the outcome of upcoming events-

I'm not familiar with Jungian dream analysis, although it sounds really interesting. I liked what you said about it taking you deeper into the hopes and fears of the subconscious.

Anyway, leave it to another writer to come up with insightful ideas about the deeper meaning behind my dream as well as respond to my hard work on the imagery. Thank you~ And thank for accepting my request to run an ad on your site.

Have a wonderful week~



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