My Readers Favorite Birthdays

My Readers gave sensational answers to Tuesday's Question this week! The answers are so good I'm not going to write much of an introduction except to express my heartfelt thanks to all who participated- all of you did a great job~

The first comment is from Sandee at Comedy Plus who (as most of us know) never plays by the rules and I'm glad, because this week, she treated us to not one, but two, of her favorite birthdays.

From Sandee at Comedy Plus

First, I'm sorry about Marie. Big hug.

What a great question Ann. I'm going to talk about two of my favortie birthdays. You know I never follow the rules Ann.

My first favorite birthday was my 30th birthday. I thought turning 30 was going to be tough and I guess because of that my significant other decided to do something very special. We went to San Francisco and got a room on the beach. I was told to dress very nicely because we were going someplace very special for dinner.

We headed toward the financial district and I was surprised that we ended up parking in the Bank of America building. We get on an elevator that went so fast that I thought I was going to throw up. Up to the 52nd floor to a place called the Carnelian Room. This is a five-star restaurant with views to die for. You even had to have a reservation for the bar. It was a magical evening with fine wines and heavenly food. Every need was attended to, and the views... There was even an attendant in the rest room who had the water warm for me to wash my hands and she handed me a real towel to dry with. Of course I tipped her. When we were leaving the maitre d' handed me a beautiful long stemmed red rose. All the ladies get one of these. It was a dreamy night out.

My second favorite birthday was my 40th. I was working at the Men's Jail and my lieutenant thought it would be funny to have my office painted black so he had my deputy come in and paint it at night for my arrival the next morning.

There was a black birthday cake, a shawl, cane, and a ton of other stuff that old people use. The entire squad room was full of people just waiting for me to open my office door.

Everyone sang happy birthday as I stood there in full dress uniform red as a beet. My lieutenant? I ended up marrying him 10 years later. Yes, my wonderful husband. I think I kind of loved him back then too. :)

February 12, 2008 6:12 PM

Then Robert from Observations From The Back 40

The last one and the next one.. at my age everyone is a bonus...:))))))


Followed by Dawn from Twisted Sister

Age 11. The one and only real birthday party I ever had... even if I did have to share it with my sister cause our birthdays were 10 days apart!


The next comment really touched me, then I couldn't find the link to the blog.

Jacksonville Stained Glass, I'm so sorry you haven't been celebrating your birthday unless of course it's by choice. However, I also regret that I can't find a link to your blog. Tuesday's Question is a bloggers post, meaning I link back to the bloggers who participated when I post their comments or answers. So if you read this post, please let me know your url because I would love to add to this post. And thank you for participating~

Jacksonville Stained Glass wrote;

hmmm... Age 4. That was the only Birthday that I celebrated & invited some friends. And that was the last time we celebrated my birthday.

My next participate is the writer of one of my favorite new blogs. If you haven't read Retarded Sushi yet, go and read it right after this post, it's great. (that is if you have time, I don't want to be bossy or anything)

Here is Pilotg2 from Retarded Sushi answer

My 27th birthday. Not just because it is the most recent, but my wife always tries to make it an exceptional birthday for me. I am one of those December babies and hate having a birthday arround christmas, but at least it is a week before as opposed to on the eve or the day of. But my biggest complaint is always not having my name on the cake, but this year she made absolutely certain that my name was on the cake. And we managed to stretch the celebration out over a week.


O.K. That's all folks! And I hope everyone comes back next Tuesday (and bless all of you who always do, you know who you are) for another Tuesday's Question!

Have fun!


Dawn said...

Happy Valentine's Day Ann!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with next week Ann. I so enjoy this every week. :)

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