Bloggers And Bloggets Worst And First Jobs

I thought this was the perfect image to use for how one feels on the worst job of their life- the calf representing the boss of course, with his wicked little controlling grin on his face.

There is nothing worse than an awful job, in fact a terrible job can make such a strong impression on you that you remember the "feelings" associated with the it more than the details of your job description.

And oh, what a powerful feeling it is, for instance this Tuesday's Question was a choice between two questions to answer, What Is The Worst Or First Job Your Ever Had? And although there were a lot of first job answers, the worst job comments were packed with the details on how the jobs made them feel...

Which proves the best advice my grandfather ever gave me and told me to never forget, and I'm sure you've probably heard before... I don't know the exact quote so I won't put it in quotations (I just wanted it to be clear that it is not an original thought, as if)

Anyway, what my granddad said was that people will forget many things about you, but they never forget how you make them feel. Therefore, it seems it's also true about events or experiences, which is odd because people also run from pain and toward pleasure, but we recall the pain in so much more detail. Anyway my intention on A Nice Place In The Sun is for people to leave the blog with a good feeling- you know how some movies or songs, blogs etc.. leave you with a good feeling? So my apologies if I stirred up yucky stuff memories, however, I can't promise I'll always think of happy questions... because I'm afraid my blog would become too sentimental, gushy and unreal. In addition, I 've learned so much about all of you by asking questions about life, especially the bloggers who regularly answer Tuesday's Question- who by the way are just amazing...

I think this weekly feature has been really exciting and I cannot believe how long it has been going on...Next time you have a chance (I'm working on a making it easier) glance through my labels and click on Tuesdays Question and Readers Comments. The responses are remarkable and if you read through them all you will learn so much about your fellow bloggers. I'm trying to think of ways I can shine more light on your past comments. I think I'm going to make a Tuesday's Question page when I can figure out how, but something, because again, you are very special and your comments full of everything that makes us human: laughter, fear, memories, crazy experiences, etc... I'm in awe of ya and will throw my hat in the air for you soon!

Now, it's time to get on with these great comments, right? Just click read more and remember each bloggers link to their blog is next to their comment:

The first comment is from a wonderful writer Jackie at The Painted Veil

Hi Ann,
Wow I didn't think I would make it in today.

We had some really bad stoprms move through and I had to shut down.

Well I have certainly had some doozies in job force that's for sure.

But, my very worst by far was when we first arrived in Maine.

I went to work for a very brief time as a telemarketer. And the sub-contractor I worked for had no ethics whatsoever.

All was fine the first thirty days while training at minimum wage.

But, then they transferred me over to pay based on the number of people I could talk into signing up for something that in the long run would only add to their phone bill and not save money.

The very first day I was transferred was the day I quit. The owner of this company had tons of people's personal information. This information was supplied to them by one of the world's largest telephone companies.

And, she would take this information and call into the phone company pretending to be the actual person so she could get their latest account information.

By having the person's latest account info. was most definitely a plus if you were going to sale them this plan.

Well, I absolutely refused to do this. Not only was it unethical, but, it is also a federal offense.

I may be blond, and a little numb sometimes but even I know that you don't mess around with the FCC.

So I simply got up and walked out.

The whole experience truly was a nightmare from the start. Telemarketing is a nightmare job and I simply am not tough skinned enough, or, unethical enough to ever have been successful.

That's it...not very funny I'm afraid. But, it is very true.

February 5, 2008 2:32 PM


And another wordsmith Robert at Observations From The Back 40

We truck drivers have a hard row to hoe...:)))..mine was a bricklayers helper..I carried bricks up that ladder so many times I was pooped by lunch..not one brick at a time either slats of them 12 to a slat..

Next, is a newcomer to Tuesday's Question! Welcome

Retarded Sushi

First real job with a paycheck and w2's...the Boy Scout shop. My first and only experience in retail. At least the store was usually very empty leaving plenty of time to play hide the shirt clip thingies. And by shirt clip thingies those little plastic clips that were on the folded shirts. They had to be removed before hanging the shirts. I had a collection of arround 5 lbs of the little buggers and decided to start hiding them through out the store. I heard a few years after I left that they were still finding them.

Next, the hilarious Paula From Six For Paula

Great question Ann. I love your stories. You and I seem to have led really interesting lives. :-)

The worst job I ever had was a temporary position as a giant Twinkie. I had to wear the Twinkie the Kid costume (complete with cowboy hat that seemed to be about ten feet high) and do promotional stuff at grocery stores. Kids punched me, Japanese tourists wanted their picture taken with me, and it was hot and stuffy.

Once, I ran into my best friends dad while wearing the big suit. The "mouth" portion of the costume was somewhere around my neck/chest area so I couldn't talk. I saw my friends Dad and started to move towards him waving my arms and shouting "Hey Mike!" He was horrified and ran ff. Later when he found out it had been me, he said he heard muffled scary sounds coming out of this giant Twinkie "guy" w who was moving erratically towards him. Needless to say, we had a big laugh.

-And hilarious post Paula!-

Karen at I'm Just A Little Fish In A Big Pond misunderstood Tuesday's Question and wrote a post with her answer. (LOL) Which is a great post by the way about her first job, and here is the link:

My First Job

Thank you Karen~

Next up, one of the Queens of Tuesday's Question, and my pal Sandee from Comedy Plus who writes the best comments and most hilarious posts on her own blog, Comedy Plus:

You and I had like jobs. I too was a waitress, bartender and deputy. I also raised my son for the most part alone. I'm proud of it too. Worst job. I really didn't have a worst job. I truly can say that I didn't hate one job that I have had. So, I'll narrow it down to not my favorite.

Working graveyard (11P - 7A) anywhere is not great fun. I've worked graves as a waitress and as a deputy/sergeant.

As a waitress you always got to deal with the drunks at two the in the morning. Of course I was sober and it really gave you a good look at how stupid and rude people could be. I didn't care for that much. Then an hour or two before your shift would end, all the morning people show up all wide awake and ready for their day. That really made me tired.

When you work in jails all the inmates are sleeping and it's tough to stay awake. There are also less staff during this shift which even makes it worse. Our bodies really don't like to be awake at night. Well, mine never did.

The toughest time about working graves is about four in the morning on. The sun is going to come up and you are even going to feel more tired. The winters were the worst. You went to work in the dark and came home in the dark. There just wasn't any day at all.

My son is now 37 years old and I'm retired with a very nice retirement. I wouldn't change a thing even if I could. Whatever I did kept a roof over our heads and food on the table. I'm very proud of that. :)

February 5, 2008 6:38 PM


Jackie from The Painted Veil stopped back by and tagged me with the Smiling Through The Tough Times Meme Thank you Jackie and I think it's a great idea for a meme and you're right you will get to know the bloggers you tag better! LOL

Hello again Ann,
May I introduce you to a new game?

It's called tag and run for the hills:):):)LOL!!! I'm running now!!!


The next comment came from Arti, and I'm sad because I cannot find the link to his blog. At first I didn't know what to think, but his blog is from blogger- it's just a private profile. Anyhow, thank you for your comment Arti and I'm sorry I couldn't give you a link back. If you leave me a message in comments however I will be glad to link back to your blog~

hi Ann
the first job of mine was worstest experience coz i didnt know any thing about the concept of the job. i join as a telecaller in a logistic compay(freight forwarding and custom clearences) where i called the exporter and importer of the city n ask him , Do they intrested in our servicees. but when they ask me about the rate ,flight ,or collect or paid shipment criteria i m unable to tell them coz i m new n short of knowledge. the thing i feel embraced when i called a importer n said "do u intrested in our services" and he replied , "mam first tell me who r u, ur company name n detail about ur company profile after that i sould tell u, oh!that moment..........


Next is Jackie from The Painted Veil coming back to make a comment to Sandee, (LOL) which I love because that is exactly the way I've always envisioned Tuesday's Question to work- sort of like a weekly forum or party with blogging buddies around a question each week, so thank you Jackie for keeping this party going...(smile and hug)

Oh Sandee,
I have to agree with you about working the graveyard shift.

I too did that as a waitress and the drunks were always such a drag!!

I can't even begin to imagine working as a deputy and dealing with them!!


And last, but most certainly not the least, another Queen of Tuesday's Question, great pal, and a blogger who can certainly turn a phrase, Dawn from Twisted Sister:

Ann... my worst job is the one I'd like to forget! I try not to think about it. My sister Ann and I had just moved and we needed jobs desperately and took the first available positions we could find... at a dry cleaners. Ann was told she would be working at the front counter and I was brought to the back of the building. It was like a sweat shop and I was given the job of washing the greasy coveralls belonging to the local garages. I couldn't believe it but decided to stick it out until I could find something better. The heat was unbearable and I worked alone with no one to talk to. After about a week I put in my notice and the owner wanted to know why I was quitting.. so I told him if I could work on the front counter in the AIR CONDITIONING I might stay.... HIS REPLY.... No your sister is PRETTIER THAN YOU!


From Me~
I'm sorry but I have to say I can't believe what your boss said Dawn! That's horrible, and I can't even see how it could possibly even be true. I think it knew he was wrong to put someone to work under those kind of working conditions. Isn't the clinical term for that called transference or projection (From my pop psychology magazine reading) you know when someone transfers something onto you that really they feel about themselves? I'm sorry to go on like that it's just that his comment made me mad- mean people stink---!

From me again: Thanks for contributing to Tuesday's Question and have a super, fantastic, and every other adjective in the world week!


Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

My first job was at a snack bar at an exclusive country club. I didn't understand a work ethic or giving a sh*t about any of it. My boss once said, "I don't care what you do but don't throw food at people and could you say "Thank you?" I thought he was demanding.

My worst job was selling life insurance. I lasted 10 days. Most of which was studying to get my liscense. As soon as I got it, I thought, "I can't do this..."

And I left...

Misty Dawn said...

I'm sorry that I missed this question - I had some doosies (not a word?) of answers for you ;-) I've had my share of horrible bosses. All I can say is those horrible bosses really make you appreciate when you finally find a great boss (like I have now - just wish I had two more).

I had to laugh, because I was watching an episode of M.A.S.H. on TV and they were trying to help a cow give birth, and then I clicked on your blog and saw your graphic LOL - how appropriate.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Another fun question and week. You are getting quite a collection of folks every week. Very fun Ann. Have a great evening. :)

Ann said...

Bud, (LOL) I love your answers and your comments are always hilarious, but today tops it off- you're on the wrong post~ (Laughing aloud) However, I will add your comment with a link to this post. LOL

That will shake things up for my readers! (As if they're not used to being lost on this blog anyway)

Have a great evening Bud~ :))


Ann said...

Misty, That is quite alright I didn't post the question until late in the afternoon. I've been so busy lately I can't seem to catch up...plus now Bud will have some company. I will just add ya'll's (also not a word) comments to this post. And after you said that about Mash, for some reason after saying to "shake things up for my readers" to Bud, it made me think of that song, "Shake it up" and now it's going to be in my head all night. LOL

I remember that episode of Mash, and after reading what you wrote about the image, it made me laugh too~ Plus, it is how I've always felt on terrible jobs.

I'm glad you have a good boss now, it does make all the difference in the world, plus it sounds like you like your job too.

Thanks Misty, and big hug~


Ann said...

Sandee, I know, I'm so proud of "our" Tuesday's Question. LOL I used the word "our" because when I read back through the archives you have commented on every question, or just about every question. That's why I keep writing that you are the Queen of Tuesday's Question because you have been here from the very beginning. I can't believe I've been writing this weekly post for this long...anyway the amount of support you've given is incredible. Speaking of which you need to send me an address where I can send you my token of appreciation for all your help with the "read more" hack. I'm not going to forget, so you might as well. It's not much, just something I thought you might like...I hope anyway.

I don't know why, but your comment on this post hit a nerve in the good tears way. When you said you were proud of yourself for having reared your son on your own, and I guess because we have similar histories, with the exception of the fact that you went a whole lot further in law enforcement. I was a three generation officer who took after the wrong side of the family, (LOL) but I tried.

Anyway, when you wrote about being proud of yourself it reminded me of a dream I had a few times when my son was small. We (my son and i) are on a raft in the middle of the ocean, with no land in sight, and I'm telling him everything is going to be alright, but we keep going around in circles and he keeps falling off the raft, and I keep diving in the water with the raft in one hand and trying to grab him with the other, but the raft won't let me go too far under and I'm afraid to let go of it, although I can see him sinking lower and lower, until thank goodness I grab him in the nick of time, and put him back on the raft. Years later the meaning of this dream occurred to me and I know you know what it is and the feeling behind it...I guess that's what made me tear up. Because you know what it's like to feel as if it's you and your small child against an ocean or the world.

So my hats off to you my friend, great job!

Love ya, and huge hug~


Shinade said...

Ann I truly hope you keep this up.

I think it is simply a wonderful way for all of us to learn so much more about each other.

For instance, I would never have imagined Sandee as being a police officer.

It's simply grand and I hope that I can remember to pop in every Tuesday and participate.

LOL...I will have to watch my typing though. I get going so fast....Oh dear...I noticed so many mistakes!!


Ann said...

Jackie, All I've noticed about your writing is how articulate you are and how much thought you put in every comment. It's sound like you're doing what I do when I write...which is I try to type as fast as I'm thinking....but I didn't notice any mistakes. Anyway, there aren't any editors here, so we can write how we want. (Just kidding editors)

Anyway thank you for all three LOL of your fantastic comments yesterday, they were really funny. Your encouragement has come at the perfect time, because I've been thinking of slowing Tuesday's Question down or stopping it altogether- because I think google is viewing it as duplicate content and it is really difficult to do on a weekly basis- but I love it and it is my way of giving back to the wonderful bloggers who have been so good to me. Plus, like you wrote, I learn something new each week about each of you.

And I know what you mean about Sandee. I was surprised that she was a policewoman too, actually she is a retired lieutenant! Isn't that something? She is something else...All of you are...

Thanks again and again for your kind words and encouragement. Those type of comments literally help me keep this question and my blog going.

I know you know what I mean...

Huge hug~


Drowsey Monkey said...

My first job was as a park supervisor...I hated it. I've hated pretty much every job I've ever had since then. I was meant to be a kept woman...but no one will keep me.

DiamondsSaphire said...

My first job was at Dunkin Donuts.(high school)BUT the job I HATED the most was when I worked in a pepper stuffing plant. Not sure if you have seen them, the little green pepper stuffed with provolone and ham, usually found at the deli. Yup, I stunk like brine and funky cheese at the end of the day. Plus you got paid by the pound, so if you wanted to make money, you had to be quick!

Ann said...

Drowsey Monkey, I know what you mean, and your comment made my sides hurt from laughing~ thanks for stopping by- :))


Ann said...

diamondssaphire, You are not easy on the sides either (my sides I mean, from laughng)- I could smell the funky cheese too- You know drowsey monkey really had a point- I think we should all be kept woman- What's wrong with the world?

Have a great week-end diamond~


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