Saturday's Favorite Movie Moment - Almost Famous

I Remember when the car radio was the main source of communication, entertainment, and comfort between friends in the 1970s. Everyone piled in their cars and sang along to whatever song was playing on the radio every week-end. It was so much fun, plus those times created memories we will always remember...

For a long time I thought it was just my gang who sang to the car radio, until the broadcast of the situation comedy That Seventies Show and of course, this movie. Which by the way, is a great film, one you should rent if you haven't already. It's based on the life of a Rolling Stone writer's first band interview when he was only fifteen years old. But, I'm not going to tell you anything else, because it will give too much away! Have a great week-end!


Flowers On A Friday said...

what is that?! i know nothing about it but it looks f-f-fantastic! i feel a glow. thanks!

Reply to Flowers on a Friday said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's a movie moment from the film "Almost Famous" which depicts a Rolling Stone magazine writer's first writing assignment with a famous band when he was only 15 years old. It's a really good movie, and true. I love this scene because it reminds me of the days when singing to the car radio was a main source of entertainment. Before the invention of video games and vhs movies. Plus, it was a nice way to comfort a friend. I'm glad you liked it~


benhurjun said...

Ah, good times. Cheers to happy memories!

Ann said...

Benhurjun, Yes, cheers to the happy memories of yesterday and to a new year create more mischief! Thank you for stopping by and the comment. :)))

Have a great day!


cheerfulday said...

Memories is the best..
Happy weekend

email marketing software said...

I was a child of the 80's and we sang to the radio in the car as well. Sometimes we were just parked while others it was while we were moving down the road. With the air guitars and what not I am sure we looked very interesting to the other cars around us.
Thank you for reminding me of a great memory of my high school days.

Ann said...

Cheerfulday, Yes, memories are the best~ Thanks for the comment and have a great day! :))


Ann said...

e-mail marketing software, Your right, I should have included the eighties and the air guitar! I'm glad you enjoyed the memory.

Have a great day!


Misty Dawn said...

Just wanted to pop in and check on you to make sure everything is OK, because I noticed I haven't seen a new post for a few days... Hope you are doing great! Miss ya.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...


I've been meaning to say this for a while. I love this feature and your taste in film is VERY close to mine. It is eerie!

Great job!

Ann said...

Misty, Thank you so much for checking on me, I've just been behind in free lance work so I haven't been online for long periods at a time, and haven't had a chance to post. Then today, my computer froze while updating and I couldn't even post Tuesday's Question. Thanks again for checking on me. I'm working on Tuesday's or rather Wednesday's Question as we speak, so you should see a post tomorrow, (fingers crossed) I hope so anyway. :))

You're a pal.

Ann said...

Misty, I noticed I wrote thanks for checking on me twice. Sorry. I hate how you can't edit comments, because if you delete them others wonder what kind of mistake you made, and if you leave them, they wonder if you knew any better. So I decided to write another comment saying I'm sorry- that way others will just think I'm a little neurotic. LOL

Ann said...

Bud, Thank you! I'm glad you like this feature. It sounds as if you have great taste in films. I suspect you appreciate movies that have well written screenplays. Just a guess~ :))

Thanks for watching, and the comment~


Dawn said...

ok... I thought you were MIA.. phew!

Robin Lee Sardini said...

Hi Ann,
It just brings a smile, doesn't it?
Music IS a universal language.
Thanks for sharing!

Abner said...

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