The Best Bloggers Answers To Tuesdays Question

The best and bravest bloggers answered yesterday's Tuesday's Question What Was The Biggest Lie You Told In Childhood? with an open heart and impressive honestly. The brief and magical moments we spend in childhood pass so quickly, yet we learn so much about the world and ourselves in that short period of time.

Those tender years teach us many of life's most valuable lessons, than we learn at any other period in our lives and we remember them differently than whatever we learn later in life.

I noticed from reading the following comments how much of an impact childhood experiences have on our lives...

For example, I read the following type of sentences, "I'll never forget that one" "this is the one I'll tell you" or "I've never told anyone this, because the world is large when we are children and every lesson learned is a lesson we will not soon forget- through the trial and error of becoming a grown-up. (No doubt still a monumental task for me by any stretch of the imagination)

Some of the comments refer to life as a teenager, that other short decade, that's even harder to endure, because you're close to becoming an adult but still considered a child.

Thank you for sharing a piece of yourselves with the rest of us... And I think all of you turned into fantastic grown-up people-

Alright, I'll stop with all the mushy gobble de goop and let you read these great bloggers comments for yourselves. I have included a link to their blogs, so treat yourself to a visit after reading their comments and you will have a great time reading their blogs ... I promise...

The first comment is from who I consider the Queen of Tuesday's Question
and a dear friend (and genius webmaster) Sandee from Comedy Plus~

Well, when I was little I can't think of any lies. The lies came when I was a teenager. They came in the form of sneaking out of the house to go hang out at the beach and dance. I wasn't allowed to dance (very religious parents), but that didn't stop me from dancing.

I lost count of how many times I'd snuck out to go on a date, hang out with my friends, or just to dance the night away.
Well, all thing must come to an end and I got caught. I was 16 at the time and it wasn't very much longer before I ran away from home. That's another story all together.

The next comment is from the coolest cat on the web,(and the king of all poultry) another good buddy Speedy at Speedcat Hollydale Page

Ann, you have me here ... oh ohhh

Not many people have ever heard this, and now I will release this story to everyone.
I was in a christian group called the "Boy's Brigade". I was about 8 years old, and decided that I just didn't want to go anymore. I made up a lie, and told my father that one of the older boys hit me in the parking lot. At 8, this seemed to be a quick and easy plan .... of course it was not!

An investigation ensued, and pressure was put one the rest of the guys to admit who had done this (I claimed it was dark and could not recognize the individual).
This little incident bothers me to this day, and I really think it had a huge impact on decision making later in life.
You can fool a lot of people, but your own heart and the good Lord see everything.

Speedy added another comment that I want to post, plus I want to leave a link to his wonderful
Tuesday's Wordless Chicken post. It is hilarious and so much fun... so stop and check out the chicken links on Speedy's post- it is a hysterical blast! Also check out Wordless Chicken Tuesday with TUTU highlights.

Here's his additional comment, which is so characteristically kind :

ps... this was a really great question - I'm still thinking about it!!!!!!!

Next up, the wonderful and hilarious comment by Jeni at Down River Drivel

Childhood lies, huh? Boy, I must have been really honest because I can only remember one lie I told probably the summer before I started first grade. It definitely is one that some of my friends remember -probably better than I do.

There were at that time, two other girls who lived close to me and we were all the same age. Sometime that summer -don't remember what month it was though -I told these two girls I was having a birthday party at my house on such and such a day and they were invited. (My birthday is in October -not quite a summer month ya know.) Imagine my Mom's surprise when the one little girl showed up at our house on the day I had designated, all ready for my birthday party, complete with a gift too that her Mom had selected and wrapped, just for sweet little old me! My Mom pretty much took it in stride though and set up my little table and chairs out in the backyard, mixed up a pitcher of lemonade and some cookies and we had a "birthday" party or actually a "non-birthday party" I suppose would be more accurate. And she sent the little girl who had brought the gift back home, with the gift too. That girl - and her mother -never EVER let me forget that deal! Her Mom just passed away a year ago this winter and when I went to the viewing, my old friend reminded me about that episode in my life and told me -again, for the umpteenth time -how many times her Mom would talk about the time I invited her daughter to a party for my birthday a few months prior to my actual birthday. Yadda yadda! I have no clue as to whatever possessed me to do that. I seem to recall after the "party" was over that was what my Mom asked me too -"What on earth ever possessed you to do something like this?"

Another great blogger and new friend Robert from Observations From The Back 40

Mine was more of a denial..I tried driving Dad's car at 11 and went through the back of the garage part way anyway..I managed to back it into place but I think the gaping hole in the wall gave me away:)))..I completely denied any knowledge of what happened..I later recanted and got grounded for a month...:))))

The hysterical Bud at WTIT Tape Radio- The Blog

Hi Ann-

I was trying to capture what I wanted to say, finally I got it, and then I read Sandee saying about the same thing. But as I type this I do remember my first big lie to my irish catholic mom. I was 14 and had no use for church. Two guys I knew sold newspaers outside the church. I wanted to be their friend. So I joined them but did not ask for money. That's when I stopped going to mass. My mom assumed I went since I was there, and if she asked "which mass?" I always said the first one. My mom only made the 11:30 mass. To this day (at 84) she still awakes around 10:30. And you can't talk to her till noon. She's in need of that caffein. So, my first big lie was I stopped being a Catholic. I never regretted it, and now we laugh about it. My mom stopped church after her divorce with my dad. She was about my age now. I like this featurre. It stirs up thought...

Another queen of Tuesday's Question, and dear friend,

Dawn from Twisted Sister

Ann I don't remember any lies from childhood.. early teens bring back a few :)
Throwing up after smoking a pack of cigarettes with my friend.. caused my mother to ask what I had been eating... the first thing that came to my head was "an apple", to which she replied.. "it must have been a bad apple"!

And Sharon from A Bookworms Journey who has some great book challenges on her blog said;

"My biggest lie as a child? Let's see. This is the one I'll tell. My dad didn't want a cat. I got a kitten from a friend and put it on the porch and pretended that I didn't know anything about it. I got to keep it! One of my favorite lies was "I didn't do it."

And last however certainly not the least, another blogging buddy,
my friend Jackie from The Painted Veil

Hi Ann,
Like Sandee most of my lies revolved around sneaking out of the house. And, also having friends over when my mother was work.

But, the thing that bothers me the most is what I did when I was just shy of 4.

My Mom was in the hospital and my Aunt was watching over me for the week.

I had just gotten a brand new swing set and I loved it so. And, my mother always let me play on it. But, my aunt kept saying no as she was afraid that I might get hurt while she was taking care of me.

So I told her okay with sly smile. All the while thinking I am smarter than you think. I know how to get that screen door unlatched.

And the first chance i got I went and got a chair from kitchen table, climbed up, unlatched the screen door, and proceeded to go hide in the back seat of the car.

I wanted to get back at her. I stayed there for hours and everyone was ina panic thinking I had been kidnapped or had wandered off.

So I think that sort of counts as a lie. Anyway I got into a lot of trouble.


I can't recall what is the biggest lie I've told in childhood but I do know I always lie about not eating any Junk foods.

Johnny from Past Expiry Cartoon Blog
A great cartoon blog that I just discovered stopped by to thank me for a comment I left on his fantastic blog, you really ought to check it out if you haven't read it before or I suppose even if you have~ Here's Johnny's comment~

Thanks for visiting my cartoon blog! Comments keep me going.

Well...that's all folks, and if you enjoyed these comments, don't forget to visit these wonderful blogs... See you next Tuesday, or hopefully maybe before then? :))


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

What a fun question for this week Ann. Looks like your readers are all the same. Sneaky little devils all of us.

I would be happy to help you with fixing this problem. I'll work on it shortly and then send it back to you.

Big hug,

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Well, I would fix it if I could find it. What happened to your sidebar? All I see on your site is 3 posts. That's all. What happened?

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Everyone had a fun story to tell ... (fun after years gone by). I was laughing at Robert's garage hole - I wonder if he thought it would just go away? :)

I wonder what next week will be?

This was a bang, writing and reading .... thanks Ann

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