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Instead of phrasing Tuesday's Question, What is the Funniest Thing your child's ever said? I should have written "Whats the most profound, heartfelt, thought provoking statement you've ever heard your child say? Because children are genuine and teach us a lot more about life than we give them credit for, for example, one time when my brother asked my grandmother why he had to wash an apple before eating it, she said to keep you from eating a bug, in which he replied, "No it isn't Gussie, when they see my teeth they'll run away! " So you see we may have more life experience and education, but that doesn't mean we have all the answers.

I guessed I phrased the question "Whats the funniest thing your child has ever said?" because children are so literal and real, we actually find the things they say comical, but when you think about it a lot of the things they say make absolute sense, we just don't give them credit.

For my profile statement on the social web site Bumpzee I wrote, "What would the world be like if adults were as honest as children?" What I meant was when we get older we start to take ourselves too seriously, focusing more on whats happening in our lives, thereby robbing us of a sense of humility, imagination, and humor.

There is a lot to be said for the elemental mind, because without the benefit of much education or life experience, children still rely upon the heart to give direction, and our hearts are truthful, loyal, and kind.

To me the hardest part of parenting is teaching your kids about injustice without damaging their spirit or breaking their heart- because, at the bottom of every good heart is the right answer, at the right moment, and for the right reason.
You'll see what I mean when you read the words, songs, recipes, truth about teachers, and stories of running away in the words of the children my readers have written about in comments.

Here is the link to the original post with my answer to the last Tuesday's Question: What is the Funniest Thing Your Child's Ever Said, but it is a post you can read in my archives anytime.

The links to the bloggers blogs who wrote the following comments are within the blog name. After reading their comments posted you ought to treat yourself to a visit to their blogs, they are my favorites in the blogosphere. Thank you to all of you who took the time to comment. See you next week for Tuesday's next Question!

My first comment is from my great pal Dawn at Twisted Sister

Ann that's so funny because my mom always told us she had eyes in the back of her head and we believed her!
I can tell you my daughter has said a thousand funny things... I've even written some of the down... but the only thing that comes to mind right now is the time the teacher asked her to help hand out work sheets to the other kids. I told her the teacher must think she is responsible. Her reply was "oh I thought I was her servant!"

I sent that in to Reader's Digest and got paid $200! It was the only time I was ever published and they weren't even my words!

Then Colin at Life

Hi Ann, I got divorced when my daughter was 3, the following year after a fall out with her mom she packed a few bits into carrier bags and when asked where she was going she replied 'I'm going to live with my daddy because you suck and I don't like it here anymore' LOL.

I will apologise, I got tagged so as part of memes I have tagged you too, but it's up to you whether you participate.
Details here: http://grottynosh.wordpress.com/2008/01/11/love-and-hate-meme/
Have a great day,

Sandee from Comedy Plus

When my son was about 1st grade the teacher gave the class an assignment on what is the favorite thing that your mother makes for dinner. This had to include the recipe. He came up with my fried chicken and this is what I remember.

Cut up the chicken (I bought whole chickens back then because they were very cheap). Roll it in white stuff and fry for 5 minutes.

It still makes me laugh. Childrens preceptions of how we did things weren't our reality.

Misty Dawn from My Dogs Keep Me Sane
That is an adorable story! I don't have any children of my own (Hubs is 12 years older than me and his children are grown). But, I love to listen to my nieces 'wisdom'...

It's too long to post in a comment, so here's the link to one of my favorites...

bud weiser, wtit at WTIT Radio Blog

I am not sure this is funny, but it taught me a lot. My son Ben (grown and married now) was around seven we he asked me a question. It seemed with both of us as Yankees fans, we had different favorite players. It was the 80's and I was a Don Mattingly fan. Ben's favorite was Dave Winfield. But he had pictures of both players, side by side is his room. One day he asked, "Dad, my firends said Dave Winfield is black. How can they tell?" So I brought him to the pictures and pointed out the different color of each man's face. Ben said, "THey really don't look different to me." I said that he was correct. It showed me predudice is taught not inherited. I will do a post on this dome day, but I had to answer your question...

Eric from Speedcat Hollydale Page
Well, because I have no children that are my own, I will have to relay my brothers son's song...

Uncle Eric, hooray for Uncle Eric
Uncle Eric, hooray for Uncle Eric
God bless Uncle Eric

This went on for a while, and as he saw we all enjoyed listening, the more he sang.

I could not believe beauty of this melody, and how nice it was. Simple yes, but I will forever remember how I laughed and smiled when I heard his rendition.

My step Grandaughter is starting to talk now. There will be many more classic moments soon I'm sure :-)

Hello Ann, hope your week is a good one!
Eric "Speedcat"


Speedcat Hollydale said...

Ann, this format you've created is always heartwarming, and the comments (stories) that you recieve are so fun to read.
I am going to try Sandee's chicken recipe!!! :-)


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

How fun Ann. What a nice collection of the funny things kids say. Have a great day. :)

Dawn said...

Ann these answers are all so wonderful I wouldn't know which one to choose as the best!

Misty Dawn said...

These are great.
Hmmm, I see that my link didn't come through right... oh well.
Take care, my friend.

Shinade said...

Hi Ann, I really enjoyed reading all of the comments. However, I just don't believe that I could choose the winning comment. They are all so wonderful.

And, I agree with Eric this format is so very organized and simply fantastic.


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