I'm Exasperated!

I'm exasperated. Completely blown away. I apologize for the fact that Tuesday's Question is not posted. This is the first time I've ever had a post disappear but right at the end of writing Tuesday's Question that is exactly what happened. The post disappeared before my eyes and I have a dentist appt. in twenty minutes.

I will return and post it and I hope you will return to participate- Today's Tuesday's Question is a great one~ Thanks for stopping by~ I am now going to be tortured by my dentist and as afore mentioned will post when I return.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

And thank you free-clipart.net


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

You poor thing. You have blogger...doesn't it auto save? It should be in your edit post section. It really should. Take a deep breath. Super big hug. I have an award for you tomorrow morning. :)

FerdC ~ The Best Parts said...

Waiting... waiting... waiting...
Where's my question???
(impatient foot tapping sounds)

Ann said...

Sandee, You are so sweet. I don't know what happened. I tried to retrieve it but with the exception of the image at the top and a few sentences, it was gone. I had to rewrite the entire post.

When I read your comment it made me feel so much better, but I didn't have time to reply. I did take a deep breath though, and thought about my present in the morning. :))

Thank you for thinking of me. I hope everyone will forgive my typos on this Tuesday's Question, because I didn't have time to edit it. I'm trying to make a blogroll for the You Cheer Me Up Award too, so everything is a mess.

You know I may have done something ... to make that post disappear. I don't know, there just isn't any telling. (smile)

Thank you for your e-mail about the peace globe too, I was confused, and still kind of am, because I still need to read Mimi's post, but if this is a new one and you and Mimi added me to the list, it was awfully kind of you both and I appreciate it.

Can you tell I'm having one of those days? O.K. deep breath...award from Sandee...deep breath... :))

I love ya, and huge hug as always~


Ann said...

O.K. ferdc, Your post is up, unedited and a little off focus, however it is posted. (LOL) Although, I have to tell you The "(impatient foot tapping sounds)" helped. I work well under pressure~ that is with the help of an editor. (LOL)

Cheers~ Numb mouth~ Annie

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

What a great question and so simple for me to answer. For the last two years on hubbies and my wedding anniversary one of my blogging buddies has written us a poem. She is one of my daily reads and she writes the most beautiful love poems. Often I feel she is writing about me and my husband. Her name is Lyn of Lynda's Loft.

So, my answer is I'm a love poem. Since I love both poems I'm going to post both of them. The first one is called A Special Gift.

Happy Anniversary to the one I adore; it is a special day,
For once upon that time, you came my way...
We have come so far, since I first saw you,
Our love has become the kind of which only great dreamers knew...
I am glad that we finally came to be,
We are so perfect as one, you and me...
After all of this time, I still like you very much,
Even your bad habits and such...
You are the one who makes me smile,
Who makes my days worth while...
I enjoy our time spent, we have a lot of fun,
We share like minds from which comfort is spun...
So, on this day, all those yet to come,
I want you know that there could be no other one...
Happy Anniversary, my life, my love,
May we remain this close until we are taken above...
I love you with a heart which is filled by you,
You are the best of everything that I ever knew...

The second is called I Cherish and Savor Every Second We Share...

Your presence in my life is worth more than anything,
It is priceless. It is the elation of my soul.
I never realized what true love could bring,
Until you came and made me whole...

It is more than what you do, the way you do, what you do,
It is more than words could ever convey,
It is like perfection from the Heavens above came shining through,
To enlighten and brighten my every day...

There is nothing else more important to me,
You are the matter of life, the emancipation of my being,
You are the substance of all good, and all beauty,
As if you are all I am hearing, sensing, feeling, or seeing...

If I could express that which you have stirred deep within,
It would surely span into volumes of exclamation,
If I could show you that which you have touched, then,
I would have truly fulfilled loves acclamation...

So full of you am I, there is no other way to describe it,
You are the essentiality of my breath, you are my air,
Our love is as close to flawless as it might get,
Thus I cherish and savor every second we together share...

I love the poem Dawn wrote for you. She is one of my regular visits too. Have a great evening pal. Big hug and tons of lovies. :)

Anonymous said...

Ann, I replied to your email and sent a long one AND I found the old Peace Globe and sent that to you too since you said you couldn't find it. I made a new one with the new dated templates for the new Peace Globe day on June 4, 2008. Hope you enjoy them.


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