Tuesday's Question: Have You Ever Had...


Hello, welcome to Tuesday's Question! I started posting Tuesday's Question off and on since 2007, because I thought it would be a great way to get to know other readers and bloggers. But, due to the fact that I stopped posting it on a regular basis I lost a lot of readers. So, I would like to thank my loyal readers and friends who have supported Tuesday's Question from the beginning, it means a lot to me. You know who you are..:)

All you have to do is answer Tuesday's Question and of course feel free to post the "Brag Tag" on the top left corner on your blog if you wish:)   After you answer the question I will post your answer with a link to your blog.

Alright, here's Tuesday's Question: Have You Ever Had An Awful Grocery Shopping Experience? But, If You Haven't Had A Awful Grocery Shopping Experience, Tell Us About A Nice one.

I'll answer first,

The cartoon of the lady with the bag of groceries in her hands instead of a cart at the top of this post, looks a lot like me in the grocery store. Sometimes I'll get a cart, but I have a stairway leading to my apartment, so I try to get a small amount of groceries at a time, and if I have a lot of groceries and someone behind me has a small amount I will let them in front of me. I mean, it's common courtesy, right?
Well, I went grocery shopping the other day and, I'm not kidding, the woman in front of me had as many groceries as the lady in the cartoon above. I had a few bags of groceries that I admit were a bit full, meaning they were not easy to hold for a half an hour, which I had to do while the lady in front of me began to hum while she unloaded her enormous pile of groceries. I mean, she had enough groceries to survive several disasters.
The cashier hadn't started ringing her groceries, so she could have easily let me ahead of her, she even looked at me and smiled a fake smile as she placed her items on the counter. I could feel my blood pressure rise so high I felt like I was in a pressure cooker. The cashier kept looking at me with an astonishing look on her face while this woman slowly placed her items on the counter. The lady made it obvious that she could care less about anyone or anything around her. In any event, I did my best to politely ignore her because evidently she was a control freak, just like drivers who drive really slow when you are behind them, but if you ignore their behavior they stop driving slow, but that idea did not work on this lady.
I think this moment was the highlight of her day, but the cashier and I weren't having any fun. 
Both of us wanted to strangle her...
Okay, now it's your turn. Thank you for participating and visiting A Nice Place In The Sun and have a super great day!


Sandee said...

I've had many good shopping experiences. More good than bad. I love the folks that wait until the cashier is done ringing everything up before they find their checkbook in their purse and start to write a check. This is rare anymore, but many and old lady did this. Bless their hearts. It's just as bad if they are using their debit card and they search for that after the cashier rings everything up. They it takes them a week to go though the payment process. Bless their hearts.

I hate shopping at Costco and won't go unless I have to. There are food displays and all the fat people are there for free food. They won't move. The checkout lines are a mile long and the staff are very unfriendly most of the time.

The 10 items or less (express lane) can be interesting too. You know those clods with tons of groceries and they go to the express lane because it's faster. Hello, it's faster because it's 10 items or less, you moron.

Then there are the people that think they are the only one in the store. Carts sideways so no one can get around them. They have their head firmly up their behind and don't care about anyone but themselves. Clods I call them. I've actually moved their cart to get by and they give me a dirty look. I give it right back.

Oh I could go on and on about shopping, but for the most part it's stress free. It's just when you get folks that don't care about anyone else that you get to feel the stress building.

I too will let someone in front of me if they only have a few items.

Have a fabulous day, Ann. Big hug to you and lots of scritches to Simon. ♥♥♥

Jan said...

I wrote a check at my favorite grocery store. It's one where they give you back your check after they process it. For some reason the data didn't get to the bank and they immediately turned me over to collections. I got it straightened out, thanks to my bank, but it was frustrating.

Grace said...

Grocery shopping - I hate it, with a passion. Every week is a bad shopping experience and most of my Thursday posts are about my grocery shopping trips. We do our weekly shopping on Thursday because that is Senior Discount Day and if we can save a few pennies, hey why not. My biggest bitch is - the weekly sales start on Wednesday but the store doesn't get its deliveries until THURSDAY NIGHT! You want sales items? Then you shop on Friday 'cause the shelves are empty until then. Want a rain check? Try tracking someone down 'cause the Customer Service desk in unmanned. And if you have any intention of getting your groceries home unsmushed and unsmashed then you'd better pack your own bags because the cashiers think nothing of throwing 3 pounds of potatoes on top of your bread or tomatoes! Please do not get me started on grocery shopping!

Ann Clemmons said...


-Laughing- this is great and so funny it could be a blog post. You should post it because everyone can relate to the experiences you listed. By the time I read this, " Carts sideways so no one can get around them. They have their head firmly up their behind and don't care about anyone but themselves. Clods I call them. I've actually moved their cart to get by and they give me a dirty look. I give it right back." I almost spit out my coffee. Thank you for such a great comment. This is going to make me smile all day.

And "big hug" to you too. Plus, Simon thanks you for his scritches. You have a fabulous day too!

Ann Clemmons said...

Jan, Oh, geez, that is so frustrating. Plus, embarrassing when it isn't your fault, not to mention the fact that you're trying to buy groceries. I'm glad the bank worked it out.

Thanks for participating in Tuesday's Question Jan. I'm sorry for the belated reply, but for some weird reason I didn't see any of these comments until today. That's never happened before...I'm so tired of computer issues and I have a new computer, well, it's new to me, meaning it's rebuilt. I hope it doesn't keep doing this...and I hope you read this because I would hate you to think I ignored your answer.

Have a great day and thanks again, :)))

Ann Clemmons said...

Grace, I'm laughing, but with you, although I have to say you're hilarious. Everything you wrote sounds so familiar and that's a shame, because that means people's indifference to customer service is everywhere. I get what you're talking about.. I mean, why advertise or even have a discount day if you're not going to have anything for your customers to buy?

Some people and businesses simply do not care about customer service. But, I bet if they were PAID to be courteous to their customers it would be a different story. Oh, and the cashier stuffing your groceries in the bag; I wonder how she bags her groceries?

You know, I visited Dragon's Alley on Tuesday right after writing this question and I thought, now isn't this bizarre? And by the way, I loved your post and your answer to this question.

Thank you for jumping in! I'm sorry for the belated reply, but for some odd reason, I just saw these comments today. In fact, I was a little bewildered...I mean, it's not like I get tons of comments, but I usually have a few, and I didn't see any. I'm so tired of computer issues.

In fact, computer techs. are frustrating too. It's pretty much the same old story; the only difference is, you cannot understand a word they are saying and do not mean their accent, I cannot understand computer technology. Thats what is so scary...I feel the same way about mechanics, which thank goodness I haven't had to deal with in a while, but I haven't the slightest idea what they are talking about either. It's a SCARY world out there.

Thank you again, Grace, and have a great day!

Ann Clemmons said...

Sandee, I forgot to tell you that I did not see any of these comments until today. (Thursday) So, I am so sorry for the belated reply. I guess I need to start checking my e-mails. I cannot imagine why I didn't see them, but I'm sorry and I hope you will come back and read my apology.

And, thank you for always participating.


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