Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day!

When I was about six, I would rest my arms on the window pane in my bedroom, and wait for my father to return from work.  When my arms got tired, I would lay in bed and listen for his leather Cowboy boots hit the concrete leading to our front door. You see, my father had a dangerous job, so I was afraid he would not return for what seemed like years every time he went to work. I could not close my eyes until I was sure of his save return.  

There were times when I was awake at my window when he returned, and I loved to hear his Cowboy boots walking toward our front door, he felt as though his boots stepped in rhythm with my heart.
Sometimes, I wondered if he was my father, or an imposter, I’m not sure why, but I would be willing to bet, it was because I didn’t see much of him. 

To me, he was an untouchable hero-  I can roll my minds eye back in time, and his black curly hair, greenish blue eyes, Cowboy belt buckle, and of course, his boots.   

My father was a Captain at our home towns Sheriff's Office for thirty years, not by choice, but because he had children to feed, my oldest brother, followed by my middle brother, and me, the youngest.  He wanted to train horses, and he tried it for awhile, but my parents had to move to a city out in the country far from Doctors and hospitals, so his dream died when my brother developed asthma. This is a story I’ve been told, and I believe it’s true, although my father never spoke about his dreams, and never complained about the sacrifices or choices he made, he just did the right thing. 

Which was to work for his father who was our sheriff at the time, it was the most stable job he could find at twenty-three, although he did graduate of Louisiana State University dashing toward his dream- He became a Deputy and a father instead.- 

My father was a policemen to make a living, but that was not who he was or what he does today.  Nevertheless, he worked his way to Captain of Detectives, then served as Captain of Criminal Warrants until he retired.  

My parents divorced when I was nine or ten, so I stopped looking out the window for my hero's return. Then, as the years sailed by, he married a woman who had an aversion to his children, so he was lost to us for years, and we did talk, we had our fair share of disagreements, most of them brought on by the fact that I was acting out for his attention.  -Although, I didn’t realize it at the time.- 

But now, my hero has returned, and their isn’t a man on earth that can come close to him in my heart, mind, or soul.  Every time I see a man wearing Cowboy boots I think of my father. He never really knew how to handle children, but he sacrificed and loved us from afar.  My father taught me character not with his words, but by his example. He is man of his word, with loyal loving heart, and I’m lucky to be his daughter.  

Happy Fathers Day Daddy, and to the rest of the fathers in this world, have a fantastic, fun, easy going day.- because this day belongs to you-  

You are our heroes-


Sandee said...

I'm glad your father has returned. Very glad.

Have a fabulous day honey and I enjoyed reading your tribute to your father. Big hugs. :)

Finding Pam said...

What a wonderful Dad you had. I liked reading your post about him. His job was definitely dangerous.

Grace said...

He did the right thing - love.

"Annie" said...

Thank you Sandee, every writer loves to know that someone enjoyed reading their writing. It really does mean a lot.

You have a fabulous day too!

Huge hugs to you-

"Annie" said...

Thank you Pam. I'm happy you enjoyed reading my post. Like I wrote to Sandee, it makes my day when someone likes reading something I wrote.

And he would love to know what you wrote about him being a wonderful Dad.

Have a spectacular day!


"Annie" said...

You're exactly right Grace. He loved me when I didn't even know it.

Thanks for getting the "hidden meaning behind my words." You must read a lot.

And thanks for leaving a comment.


Cheri said...

I can tell you think he's awesome, so he really must be! I think mine's pretty wonderful too! I don't think great fathers realize the love and appreciation they deseve. But they are special and need to know how much they affect our lives, even into adulthood!

What a great Dad!

Love you Sweetie!
Huges & Kisses & Hugs!

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