What impossible daydreams, thoughts, or ideas did you have when you were a child? (Tuesday's Question)

What impossible daydreams, thoughts, or ideas did you have when you were a child? I mean ideas that you actually believed could come true or were true. For example, since I grew up in the sixties, I had many friends who believed aliens would kidnap them, and I believed something similar, but my beliefs were more of a personal nature.

My father was a police officer who was often late coming home at night, so if I was still awake, I would listen to him open the refrigerator and fumble around for something to eat, as I sat on my bed prepared for whatever the intruder dressed as my Dad may have planned for our family.

As a result, I was often asked to leave the breakfast table the following morning for glaring at him with suspicious looks.

Now, I 'm left to imagine what my poor father thought about the sudden change in my disposition on the mornings after his shift at work.

Since my father wasn’t home much he was a mystery to me, therefore, I envisioned him a fraud, or some sort of impostor, an explanation that suits me today, although, when I was a child, I thought, “What is wrong with me?”

What I didn’t know then, is that children have a hard time articulating their emotions; thus, they invent other ways of facing their demons. That’s why I thought this may be a good question, considering all of us were once children, and at one time believed the unbelievable and imagined the inconceivable; a gift not lost to many of us adults, but that’s another post.

Nevertheless, this Tuesday’s Question asks about the impossible daydreams, ideas, and beliefs you experienced when you were a child. I bet this question will be funny, as well as wipe the dust from windows that have been closed for a long time.

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mauniejames3 said...

I was always much closer to my father then my mother...they seperated for a time while my father built a new house for all of us. My Dad and I lived with his younger sister, and my Mom and sister lived with one of her sisters.

I loved that time and would pretend
that I could stay with my aunts and my grandparents who lived very close...it was wonderful. Every Sunday my Dad and I would go to the new house and I would sweep up the sawdust(helping to build the house) and then we would go for ice cream before we went home.

I really didn't see much of my mother or sister at that time but that didn't bother me. I was surrounded by cousins and family that loved me.

When we were moving into the new house I begged to stay with my aunt thinking my father would follow me back.

Anyway that was my wish...oh yeah...also I wished that I could live upside down on the ceiling..so
white and much cleaner then my room.

lizzie said...

I suppose I was lucky because when I was a child I wanted to teach. Circumstances meant that I didn't have the opportunity to do so, but at the age of 50 I qualified as a TEFL teacher. I also wanted to write a book and I could see the title 'Peter And The Black Dog' on the front of a book and I achieved that in later life too. So, the dreams I had as a child came true, eventually.

So, whatever your dreams are, don't let go, keep pushing. I didn't think mine would come true, but they did!

Dawn (Twisted Sister) said...

You did say impossible and believe me it was impossible... but I thought there were real people inside my radio. I imagined a miniature stage and that the bands took turns singing.
Not the brightest kid on the block!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I believe that anyone can become or achieve anything, and still do. What I saw and felt as a youth was that this process was easy though! Seems we all had aspirations to be firemen, doctors, scientists, etc etc ... but parents and elders never really defined the lengths and dedication needed to achieve. Work hard and you shall succeed? I think it takes more than that. It takes devotion and unwaivering goal oriented thoughts.

Anyone that knows me very well knows of my love for golf. It was my own goal, and dream growing up. As I entered my 20's - my life took a turn though. My intent seemed to focus on the here and now while avoiding future agendas. My alcohol use did not help, and was nearly the destruction of my life. I quit cold turkey in my thirties with the help of the good Lord, and as small as this seems, it was indeed one of my greatest achievements. After I closed the door on that chapter of my life I never ever looked back.

Where I am today is not at all how I pictured it from childhood. I often wonder what a looking glass into the future may have done to effect my early decicion making. Of course, that is not how life works! I have learned over time that while personal success is important, it is just a baseline for life. The truly important things you can accomplish are not monetary, they are in spirit and personal self love. When you can look in the mirror and be proud of yourself as well as others, you have ultimately conquered what many do not.

In summary, the dreams and thoughts of a child are sometimes not only impossible, they are mis-guided. I think of life as more of an evolution than a start and a finish. It is never to late to make change, to learn, and to bend the rules of what is a dream and what can become reality. By far the most important aspect of one's self resides in the heart, and not what is on a name tag.

Grace said...

I don't know about impossible dreams - I never aspired to all that much. I wanted to be a teacher but circumstances were such that while I eventually got a college degree at the age of 35, I was established in a business career and doing student teaching would have been rather difficult - I worked days to pay the bills (actually for a time I worked days and nights to pay the bills).

I dreamed of being a dancer, an actor, a writer - as an adult I took classes in all these areas, small talent, too late for a professional life but I enjoyed the heck out of the classes.

Impossible thoughts? After seeing the movie 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, I was afraid that a giant squid was going to come up out of the shower drain - I would take my showers practically glued to the wall to avoid the drain LOL I also checked the closets and under the bed for vampires and started wearing a cross after seeing a Dracula movie in full color and I wasn't all that young when I got the notion that vampires were after me - 10 or 11 I think. I think the movie was Brides of Dracula with Christopher Lee.

I still have impossible dreams - I have a rich fantasy life inside my head - it's nice to spend time in a place where you can be everything you want to be regardless of ability or opportunity.

The Retired One said...

When I was really little, I had watched the Wizard of Oz a zillion times. So, I grew up thinking (for quite a while) that trees made wind.
I think it was because of those apple trees that would sing and sway their arms (branches) and then Dorothy's dress and hair would blow in their wind....
Did I tell you that I was blonde? :-D

The Retirement Chronicles

"Annie" said...

Maunie, Great story as always. I'm sorry I haven't been by to visit lately, although you've been in my thoughts (the good ones) and prayers. How do you feel?

I loved reading your answer, so it doesn't matter, but I think many of you misunderstood the question.

I was talking about unrealistic dreams. But your story read so well I wouldn't have had it any other way, and I cannot wait to post it.

Especially, when you wrote about the sawdust that you sweep up at the new house, and going for ice-cream.

You should write a post about that memory. It was a real interesting read.

Thank you, as always for participating.

Big hug, and love,


"Annie" said...

Hey Lizzie, As with Maunie, I loved your comment, but I'm afraid this weeks question has been misunderstood. I was asking about unrealistic boogie man, aliens coming to take you to Mars kind of dreams...laughing...

However, your answer will do just fine, and I appreciate you taking the time to write it. Besides, I enjoy everything you write, so it will be a privilege to post it.

I love how you wrote about being able to envision 'Peter And The Black Dog' before you wrote it, and then how it was realized. That is so cool.

I would love to read it, or better yet, review it sometime.

Thank you for your inspiring answer, and for participating in Tuesday's Question.


Carl said...

I wanted to be like Cher, wearing beautiful clothes, having a show of my own, and making millions. I told my mother about it. She said, "Fat Chance!"

"Annie" said...

Speedy, I was so impressed with your answer. Where have you been hiding your gift for turning a phrase?

You are a fine writer. I admire the courage it took to recover from alcoholism. I know it is a daily struggle. Although, I'm not sure "struggle" is the correct word, because I'm sure you now feel a freedom you've never felt before.

Just the relief in knowing you do not have to live that way anymore. And I agree, God is great.

In any event, I've always admired you for overcoming such a huge obstacle, because you have a great heart and a lot to give in return.

I hope you come back to read this comment because I'm late with my reply- I'm so sorry.

I have to get a grip...I've been so busy lately I cannot seem to catch up. I loved your entire answer, but especially, your summary.

"In summary, the dreams and thoughts of a child are sometimes not only impossible, they are mis-guided."

I cannot wait to post everyone's answers. However, I decided to post them tomorrow out of respect for Dawn's little cat Miiko.

I didn't want you to think I forgot about posting everyone's reply.

I appreciate you my friend. I hope you have a great day~

Big giant e-bear hug~


"Annie" said...

Dawn, Laughing...that is the funniest thing I've ever heard.

You were busy developing that wonderful imagination you have now, I suppose.

Actually, I can see how a child would think that...(but remember it's me I'm referring to)

Thanks for a great answer.

Luvs ya,


"Annie" said...

Hey Grace, Laughing...your giant Squid story reminds me of my older (And I mean adult) brother's reaction to Jaws. He was convinced the shark was going to walk through the front door any minute.

Then, the whole country was laughing a few weeks later, when Saturday Night Live wrote a skit of Gilda Radner (playing the shark) knocking on someones front door. I forgot who played the terrified neighbors.

I laughed until my stomach hurt at your answer. And I love your conclusion as well. Many of you wrote great conclusions to this question.

Thanks for your contribution Grace, and a great laugh. I know I owe you a ton of comments, but I have paid you some visits. I love your blog.

Big hug,


"Annie" said...

Carl, laughing...I wanted to be Cher too, everyone wants or wanted to be Cher, don't they? Or maybe not...

Laughing...Cannot stop


Speedcat Hollydale said...

Happy Easter Annie !!!!

... and thanks ;-)

Sandee said...

Well, I didn't have a childhood until I was grown (16) and left home. I lived in a war zone and hated being home when I was growing up. I guess if I dreamed anything it was that I would make it out alive. I mean that literally too. I think it was my mothers dream as well.

Have a terrific day Annie. Big hug and lotsa lovies. :)

Alaska-womom said...

Funny, as mother and wife I had been asking myself that question all week...why do all my good good deeds seem to bring me punishment--? That was my take on it, as I admit I was feeling a little sorry for myself.
Then something lovely happened...a friend left me tickets for a concert, another sent a nice email, my little boy gave me a big hug for no reason, friends invited us to dinner--and the hub bought me flowers. I realized that my good deeds did not go unpunished.

Alaska-womom said...

Meant that previous post for the good deed question so I will add this for the impossible dreams-Q-
I wanted to be an artist and about a million other things, most of all I wanted to be a wife and mommie. So, I am, in fact, living the dream baby, just living the dream!

Anonymous said...


Esmond said...

Wow, there is a lot of helpful information in this post!

victoryab said...

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