My Christmas Card And Tuesday's Question: What Is Your Most Memorable Christmas Moment?

What Is Your Most Memorable Christmas Moment Or Event?

You know this morning I realized that this is the last Tuesday's Question this year, because next Tuesday is Christmas Day and the next Tuesday will be New Years Day!

Therefore, I decided I better give out my homemade Christmas card before Christmas actually arrived. I hope you all have a happy and save holiday season.

Oh, and by the way, in case this card is hard to make out...it's my A Nice Place In The Sun icon of a mother bird in her empty nest. She's looking through the window of a house decorated for Christmas... It's a shame, but this children's picture book writer can barely draw a straight line. Although, everything in life is a trade off, so if I wanted my card to come from my heart, I would have to involve my hand- :)

Happy holidays again~

Now, to the business of Tuesday question:

What is your Most Memorable Christmas Moment Or Event?


Anonymous said...

mine will be this Christmas as my daughter and her family will be moving to New Zealand rght after...so it will be memorable....:)

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is a fun one! One year when the Teen Queen was three and The Boy was one, we were visiting my parents and they live way out in the woods up north where it snows and by goodness, it snows a lot! So, of course, being a lil Southern gal, Miss Priss as she was known back then, was already just as excited as a bee in spring ! After much to do on Christmas Eve, we finally got her settled into bed, but not asleep, when Daddy came in and said - I have to get that young'un up and show her something. He went in and scooped her up and said, you have to be very, very quiet - I have something special to show you. He took over to the big bay window in the den and outside there were about 10 or more deer feeding on some corn Daddy had thrown onto the snow. He told her that every year, Santa brought those reindeer to his house for a little snack while he was off delivering presents to the neighbors! Her eyes were as big as saucers! Well, after a few minutes, he told her that Santa would surely be back for his reindeer soon and didn't she think she ought to get in bed and go straight to sleep because he didn't come in if children were awake. I've never seen a child go to bed and to sleep so quickly in my life!

She's never forgotten that night and for years would delight in telling her friends how she saw Santa's reindeer at her Papa's house.

I've had many special Christmases with these kids, but that one always sticks in my mind. I don't have Daddy for Christmases anymore, but remembering that one makes me feel like I do!!

Ann said...

That's great Robert, although I'm sorry she's moving away. I understand only too well how that feels. You can look at my Christmas card and tell that. I hope you have one of the best Christmases ever anyway, and I have a feeling you will~ Thank you very much for your comment~


Ann said...

Whimsy Gal, what a wonderful Christmas story! You know, that's one for the storybooks, even if it stays in the family. It's truly wonderful and makes me glad I asked this question. I loved it!

Merry Christmas to you and yours from another southern Momma. And to use one of our famous southern phrases, bless her heart!


Adrian said...

Ann, the card is so cute! :)

My most memorable Christmas would be the first year our daughter was born...she was a little over nine months had two teeth and had just started learning to walk. Brings a smile to my face just writing about it! LOL

Cheers my friend and Merry Christmas! :)

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I have always been a big Christmas fan, so there have been many wonderful Christmas moments and events. There is one that has nothing to do with my family, but it was very special.

Years ago I dated a guy that worked for the governor of the State of California Pete Wilson. This guy was a director of some department so he was on a first name basis with the governor. Anyway, I was invited to the Christmas party that the governor was throwing. How exciting.

Remember, I'm a cop, but they did a background check on me anyway before I could receive the invitation. Yes, it was from the governor. It was quite something.

The party was held at the California State Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento. It was just wonderful. The food and drink were awesome and my date made sure that I personally met the governor. It was a thrill. It was just something I never thought I would ever do. I shall always remember that special night. It's the best Christmas party I've ever attended.

Ann said...

Oh Adrian, what a sweet sweet story. I could see your daughter as well as my own son when I read your comment.

Thank you~ :))

And I'm so glad you liked my card- :))

Merry merry Christmas to you and your family~


Ann said...

Wow Sandee! Is he still single? I guess you never did forget- how is a girl supposed to forget something like that? It sounds like you went to a Christmas Ball. How wonderful, and I would love to see the California State Railroad Museum. Can you look this man up? LOL Thanks for the comment, and I know I'll talk to you again before Christmas, but have a Merry one my friend, and thanks for the comment~


Dawn said...

Most memorable Christmas was the year I tried to dump my boyfriend and he showed up to my sister's Christmas party and threatened to commit suicide if I didn't go back to him... yup... that kinda stands out in my mind!!!

Anonymous said...

It has to be my daughters first Christmas at 11 months old...she took her first steps at six months and had four teeth but the look of joy on her face with presents to rip the paper off, ballons to play with and of course great fun to be had with cardboard boxes, more fun than the contents at that age. It was wonderful :)

Patois said...

I'm going to have to pick the old standby of my eldest's first Christmas. He was just seven weeks old, and he had more presents than any child should ever receive over a five-year period. But having a new baby in the house while celebrating the Baby being born was truly special.

And thanks for the card!

Ann said...

Dawn, I had a boyfriend like that one once. He stood on top of his car in our driveway, shouting that he was ending his life if I didn't come talk to him- It does kind of stick out in your mind, I bet it really would at Christmas. Did you ever see him after that? I saw my boyfriend years later with his wife and family, and I wanted to say "see, you fool, you would have missed out on all you have now" Sometimes we give others too much power~

Thanks Dawn~ And Merry Christmas


Ann said...

Colin, I enjoyed your comment, and you're right, 11 months is a great age, especially at Christmas.

Thanks for the memory. :))

Merry Christmas!


Ann said...

Patios, The old standby, huh? (LOL) Well, it's a good one. My son was the same way and then he stayed the only child...I'm sure you can imagine how spoiled he is...oh well...he is still a good kid/man.

Your welcome for the card and thanks for mentioning it. I feel a little silly just being posting it there without any links. I wasn't sure what to do...I started linking it to everyone but realized it is a Christmas card, not an award... So how do you link to some and not everyone? I didn't want to chance leaving anyone out. Therefore, I was afraid no one would understand my intention. Although it looks as though you have -thank you Patios. You never cease to amaze even me~ :))

Merry Christmas!


Jollyjo said...

I recommend a Christmas at Disney with the kids. It will leave you breathless (literally).

BTW...great to have back Ann!

Ann said...

Patois, I just realized I misspelled your name. I've been waiting to do that, if I haven't already. Sorry, but I do know your name, it's just one of those spellings I knew I was going to misspell in a hurry. I hope you'll forgive me? Smile :)))


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Sure Ann here's his title address and phone number:

Director of Planning & Building Victor Holanda
976 Osos Street, Room 200
San Luis Obispo, CA 93408

(805) 781-5708

Good luck.

Ann said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ann said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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