I'm a part of the Mimi Writes Peace Globe Project thanks to Paula from Polliwog's Pond. I've noticed these peace globes on other bloggers blogs, but I didn't know much about the project. Until Paula offered to make a peace globe for me, and make a peace globe she did, a beautiful peace globe. Thanks to Polli's generosity and friendship I have a peace globe for my blog with the inscription of my sunshine, and one of my favorite inspirational quotes.

I copied and pasted the quote The Pilgrim for you to read along with another favorite, by Peter Straub. I think that creating and maintaining friendship is a great way to make our own personal contributions to world peace- and Polli and Mimi are doing a fine job of showing us how.

Thank you Polli, I think the globe is great and I love the inspirational quote, Peace Pilgrim

"While we watch the storm clouds gather and prepare for the storm, let us never forget that the sun still shines behind those dark clouds and may somehow break through before the storm descends. I see sunshine in the real desire for peace in the hearts of humanity, even though the human family gropes toward peace blindly, not knowing the way. "

--- Peace Pilgrim ---

I've included another favorite by --Peter Straub--

"A real soul is something you make by walking through fire. By keeping on walking, and by remembering how it felt."

--- Peter Straub --

Peace out~



polliwog said...

Ann, I'm not sure why but reading what you wrote here, well I'm all teary-eyed. I'm so glad you like what I put together for you. It's hard when you don't know a person well. I tried to invoke how your blog makes me feel in the globe. I love your words here and I especially love the end quote you selected. it's beautiful. I am proud to call you my friend.

Mimi Lenox said...

Ann - It is a lovely globe and thank you so much for participating. I hope your day was peaceful and pleasant. It is inspiring to read what everyone has to say.
Peace to you and yours.

Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

Polli, I'm glad you like what I wrote, but I think it in no way comes near the work you did on this globe. You're a very nice person Polli, and I love it. Plus, I love your 'Peace Train' globe. It's so cute, and the passage on your post was really interesting. I enjoyed reading it. I hope you have a great night, and I too, am proud to call you a friend. :)


Meghna said...

Hi Ann,
It's great that you are into global projects too! Wish you luck from my side! Your style of writing is fabulous and that end quote you posted was great!


Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

Mimi, Great job with all of this, and thanks for the opportunity to participate. You really are doing a nice job with this project, and I'm proud to be a part of it. I hope you have a nice evening.


P.S, I noticed after I left my name on your linky list, that it was already listed. I'm sorry, I didn't see it until after I left the message. Sorry, can you delete one?

I hope so.

Peace to you and yours, too.

Marja said...

Oh what a beautiful globe with such touching quotes. I really enjoyed it.

Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

Meghna, I really enjoyed reading your blog, and I can't wait to go back.

And thank you for such nice compliments-they brightened my day.

You are an excellent writer. :)


Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

Marja, I'm so glad you liked it. I loved your post yesterday as well.

Have a great day Marja.


Misty Dawn said...

As always, this is a wonderful post Ann. I wish you peace always.

Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

Misty, Thank you and I wish the same for you. :)


Akelamalu said...


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I missed so many peace globes yesterday, but to miss yours is beyond me. Excellent Ann, just like everything you do. I hope your day was filled with peace. :)

Annelisa said...

Beautiful globe and sentiments Ann!


Adelle Laudan said...

Very nice. Peace to you and yours.

ipod headphones said...

I'm curious if anyone knows if during that time, if the music brought attention to the conflict and who did it reach. More so the movement Beat! Beat! Drums.

ipod headphones said...

I do know Vaughan Williams Dona Nobis Pacem. But I'm not sure which conflict you are talking about. Beat Drums, Beat! is a setting of Walt Whitman (from When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomed, I believe).

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