Happy Easter! I Saw The Easter Bunny!

I saw the Easter Bunny one time long ago. I waited for him all night and I wasn’t sure if he hiding his Easter eggs in my family’s yard or at my grandmothers house. So, I wanted to ask him where he got his eggs.
I tried to get a good look at him, but he was fast, and at one point he jumped behind a bush and waved at me to shut my curtains. My heart raced because I thought he might not leave any eggs for me that year, due to the fact that I saw him.

You see, each year, weeks before Christmas, my paternal grandmother invited my brothers and I over to dye Easter eggs. We were so eager to get to her house, that when my father drove in her driveway, we crawled over each other in the back seat of the car and raced to her door.
All of us knew from previous occasions what was inside, we knew when we walked into her kitchen, we would see her kitchen table lined with cups of water for each of us, we had our own saucers, spoons and Easter egg decorations of every color beside our cups on napkins.

It was exciting to have our own powdered colors of purple, red, yellow, blue, and a HUGE cup for mixing colors.
We referred to my paternal grandmother as MaMa and every Easter her house was magically removed from the rest of the world.
We had been invited to help the Easter Bunny in his own private factory. When we walked into MaMa’s kitchen, I floated into a dreamlike state surrounded by a Kaleidoscope of colors, the strong scent of vinegar, and the light airy smell of wax paper.

MaMa taught us about primary colors and how to mix them into any color we wanted, plus, she helped us write messages to the Easter Bunny, our parents, and of course, our grandparents.
As she helped us dye eggs she told us the story of Easter and the resurrection, creating a firm foundation for the meaning behind celebrating Easter, and the meaning of love and sacrifice.
As we dyed the eggs her words melted into an early memory, like the colors that swirled into the bottom of my cup. - A loving cup-

One day I decided to tell her that I saw the Easter Bunny in our front yard one year and that I wondered why the Easter Eggs we found in our yard were the same eggs we decorated at her house.
She just smiled, hugged me, and said that the Easter Bunny was everywhere and with everyone all of the time. Then, she added that we wrote letters to him and our family and he put them in our yard, so that we would know that he read them.

Her answer satisfied me, until the next year when my oldest brother told me that it was him that I saw that day. He said my parents thought he was old enough to hide the eggs that year, but I was still too young for him to let me know.

But, I still believe I saw the Easter Bunny that day. Because, I believe in magic, love, and the celebration of life that the resurrection and the “Easter Bunny” gave us.
So, I looked outside my window this morning to see if I could see him, then I realized that he is with me all of the time as he is with all of us.

-Even little Chicken, Bunnies, and eggs. -

Happy Easter!


Ann said...

What a sweet story. Hope you had a Happy Easter

Sandee said...

This is filled with child delight. Oh wait you write children's books. Perfect way to capture their attention.

We had a very quiet Easter, and I didn't see the Easter bunny.

Have a fabulous day, Ann. Big hug to you and lots of scritches to Simon. ♥♥♥

Ann Clemmons said...

Thank you, Ann. I cannot believe I didn't visit your blog yesterday. I think I missed a lot of people. Well, I will be by there today.

I hope you had a nice Easter too and thank you for stopping by and commenting.

And, I'm glad you liked my story.


Ann Clemmons said...

Sandee, you will never know how much your first sentence meant to me. I have so many manuscripts that I've never sent out, believe it or not. When Taylor was growing up all I wrote were ads for local magazines, and part of the a few scripts for a local theater when Taylor was in the play...and it was fun, but it didn't pay the bills, so I became a Jane of all trades.

Anyway, lately I've been sending my manuscripts out, but traditional publishing takes forever. In any event, sometimes I lose confidence in my writing, a trait my mother says are "Having the mully grubs,"- Laughing-

That's her phrase for writers block.

Anyway, again, I loved the words you used to describe my post. Especially since, I respect your opinion.

I'm sorry you didn't see the Easter Bunny. Maybe you will see him next year.
Although, if it was your wish, I'm happy you had a quiet Easter, I had a quiet one too. I didn't get to see my son. All he does is tour and record.

One of these days I will send you free copies of my books, I promise.

Simon adores his scritches and appreciates you thinking of him.

You have a super great day. And "Big hug" back to you-

Ann Clemmons said...

Oh, and Sandee, I wanted to tell you that you have a flair for syntax. :) I've always wanted to tell you that. I hope you have time to read this- :)

Okay, bye again.


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