Christmas Gifts On A Nice Place In The Sun

Dick Van Elf
Miss Stocking

Mr. Present

Last night, three gifts, Mr.Present, Miss Stocking, and Dick Van Elf, arrived on A Nice Place In The Sun. I wish more gifts were this thoughtful, because I would rarely have to shop again. However, they've asked me to give them as Christmas Awards or holiday gifts to the best blogs in the blogosphere.

Mr. Present wants to feel free to unwrap, Miss Stocking just wants places to hang, and Dick Van Elf wants to sweep chimneys, in addition to laugh, dance, and sing.

I said I knew plenty of really cool bloggers that I knew would accommodate their wishes, however, Dick Van Elf wasn't happy when he heard that blogs don't have chimneys.

Anyhow, I promised to give them as gifts to my regular readers, who have the option of giving them to other happy, magical blogs this season. Great gifts keep on giving, so there are plenty Mr Presents, Miss Stockings, and Dick Van Elfs to spread around and adopt this season.

Incidentally, they come with easy instructions, not like many other Christmas presents that are hard to assemble, so if you receive one of these gifts, read the following instructions: "If it's your turn to choose one, two, or all three of these gifts to adopt, and decide to pass them on, please pass them to the most magical and imaginative blogs on the internet. Blogs that encourage, year round, the same energetic and imaginative sense of wonder that is apparent throughout the Christmas season."

It doesn't matter if these gifts are belated, you can give them anytime during the holidays, before and after Christmas, all the way to New Years Day.

Merry Christmas everybody, and happy gift giving this year~

I think the following blogs are energetic, fun, magical, and imaginative, the perfect places to leave a Christmas gift.

Please let me know if you're a regular reader and you're not listed here. I want to acknowledge everyone and am worried of leaving out someone special.

Christy at Christy's Coffee Break

Sandee at Comedy Plus
Dawn at Twisted Sister
Marja at Dutchcorner
Aussie at Aussie Cynic
Patois at Whee! All The Way Home
Diamondssaphire at Nonsense, Fun, Tears, Happiness and Anger All Rolled Into One
Polli at Polliwog's Pond

GracieBelle at The BlogFairy
Whimsy Gal at My Whimsy World
Misty at My Dogs Keep Me Sane
Kim at Purple Frogcat
Michelle at Binding Ink
Ev at My Life Is Murphy's Law

Colin at Life
Speedy at Speedcat Hollydale Page
Robert At Observations at The Back 40
Bob at Bobbarama
Dan at dcr blogs
Bud at WTIT Tape Radio Blog
Adrian at First Time Dad
Mel at Monday Morning Power
Jos at NoDirectOn (not:No Direction)
Winston at Eat Your Maths
Santa Claus at Santa's Community Blog


polliwog said...

Absolutely adorable. Dick Van Elf is so cute! Thank you Ann.

Ann said...

Thank you Polli, You're my first Christmas present commenter! Have a wonderful Christmas, pal, and the happiest New Year ever :))


grottynosh said...

Darn It! Polli beat me hahaha

Thank you so very much Ann, I love them :)
Now does Miss Stocking come with a Miss in the stocking? She sounds very sweet how can I refuse :)

ps: and thank you for the nutty award too....I think I must be nuts!

Have a wonderful Christmas my dear friend, and warmest wishes from my home to yours.


Ann said...

Thank you Colin, (LOL) I'm glad you like Miss Stocking, she has been very nice and easy to get along with... LOL And you're most welcome for the Nutty award. You have a wonderful Christmas too Colin, and thanks for such a great comment.


aussiecynic said...

Hi there Ann

Thank you so much they are so cute.. and both Mr Present and Dick Van Elf shall be welcome additions to the Aussie Family..
Merry Christmas

Christy said...

Hi Ann,

Sorry it took me so long to get here, as you know I've been slaving...umm..I mean baking in the kitchen.

This is adorable, what a great way to give some link love. Thank you and happy holidays! And I'm calling you in a half an hour BTW, lol. (Your 9:30)

Big Hugs,


purplefrogcat said...

Thank you.. they are cute...i will put them up soon..happy holidays to you and your family this holiday season...

Whimsy Gal said...

Thanks!! So cute and you know what I love the most when you give out gifts?? I always find new blogs to read!! Merry. merry, merry!!!

Many holidays blessings to you and yours!!

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Thanks, Ann. All the best to you and your family Have a great Christmas!

Be well=

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Thanks, Ann. All the best to you and your family Have a great Christmas!

Be well=

mr fong said...

LOL! Do i get all 3! Hahahha... Thanks alot anyway, I hope u celebrate a great one... You have been ever so kind to me.

One Wacky Mom said...

Thank you Ann...they are adorable! Merry Xmas to you and yours!!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Whooo Hooo! ... thanks Ann. You always put together such fun posts.... and I get to bring something back with me to my page? Not to shabby :-)
Dick Van Elf will really like my dog Mardy (hee hee)
I left a comment on your Screen Door post too, but I'm not sure if it went through. I'll check back later.

Wishing you a blessed, and happy Christmas!!!!!!!!!

nodirecton said...

Ann, it is so nice to find these presents under the tree.

Guess what? I already unpacked "Mr Present" a few minutes ago (so tempting, I just had to unwrap it before even properly saying "Thank You" - some people never grow up, do they?).

It turns out that Mr Present contains many, many nice little gift-wrapped items, some of which I will be happy to keep for myself, and some I will happily pass on to others - just like the instructions are :). Thank you!

Santa or one of his helpers made the usual and unavoidable little mistake and left something at my place that turns out to be for you..! Come pick it up, it's an original!

May your Christmas be
warm with sharing,
bright with caring,
and filled with love


Ann said...

Aussie Cynic, I saw that you posted them, and I'm so happy Aussie, thanks~ And thank you for the ornament. I love it, do you see it posted? Merry Christmas!

Christy, Thank you! I can't wait for another phone attack! I love ya~

Kim, I saw that you posted them too, and I love how they look on your page! Thank you, pal~

Whimsy Gal, Merry Christmas and I'm glad I could help~ :))

Bud, All the best to you and your family too~ And you have a Merry Christmas too!

Bud, Same thing again..LOL

Winston, yes of course you can have all three. I noticed, that I said have your pick then listed which ones you could have...LOL I need to remove the titles, don't I? Merry Christmas! Silly you~ :))

Thank you, Ev, and Merry Christmas to you and yours as well~ :)

Speedy, I don't believe I've met Mardy. I 'm going to have to stop by your place and see. I wish you a very blessed and happy season as well...hug that grand baby for me...

Jos, I'm so glad you saw them...you unwrapped Mr.Present? LOL I can't wait to see what you have...I just got online, and started returning comments. I thought no one noticed my gifts and I was delightfully surprised to see so many responses when I returned. Thank you Jos, and I'm on my way over to see what you have up your sleeve... Merry Christmas!

Thank you to all of you, like I told Jos, I'm overwhelmed with the responses.

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Adrian said...

Ann! Thanks so much! Dick van Elf is really cute and so is Miss stocking! Really nice to get presents here all the time and more so during Christmastime! :)

Have a wonderful Christmas Slugger!

nodirecton said...

"Hello this is Jos" :))

Mr Present Post is up !

Ann said...

Jos, What are you doing working on Christmas Day? You have more energy than the energizer bunny~ (LOL) You need to toss some my way!

Thank you for adopting Mr.Present and I can't wait to see him on your site. Merry Christmas Jos~ Now, go relax, it's Christmas night~ :))



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