Seven Ps of Me

WVb A blog about everything and more created this meme called the 7 P's in an effort to learn more about the blogs they read on a regular basis.

My good friend Christy from Christy's Coffee Break tagged me and I am about to tag five blogs that I read on a regular basis and then they are going to choose five more and ... you get the idea!

Passion: children, reading, writing, family
Purpose: make a difference
Pursuit: my voice in children’s literature and A Nice Place In The Sun
Position: Children's picture books, blogger
Pummeling: poor attitude, negative energy, toxic personalities.
Progress: Happy with myself
Personality: Warm, fun, kind, happy .

Now the 5 blogs that I read on a regular basis besides Christy's are,

Bob at Bobbarama dot.com

Adrian at First Time Dad

Mel at Monday Morning Power.com
Sandee at Comedy PLus

Thank you again Christy for tagging me and thank you WVb for creating some blog fun!

I would like to thank the readers I didn't tag I will get you next time!

Have a Great Day Everyone!


Ellen said...

Hi Ann, nice to get to now a bit more about you!
I find some of these memes quite inspiring, not the sort of questions I ask myself every day. Though everyone should be able to answer them...
I do still have to get used to that word 'pummeling' though ;-)); never heard of it before!
Have a great day (and weekend) too yourself, Ellen

p.s. I noticed you added me to your blogroll, thanks!! The link behind it is a bit off unfortunately though..

Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

LOL! I didn't know the word "pummeling" either. I had to look it up and it is my native tongue!

Your welcome for adding you to my blogroll I'm honored! Thank you for adding me to yours.I will fix the link and I'm glad you told me. Let me know if it still doesn't work. I'm going to do it now1 :))


Diamondssaphire said...

Thanks for the tag!! I will take care of it this weekend!

Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

Diamondssaphire, Your welcome! I wanted to tell you while I have you here that I'm posting my book review of Anne Fords book On Their Own Monday. I had the dates wrong on my reminder. I don't know if you remember but I told you I'd remind you! Thank for stopping by and I can't wait to read your meme!


Jos said...

Hi Ann, Thanks, Ann! Thanks for your comment just a moment ago on my P's.
I like your P's too (I never thought I would ever say this to someone)...
And I love that, after 'slugger', I have again learned a new and to me very funny-looking word: Pummeling.
I wonder if it originates from Dutch, where a 'pummel' is similar to 'an obnoxious guy'..
My american etymology dictionary says 'pummel' is an alteration of pommel (q.v.) in the verbal sense of "to beat repeatedly."
I think I like 'pommel' even more :)
Take Care! And keep up those good P's!

Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

Jos, I bet the word 'Pummeling' does originate from dutch. That would be the context in which I understood it.
It seems like it would be a good word to use when describing an obnoxious guy, doesn't it? I think I like 'pummel' better, although they are both useful. You love language as I do, noticing every word and its usage. I fear that quality might drive some writers crazy! LOL! Although, I 'm afraid we cannot escape it.

Thanks for reading Jos. I enjoy your comments.


Jos said...

Haha, Ann, I am afraid that quality you mention might also drive some readers crazy

Anyway, now you have made it public to the world what drives me so darn crazy... Thx ;)

Re: pommel/pummel: I now know that it came to the Dutch language coming from Germany. 'nough said ;)

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